Ab Aeterno is Latin for ‘since the beginning of time’. It seems we’ve been waiting that long to find out Richard Alpert’s story. And ipso facto, ab aeterno title is very apros pos. With that being said…here is tonight’s recap and review.


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—Jacob visits a gauze faced Ilena in the hospital, to ask for her help in protecting the six remaining candidates.

Hurley, Sun, Jack, Ben, Frank Lupidis and Ilena are sitting round a campfire on the beach.  Ilena is in the process of explaining how she came to be involved with Jacob and his plan for the candidates to replace him.

Flashback to Jacob and Ilena, going over his plans, when Jacob says, “asks Ricardis, he’ll know what to” after she gathers the candidates from the temple.  Flash forward again, to the Losties asking who is Ricardis. Ilena nods towards Richard and says, “he is”. Ilena then asks Richard what do they do next.

Richard laughs and has no clue. He tells everyone everything Jacob has said is a lie. Jack questions this statement and Richard intends to divulge a secret. He tells everyone that they’re dead and everything (as he points around the island) is not what they think it is. They are not on an island and never where. They’re in hell.

Richard wants to start listening to someone else for a change (as opposed to Jacob), picks up a torch and takes off.

It becomes apparent throughout the group that Richard intentions are to go in search for Locke. Jack sees Hurley a few feet from the campfire, talking in Spanish, to no one.  Jack comes over thinking he’s talking to Jacob.  Hurley says it’s not, apologizes and tells him it has nothing to do with him.

Ben tells Ilena it’s true that Richard doesn’t know anything, for he knows him very well. The group discusses Richard’s lack of aging.

Richard is on horseback riding through a forest and comes to a cabin. He enters and tells his wife, Isabella, that is it he who has returned. They speak in Spanish. Isabella is sick.  He leaves to get a doctor.  She talks off her cross and hands it to him, to give to the doctor.

At the doctor’s residence Alpert asks for help for his wife and tells him he lives near El Soccoro. The doctor does not wish to travel all that way and plans to give Alpert medicine instead. Alpert hands him all the money he has and the cross his wife gave him. The amount of money is not enough, and the doctor proclaims the cross is worthless and tosses it. Alpert begs him and as the doctor pushes Alpert away, a small innocent struggle ensues and the doctor falls and knocks his head on the table, dropping to the floor unconscious. Alpert takes the medicine and flees.

Upon his return, Alpert finds his wife has already died.  Men burst through his cabin door and Alpert is taken to prison.

A priest visits him and gives him food and asks to see his bible. He opens it up and notices it is in English. (See review for the passage).

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