Written by OBS Staff Member Rose

“They died to save humanity.”

Episode 16 opens with Jack, his son and Jack’s newly found sister Claire, (a new little twist on the nuclear family) eating breakfast together, when Jack gets a phone call.  He thinks it’s from Oceanic Flight 815, and they have found his father’s coffin. What Jack doesn’t know, is new super spy agent-acting Desmond, is on the other line, faking the call.

Next Desmond is seen in the school parking lot, watching Locke exiting his van and returned to work after his accident, caused by Desmond himself, in the same parking lot. When Desmond starts his car, I’m sure we were all thinking, he’s going to mow him down again, but instead Benjamin Linus jumps in front of his car, recognizing him. Desmond exits his car and proceeds to give Ben a large amount of hurt…’to open his eyes’. As Desmond punches Ben in the face, Benjamin sees flashbacks of the same incident (like deja vu) from the island. Desmond takes off after Ben falls to the ground.

At the hospital, Locke visits Ben. At the site of Ben, Locke wants to call the police and begins to dial. Ben tells Locke what Desmond told him (Desmond wasn’t trying to hurt Locke, he was only trying to make him ‘see’). Locke is perplexed and hangs up his cell phone.

At this moment Desmond is seen at the police station. He turns himself in for the vehicular assault on Locke and beat down of Ben. The reason is soon plain. He gets put in a cell where Sayid and Kate are being held.

Back on the island, Jack is stitching up Kate’s gunshot wound. This is reminiscent of when Kate sewed up Sawyer’s wound in Season 1. Kate wants Locke dead for what happened to Jin and Sun and Jack is in full agreeance.

Jack tells the remaining Losties (Hurley, Kate and Sawyer), Sayid mentioned Desmond being stuck in a well on the island and they have to get to him before Locke does.

Jack and Co. are trekking it to the well, when Hurley is visited by a young Jacob who demands his ashes back. Hurley hands them over and Jacob gives chase with Hurley following. He arrives upon an adult Jacob sitting by a fire. Jacob tells Hurley his ashes are in the fire and once burnt out, Jacob will no longer be seen by him, he will disappear forever and the end is near.

On another part of the island Ben, Richard and Miles are headed to the Dharma Village to obtain explosives in order to blow up the plane.

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