Written by OBS Staff Member Rose

Lost gets down to business in Episode 14 ‘The Candidate’, killing off three main characters and channeled the Poseidon adventure on a submarine.

Locke in sideways world wakes up fixed by Dr. Jack Shepard after his unfortunate mow-down incident by Desmond at the school.  Jack wants to perform another surgery on Locke to allow him to walk again but Locke is against it. We know it’s a self-righteous act, but what we learn is this: In sideways world, Locke father is not a wretched evil man who steals his kidney and pushes him out the window, instead, Locke had a great relationship with his father.

Jack persists in finding out why Locke is in a wheelchair. He first visits Locke’s dentist…Bernard. They realize they were on the same flight from Sydney. This gives them both pause. Bernard gives Jack the name of a man (Anthony Cooper) that was in the same accident that Locke was in.

We learn this man is in a nursing home. This man is Locke’s father. We learn Locke was piloting a plane that he subsequently crashed, which turned his father into a vegetable. So yes, it’s a sore subject for Locke.

While Jack was visiting with Locke, Claire comes to the hospital to see him. She shows Jack a musical box that their father wanted her to have. She asks Jack if it holds some significance but he is clueless as to what it is.  Jack offers Claire to stay with him at his home instead of a hotel, because they are family.

When Jack confronts Locke in the hospital in the hallway after he is discharged (as Jin passes by to visit Sun mind you) about his self-loathing, they have a heart to heart that ends in Locke still refusing the surgery.

Back on the island, Jack wakes up after the bomb blasting from Widmore’s team and Sayid informs him all the Others are either dead or have fled into the jungle. Only he, Jack and Flocke remain. Flocke tells Jack that they have to rescue his friends who have been captured.

Meanwhile, the Losties are put in cages by Widmore’s crew.  But before this happens Kate was being held by Widmore at gun point, threatening Sawyer to lay donw his gun. Widmore claimed that Kate is not on the ‘list’ and he doesn’t care if she dies. Widmore locks them up and tells them it’s for their own good. But no one trusts Widemore as far as they can throw him.

Sawyer tells Kate her name was on the ‘list’ but it was crossed off, so he knows that Widemore doesn’t need her, which is why he surrendered to Widemore.

Soon enough, the smoke monster appears and kills the guards. Jack frees them (since he’s with Flocke now) and they all flee with Flocke to the Ajira airplane.

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