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True to form, Lost’s 10th episode follows yet another two Lost characters, to give us some answers and clues. Since we don’t know who is a candidate from the two Kwons, they cleverly focused on both in Sideways World flashbacks.

Last time we saw Jin and Sun together, it was in sideways world and Jin was being detained by airport security for carrying way too much money. The $25,000 he is carrying is confiscated because he didn’t declare it.

We learn Jin and Sun came to the States for a few reasons. Jin is Sun’s bodyguard. But Jin is there to deliver a watch and the confiscated money to Keamy. (The man Sayid shot in the restaurant a few episodes back). We learn Jin and Sun are not married and they are cavorting in secret.   Sun and Jin check into the hotel, with separate rooms, but rendezvous in Sun’s room. Keamy comes to the hotel looking for his money. When they cannot produce the funds, Sun agrees to take money out of her secret account to pay him.  Keamy takes Jin to the restaurant and ties him up in the freezer and we learn that the money is actually payment for Keamy to kill Jin. A hit that was ordered by Sun’s own father.

At the bank, Sun is told her ‘secret’ account has been closed. She learns her father has closed the account. Keamy’s goon takes her to the restaurant where they find Keamy and his men lying on the floor. Jin, (who escaped the freezer, because Sayid gave him the means via box cutter), ambushes the goon and gunfire ensues.  Sun is hit by a flying bullet and is bleeding from her stomach. This is when she drops the bomb to Jin that she is pregnant.

Now we know why Jin was locked in the freezer in the Sayid centric episode.

Back on the island, an interesting question is raised when Claire asks Flocke about the names on the cave wall and asks if Kate’s name is up there. Flocke mentions to Claire that Kate’s name is no longer there. Usually people whose names have been crossed off have died. So what exactly does this mean?  Not only that, but the strange and eerie Lost music plays as he answered her, so it definitely means something.

Flocke leaves the camp in search for Sun and leaves Sayid in charge and Jin sees this as an opportunity to leave the camp to find Sun.  Before he is able, everyone at the camp is shot with tranquilizer darts, and Jin is taken.

On the submarine, we learn that Jin has be taken due to his work in the Dharma Initiative (back when they got stuck in the 70’s) in relation to some schematic plans pertaining to electromagnetic pockets on the island, that Jin signed. They want answers from him, but he wants to speak to Charles Widmore first.

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