Rapture in Death
In Death, Book #4
By J.D. Robb
ISBN# 1423301854
Author’s Website:  http://www.jdrobb.com/

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

Rapture in Death is the fourth installment or J.D. Robb (aka Nora Roberts)’s futuristic In Death series that stars police detective Eve Dallas and her hunky man, Roarke.  Oh yeah and did I mention serial killer after serial killer.

Rapture in Death starts out with Eve and Roarke finishing off their honeymoon off-planet in one of Roarke’s resorts that hasn’t opened to the public yet.  While there, one of Roarke’s employees comes to them to report his roommate has committed suicide.  And with no other law enforcement around, Eve is on the job.  It bothers Eve that such a smart and talented youth would waste his life in such a way and with no apparent reason for it.

Once they get back home, other suicides start occurring and a senator in East Washington self-terminated while they were gone.  Eve starts to feel that there is a connection and starts thinking that these deaths are actually murders.  When the medical examiner starts finding burn marks on the victims’ brains Eve knows her suspicions are right, but has to figure out how the burn is getting there and who is doing it.

I read this back to back with its predecessor, Immortal in Death, and I found that this book wasn’t quite as exciting and entertaining as that one, but is still good.  This is the first book in the series were I didn’t feel was realistic, this story doesn’t feel like it could really happen.  It centers on mind control using subliminal messages put in virtual reality goggles and in music.  This one definitely amps up the futuristic aspect of the series though.

There were some parts of this book that I felt kind of lagged, and were a bit boring, but there were plenty of suspenseful moments as well, especially toward the end of the book.

We got to see more interaction between Eve and Peabody now that Peabody has been permanently assigned as Eve’s aide.  I absolutely love Peabody and the lines she comes up wit; her dry humor is refreshing.

“Goddamn Summerset. I’ve told him to leave my car when I park it.”

“I think he did.” Peabody flipped on her sunshades, pointed. “It’s blocking the drive, see?”

“Oh, yeah.” Eve cleared her throat. The car was just as she’d left it, and fluttering in the mild breeze were a few torn articles of clothing. “Don’t ask,” she muttered and started to hoof it down the drive.

“I wasn’t going to.” Peabody’s voice was smooth as silk, “Speculation’s more interesting.”

It was fun trying to guess who the murderer was as I knew that the person they were making the obvious choice would not end up being the actual killer, that’s just not Nora Robert’s way!  I knew the person that ended up being the killer was bad news, but didn’t truly expect them to be the one behind the deaths.  Robert’s keeps your mind sharp, to say the least and I will continue to read this series as long as she can keep me guessing.  But I do sincerely hope that the next book, Ceremony in Death, is a little more thrilling than this one was.