True Blood
Season 6, Episode 10
Episode Title: Radioactive 

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

vampires-343379-true-blood-radioactive-episode-screencap-6x10The season finale is finally upon us!  This one starts out with Sookie and Alcide talking as Terry’s funeral has come to an end.  Alcide offers Sookie a ride, but she invites him on a walk with her instead.  She is worried about Jason and he tries to comfort her insisting that Jason is fine.  Then, Alcide catches the scent of vampires and they see the vamp camp survivors arriving at Bill’s house, still high on the fairy blood.  Sookie sees Jason and goes to talk to him alone, against Alcide’s objections.  Violet gets possessive until Jason and Sookie both insist she’s Jason’s sister.  Violet leaves them to talk, after she kisses Sookie, and Jason tells Sookie that he feels like Sookie did with Bill in the beginning, like somebody has his back.  Sookie tells him to be careful.

Warlow is still on the fairy plane and is making the preparations for his and Sookie’s maypole ceremony.  Sookie arrives and he explains the ceremony to her.  Sookie tries to convince him to date and see how the two of them fit in the real world.  Warlow hits Sookie and grabs her by the throat.  He ties her up in the vines of the maypole, insisting her initial instincts were right that he just wants to fuck her and use her blood and she is a danger whore.  She threatens to use her ultraviolet light that would leave her human.  He then ties her hands so she can’t.  Night approaches and Warlow starts to drain her.

Bill is upset that he has lost all his special abilities now that he saved the vampires.  Jessica comes in and he explains how he sacrificed Sookie for their safety.  She convinces Bill to go and save Sookie.  They find Jason and get him and Violet to go to Andy’s to retrieve Adeline to get them to the fairy plane.  Adeline can’t figure out how to get to the fairy plane, so Violet scares her into using her power and takes them all to the fairy plane.  Bill and Warlow fight as Jason grabs Sookie and they leave while Bill stays behind to fight Warlow.  Warlow heads back to the human plane and Bill grabs on to him so he is taken with him.  Violet feeds Sookie her blood as Jason stands by as guard.  Fighting breaks out and Warlow corners Sookie, who was hiding in the shower.  Niall breaks through the hell dimension he was stuck in with Jason and Sookie’s help and Jason stakes and kills Warlow.

Bill’s blood wears off and the vampires lose their ability to be out in the son.  Eric is sunning himself naked and goes up in flames.

warlow-sookie-true-blood_0Then, there is a six month time lapse.  Bill is on TV talking about his new book detailing everything that has happened.  Sookie is watching him on TV.  Then a shirtless Alcide comes to drag her off to the bedroom.  The two obviously together now.

Jason is still trying to have sex with Violet, who is making him wait.

Sam and Bill are spearheading a plan to hook vampires and humans up for safe feeding relationships, the vampire pledging protection in exchange for blood.  Bill offers his protection to Sookie, who declines as a group of blood thirsty vampires arrive.

Tara’s mom apologizes again and begs Tara to let her feed her.  Tara eventually takes her up on the offer.

I thought this was a pretty lame episode for a season finale.  I’m not sure I like how suddenly Sookie and Alcide have become an item, although I’m happy to see him back to himself and the haircut was nice as well.  I was also a little upset with the last we saw of Eric.  I have to believe that it’s not the end for him, but it would have been nice to have had a hint to confirm that.  I think its pretty sad when my favorite part of the episode was the song being played during the closing credits: Radioactive by Imagine Dragons.