Rachel Vincent
My Soul to Steal
Soul Screamers, Book 4


Review brought to you by guest reviewer Jennifer Jensen

My Soul to Steal by Rachel Vincent picks up where My Soul to Take left off with Kaylee and Nash’s relationship uncertain as Nash recovers slowly from his addiction to frost. Kaylee misses Nash terribly, but hasn’t been able to forgive him for using his Influence on her while he was under the spell of frost. Their fragile relationship becomes even more strained when Sabine, Nash’s ex-girlfriend, shows up and begins attending their high school. Sabine is a mara, literally a nightmare. She feeds off of people’s fears and invades Kaylee’s nightmares. She will stop at nothing to make Nash hers.

Meanwhile, teachers are dropping dead in the high school. Kaylee knows it’s no coincidence, and starts gathering the evidence to prove Sabine is the culprit.

From the very beginning of this series, I haven’t liked Nash. I was cheering at the
end of My Soul to Take and was hoping that Kaylee would get past it all and find someone who was a better match for her. But I never thought another girl would enter the equation! Jealousy looks really ugly on Kaylee, and this book consists almost entirely of fights between Kaylee and Sabine and Kaylee and Nash. It got old for me really fast. I wanted to get back to the plot twists that I love Rachel Vincent for, but in this book they really took a back seat to the relationship issues.

I fell even more in like with Tod in this book. He is the voice of reason when Kaylee is being utterly ridiculous. I hated how she acted throughout the entire book, and Tod calls her out on all her stupidity. I’d been expecting since the first book that Nash and Kaylee would split up at some point, and I’m glad they did. The relationship drama in this book was just too overdone, and I hope that If I Die will get everything back on track.