Prisoner of Night

Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book #16.5

By J.R. Ward

ISBN# 9781501195174

Author’s Website:

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

Duran has lived an unimaginable existence.  His father was a cult leader that raped his mahmen (mother), which resulted in his conception.  Duran and his mother lived under his father’s control and Duran was working on getting her out of the commune.  He was close to his goal when tragedy struck and his mahem died unexpectedly.  The next night his father, too superstitious to murder his own child, dropped him off with an evil man, Chalen the Conqueror.  Chalen kept Duran prisoner and tortured him for twenty years when a beautiful female came into his cell and took him with her on a quest to save her brother.  Her brother stole from Chalen and is now being held captive.  The girl must bring back Chalen’s beloved in order to save him and only Duran knows where she is.

After their parents were killed during the raids, Ahlan is Ahmare’s only remaining family.  Ahlan got in trouble dealing drugs and Ahmare will do whatever it takes to save him.  Even work with the massive sized prisoner who scares her, but that she’s strangely attracted to as well.  Ahmare has no idea what they are up against, but time is of the essence and they must work together to save Ahlan.  However, after she gets to know Duran will she be able to return him to his prison to free her brother from his?

I usually really enjoy my Black Dagger Brotherhood books, but this one didn’t truly feel like one.  It didn’t include any characters that we know and they really weren’t connected to them either.  They mentioned the brotherhood and Wrath a few times, but that’s it.  Sadly, this book felt like a milking the money cow type of read.  It was okay, but not really that good.  I found it pretty dull for the majority of it.

I did feel for Duran and the horrible life that he has had to endure.  He definitely deserves to find happiness at long last.  And, to an extent I felt bad for the situation that Ahlan put Ahmare into.  Although she made the choice to confront Chalen, on her own and to take on this quest to save her only brother.  I sure hope he is deserving!

I wish I could have enjoyed this book more, but at least it was a shorter one for this series!  And, we do have a more traditional Black Dagger story to look forward to in April with the upcoming release of The Savior, where we will FINALLY get to read Murhder’s story! It’s one I’ve been waiting for so I hope it’s a good one! Until then, my friends!