Season 5, Episode 2 Preview

Brought to you by OBS staff member Heidi

The Season 5 premiere of True Blood left us hanging on a number of pretty major issues, two of which are addressed in the clips we have to show you. So, if you haven’t gotten around to watching the first episode of the season (“Turn! Turn! Turn!”), read no further.

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It definitely looks like Sookie and Lafayette are going to have their hands full with Tara!!  Especially when you take in the fact that her maker isn’t know for her morals and doesn’t have much of a conscience to speak of.  Then we add in the fact that Tara hates vampires.  Will she get revenge on those that turned her into the thing that she hates the most??

The Eric and Bill clip really didn’t give me much info.  They’re being locked away, something I already figured was going to happen.  Who was the vamp in the picture…it kept showing it like I should know.  Maybe I should go back and focus more??  Nah, I’ll just watch the next epi and find out.

The second episode of True Blood season 5 airs this Sunday, June 17th