In response to Jack Huston being cast in Eclipse, PopSugar asks if we care about who plays the smaller roles:

Do you care who plays the smaller Twilight Saga roles?

Filming for Eclipse is about to get started in Vancouver, but the cast is still being finalized. Today’s news is that Jack Huston will join the gang as Royce King II, a rare human in the gaggle of vampires and werewolves. A man from Rosalie’s prevampire life, Royce has a significant role in the book, but I can’t imagine he’ll get very much screen time.


In response, I believe we do care about who plays the smaller roles in any of our favorites books turned movie or series. We have an idea in our head of who each character might look like and suggestions on who should play them.

What do you think? Do you care? Does it bother you when someone is cast who you don’t think fits the part?

OBS will be doing a “Casting Couch” feature where we pick different books and series and cast them with FAN choices. Please join us for the fun!

PS Jack Huston kinda looks like Justin Bobby from the Hills (ewww!)