3 Star rating
Playing with Fire
Sweet Pepper Fire Brigade Mystery, Book #2
By J.J. Cook
ISBN# 9780425252451
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playing-with-fire-sweet-pepper-fire-brigade-mystery-j-j-cookIt’s been months and Stella is still in Sweet Pepper trying to solve the murder of the former fire chief, Eric Gamlyn, who is also currently haunting his cabin, which Stella is living in temporarily.  She still has no leads on who shot and killed Eric and left him in the firehouse wall.

Stella’s parents are losing patience waiting for her to return to Chicago and they decide to come to Sweet Pepper to collect her, bringing her cheating ex-boyfriend with them, in hopes of a reconciliation, and getting her home that much quicker!

But right when Stella is about to agree to leave with her parents, she finally gets a break in the case, and she’ll do whatever it takes to get Eric the answers he deserves!

I’m really enjoying this series, and this book was another fun addition to it!

It looks like I was wrong about the budding romance between Stella and John though.  That fizzled out pretty quickly!  But that’s ok because ghost Eric more than makes up for it!  This book quickly reminded me why Eric is my favorite character of the series.  He is just too much fun, especially when he got to play tricks on Doug!  I’ll be honest I wish I had a sexy ghost housemate that would cook for me and keep the undesirables away!  This book definitely made me think that Stella and Eric are eventually going to find a way past the human/ghost barriers and be together.  I’m not sure when or how, but I’ll definitely be going along for the ride!

I had a few ideas about who killed Eric, but I wasn’t exactly right.  I did enjoy seeing the story unfold and getting to the bottom of what happened.

This was a good book, but I could have done without the last chapter, which really wasn’t an ending to this book, but more of a start to the next!  At least I know there will be another installment!  I’m glad to hear it because I just can’t get enough of Eric Gamlyn, and Stella isn’t bad either:)