Plague Nation
Ashley Parker, Book #2
By Dana Fredsti
ISBN# 9780857686367
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*Beware of possible Spoilers*


Having stopped the wave of the undead that swarmed their facility, Ashley Parker and the other wild cards (those immune to the zombie virus) are assaulted by an unknown enemy and forced to travel to a secret laboratory in San Francisco.

En route some are killed, while others are kidnapped by their shadowy foe, who seems to use the zombies as a weapon. But the worst is yet to come, as the plague begins to manifest in key locations nationwide. And the truth begins to emerge about the paramilitary society, the Dolofónoi tou Zontanoús Nekroús (DZN).


This installment of the Ashley Parker series is a tear-jerk-er. Get ready! I jumped right back into the story easily as if I’d come back to visit a friend. The virus is spreading like wild-fire. The team needs to travel which opens up all new threats. They divide and go in two groups. Divide and conquer so to speak – I was worried for them because they were separated.

Plague Nation is heavy. Some team members are lost along the way. It’s a huge blow because at this point I care about the characters. It feels like a personal loss. The remaining team members feels quite a bit of guilt.  The threat of death makes them appreciate one another all the more.

Gabriele’s struggle is difficult to witness. Ashely is willing to do whatever it takes to keep him from getting sick. A couple of times I thought all was lost on that front.

We get to see a small glimpse of the forces behind the spreading of the virus. The motives are pretty darn shocking. I did not realize their goal until near the end.

Fredsti does it again! She adds such colorful characters. They may only be around for a short while, but they’re all interesting.

G. Funk is my favorite character they met along the way. I would like to live in the house he left behind.

My other favorite is J.T. I am dying to know his back-story.

I enjoy Ashley’s humor; she is a pistol. I think this series does well because although they’re having to kill those who are ill, they find a way to inject humor. Otherwise the story would be too dark. As usual, Fredsti takes shots at Twilight. This time around she also cracks a Snookie joke. LMAO! I loved how the whole team picks on Dr. Albert; he deserves it!!!

The book is peppered with personal horror stories of how people become zombies. It is disgustingly gross but helps further the plot in that I see it from a different angle.

Ashley makes fighting with weapons sexy. She is my favorite zombie ass-kicker! She impressed me when she kicked a soldier’s ass because he was disrespectful to her. Go Ashley!!!!!

I hope the next installment comes out soon because it ended on a cliff-hanger. Ugh, I have no patience.

The book has it all – action, suspense, mystery, romance. I recommend Plague Nation; it has something for everyone. Guys will like the action and weapons. Women will love the strong lead character and the romance. Plague Nation appeals across the board.