Percy Jackson and The Olympians: The Lightning Thief

Chapter Summaries

By Rose

Percy, Grover and Annabeth leave Lotus Casino, and head to Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles. On the way Percy tell them of his latest dream. After much thought, Annabeth tells Percy it must be Hades in the pit. Annabeth tells him the answer is the Underworld and they are doing the right thing.

At the Santa Monica Pier, Percy gets carried off by a mako shark to the edge of the ocean by a sand bank underwater. Nerid the spirit of the sea, a member of Poseidon’s court, comes to meet him. She gives him a warning and a gift. Three white pearls, which he must smash one at his feet when in peril. The warning is to follow his heart or he will lose all. Annabeth warns him there is no such thing as free gifts.

Percy sees his stepfather being interviewed by Barbara Walters on television at an appliance store.

While walking the streets they get surrounded by a gang of kids and Percy uncaps Riptide. One kid didn’t back away and Percy swung his sword. The blade passed right through the kid proving he was 100% mortal.

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What do you think the pearls will do? When do you think he might need them?

What price will Percy have to pay for the gift of the pearls?

Was Crusty supposed to thwart them in finding the Underworld, or was it simply bad luck they found themselves in?

What did you want to discuss in this chapter?

What’s your favorite quote?