Percy Jackson and The Olympians: The Lightning Thief

Chapter Summaries

By Rose

Chapter 20  – I Battle My Jerk Relative

The trio were picked up by the coast guard and dropped back on the pier. Ares appears, the one who set them all up (he had given the backpack to Percy in Denver with a magical spell to only appear when he reached the Underworld). Ares is not too happy Percy is still alive and uses a wild boar to kill Percy. Percy uses Riptide to dispose of the boar. Percy wants to fight Ares personally and Annabeth gives his her necklace and Grover gave him a flattened tin can from his pocket. The police interrupt their fight and Percy is recognized as the missing boy. Ares deters them with a wall of flames. Percy managed to stab Ares in the foot. Ares decides to retreat and transfer back into his immortal form. The trio must now head back to Manhattan.

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Where do you think Percy got the courage to stand up to Ares himself?

How could Ares, with all his power, not have killed Percy? Why did he retreat instead? Who do you think was protecting Percy?

Memorable Quotes:

Percy: “ A cockroach”. “Or a tape worm. Yeah, I’m sure. That’d save you from getting your godly hide whipped, wouldn’t it?”

Ares: “Now little hero, let’s add you to the barbeque”.