Percy Jackson and The Olympians: The Lightning Thief
Chapter Summaries By Rose

Chapter 21 – I Settle My Tab

The news of the Santa Monica Pier incident and Percy’s kidnapping was covered up nicely by the media and Percy was no longer perceived as an international criminal.

Annabeth, Percy and Grover fly back to New York. They split up and Percy heads to the Empire State Building. At the security desk, Percy shows the guard the bolt and requests to be taken up to see Zeus.

Percy states his case before Zeus and Poseidon. He also tells them he feels there was someone else besides Hades who was responsible for everything and explains why. Zeus let’s Percy live and tells him not to cause such commotions again and disappears. Poseidon and Percy believe Kronos the King of Titans is to blame for causing the war. Poseidon then tells Percy his mother has returned and he will find a package when he returns home.


What did you think of the way the police covered up the entire story?

What do you think is in the package?

What are your favorite quotes from this chapter?

Favorite Quotes:

Percy: “The place made Grand Central Station look like a broom closet.”

Zeus: “Do not presume to fly again. Do not let me find you here when I return. Otherwise, you shall taste this bolt. And it shall be your last sensation.”

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