4 star

Paws and Effect

A Magical Cats Mystery, Book #8

By Sofie Kelly


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Kathleen is excited to meet three old pals of her beau, Detective Marcus Gordon, while they visit charming Mayville Heights on business. But the reunion is cut short when one of the friends is killed—and the evidence points towards Marcus as the murderer.

Though it seems she doesn’t know all of Marcus’s secrets, Kathleen is sure he’s no killer. With his suspect status sidelining him from investigating the case, it’s up to Kathleen and her feline partners-in-crime to find whoever is framing Marcus—and make sure the good detective hasn’t found his last clue.


Hercules and Owen are truly special cats and provide page after page of enjoyable mystery reading.

Librarian Kathleen is looking forward to dinner with her detective boyfriend Marcus when they, by chance, run into three of Marcus’s college friends.  Now, Marcus is a private person, and Kathleen has heard nothing about these people from him, but she enjoys hearing the four reminisce about the “good ol’ days”.  The three, who are all working for a coalition of environmental groups, hope to find something that will stop the sale and development of some local land.  Things take a tragic turn when geologist Danielle (Dani) dies in what appears to be a tragic accident.  However, it is quickly determined that she is the victim of foul play, and all of the evidence leads directly to Marcus.  As expected, he and his partner Hope are taken off the case, but Hope turns to Kathleen in hopes of convincing a very tight-lipped Marcus into talking and clearing his name.  Is Dani’s demise a direct result of ruthless business, or does it go deeper in to the past?

I always look forward to reading the books in the Magical Cats Mystery series, and this eighth installment Paws and Effect is a real treat.  From the chuckle inducing first scene to the nail-biting finish, I devoured the pages quickly, yet did not want the story to end.  Though Kathleen’s cats have “special” abilities, I really do not think of this series as particularly paranormal.  Perhaps this is because Kathleen talks to her cats as if they understand what she says (I think they do understand), and I am guilty of talking to my dog in the same manner.  Maybe it is just because she does not treat them any different than she would any cat.  Whatever the reason, I think readers who do not usually care for paranormal cozies would really enjoy the Magical Cats.

Kathleen makes for a level headed, relatable protagonist.  She does always seem to get herself into at least one dangerous situation per book, but the circumstances always seem believable, and she does not have “too stupid to live” moments.  Her relationship with Marcus is realistic, and I like getting to know them right along beside them as they feel their way through their new-ish relationship.  As one would expect, Marcus is a standup kind of guy, a police officer with a strong moral compass.  Even though he never really wants Kathleen to get involved in murder investigations, he does not shy away from asking her opinion or for her insight.  I respect that.  The secondary characters are all very important to Kathleen, and they are all well drawn and add interest to the story.  These characters and the series long story arcs are what keep me coming back for more.

Sofie Kelly crafts a solid mystery surrounding the death of Dani.  I did not suspect whodunit until quite late in the book, but his/her revelation did not come out of the blue.  Kathleen puts forth plausible trails of suspects and motives throughout the book and gleans her way through it all to find the truth in a logical manner.  Of course, it does not hurt to have Owen and Hercules’s help along the way.  Not to spoil anything, but one of the cats is a real hero at the book’s conclusion.

I really quite enjoyed Paws and Effect and cross my fingers that there will be many more adventures with Kathleen, Owen, and Hercules.  Highly recommended.


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