Passion Ignites

Dark Kings, Book #7

By Donna Grant

ISBN#  9781250071941

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Lexi was on vacation with friends when her friend Christina left a pub with a man that gave Lexi a bad feeling.  Soon after, she went looking for Christina, but it was too late, she found her naked and dead.  Then the guy she went with and a couple of his buddies came out laughing about it, she saw their hair color change and their eyes turn red.  Since then it’s been Lexi’s mission to find Christina’s killer, she’s the only one that can ID him after all.  Her other friends just left and went back home, leaving Lexi behind on what they no doubt think is a fool’s mission.

Thorn and Darius are working to kill the Dark in Edinburgh, but are trying to do it secretly so the Dark can’t warn the others of their presence.  While doing so they discover a young woman that is following the Dark.  Thorn intervenes a couple of times and got stabbed both times for his trouble!  But soon the Dark start taking interest in Lexi.  Thorn keeps an eye on her to make sure she stays safe, but when he finds her sick walking through the cold and rain when her body finally gives out, he has no choice, but to take her back to Darcy’s apartment and nurses her back to health.

Lexi eventually tries to go back home, but can’t leave Thorn.  She has no idea if he feels the same about her, but when she gets kidnapped by the enemy those feelings will be put to the test!

I wanted to like this book and it ended up being a decent read, but I found it had a pretty slow start.  Just stick with it, it does get better!

I, of course, loved Thorn.  This book touched a little on his past, the one that makes him never want to have anybody under his protection ever again.  I do wish we had gotten more of Thorn’s backstory though.  I think it would have done a lot for building his character and developing him even further.

Lexi was a feisty girl in her own right, even if she was pretty naïve where the ‘red eyes’ were concerned.  I was a bit surprised she followed Thorn and Darius’s directives so easily after being taken to the flat.

This book also built more on the Ulrik storyline.  I still don’t think he’s nearly as bad as the Kings think and I’m waiting for his redemption moment, even though I expect it to be awhile in coming!

We also got to see more of Rhi and her battle between good and evil.  Part of me can’t help, but want her to be with Balladyn knowing how much he has always loved her.  But … and you know there always is one … it’s hard to look past the fact that he tortured her and will more than likely want to turn her Dark.  And, of course there is that tiny part of me wanting to see her find happiness with her King, even if he doesn’t deserve it!

This was a decent read that did advance the story arch of the series.  There were a few question marks left at the end to be solved in a later book, which is pretty normal for a Grant story.