3 Star rating
Pale Demon
The Hollows, Book #9
By Kim Harrison
ISBN# 9780061138065
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*Beware of Spoilers*

pale-demon-the-hollows-kim-harrisonRachel has been shunned by the witch community and now she must travel to San Francisco to the witch meetings to publicly apologize for using black magic to get her shunning revoked.  But when the airport won’t let her fly she’s forced to travel there by car. And, Trent corners her and convinces her to let him travel with her for her own safety and also so he can go to Seattle to fulfill some elf quest (an oh what a quest it is!) he’s on.  So with a shunned witch, an elf, a pixie, and a living vampire they give a whole new vision of the family road trip!

But when it becomes obvious that the coven isn’t going to honor their agreement to revoke Rachel’s shunning, will the efforts of Rachel’s friends help her or be the final nail in her coffin that sends her back to Alcatraz or worse?

I liked seeing Rachel and Trent working together once again as I have been team Trent for several books now, and have always liked him.  Since Kisten’s death, I believe that they are meant to be together and the end of this book just solidifies those thoughts for me.  Even if Trent’s loyalty and motives are brought into question in this installment of the series.  And, that kiss?  It just left me begging for more!

I never saw Pierce and Rachel as a long-term thing, but I was a bit shocked with just how quickly the relationship fizzled out!  But I definitely don’t think we’ve seen the last of him!

I found the road trip to be interesting especially when the group of misfits found themselves in St. Louis.  I was raised and currently live in the St. Louis metro area and found the idea of a demon being imprisoned under the arch to be a lot of fun.  I also found that Harrison’s research was pretty good when she also mentioned other nearby communities (St Clair) and interstates even down to the exit of Memorial Drive.

I really wasn’t surprised to see Rachel becoming a demon.  I felt the books before this installment where hinting at that outcome with her embracing black magic, being able to be summoned, being Al’s student, and lets not forget the scent of burnt amber coming from her and the recent inability to invoke witch spells.   Then, the title of this book, Pale Demon, made it pretty obvious to me.  I did not expect her to be given a choice from an unexpected source in that regard though.  I know the choice she made, but can’t help, but think she’ll change her mind in the future.

I thought the majority of this book was OK, but the ending is what made me truly enjoy this novel and I’m curious to see how the decisions made and the actions taken in this book will affect the future for the various players in the series.