4 star rating
Out for Blood
By Mike Walker
ISBN# 9781612131573

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National Revealer’s Clark Kelly carved out his killer career as Hollywood’s most-feared gossip columnist by exploiting mankind’s most ancient vulnerability:

“Everyone’s got a secret…and someone’s dying to tell it!”

Clark never reveals his to-die-for secret!


Dude’s a vampire!

CUE SCARY MUSIC …our undead gossip guru flies the night skies to spy on Hollywood’s hottest stars—then inks about their bedroom kinks! Imagine our studly, urbane journalist jotting notes as he hovers outside Scarlett Johansson’s bedroom window, or peeks into Tom Cruise’s “bachelor pad.”

Star secrets…?

This vampire BITES!

And what’s sexier than vampires, ladies? Just ask smokin’ hot starlet/tabloid terror TayLo Logan—this Wild Child gets crazy with badboy Clark because his bite makes her blood boil!

Then it’s LIGHTS…CAMERA… ACTION! …But not in a good way: Vampire Boy and Tabloid Train Wreck TayLo unwittingly end up stars of a sizzling sex tape—destined for worldwide display on the notorious vampire fan sex site, FANGBANGING.COM.

Still, the duo’s beyond-the-grave love story simmers away as Clark rips the lid off a murder coverup—then discovers a murderous plot against TayLo!

DANGER!! Can Clark stop a stalker who wants to drain his lover dry? Or wreak revenge on TinselTown billion-heiress Roma Kane for her poisonous plot to paralyze TayLo—and her career? Can he foil a murder cabal so evil it feeds stars’ pets to coyotes?

AND THEN…talk about the plot thickening! Roma’s billionaire granddaddy, mogul Montague Kane, taking a breather from the nymphet “nannies” paid to play his naughty high-chair games, springs a back-stab surprise—buying out Clark’s beloved National Revealer.

Suddenly, “deadline” takes on a whole new meaning

Triggered by vengeful fury, Clark goes “rogue vampire!”

Evil is punished…and the sun shines once more when he creates a Hollywood happy ending that makes everyone (undeads included) a STAR!

Hold the front page! Because Clark Kelly’s…

Out For Blood! (Goodreads)


Clark Kelly, a vampire, is a journalism lecturer as well as manager/writer for the National Review. He has utilized the public’s need for gossip to make himself relevant. And relevant he is. Everyone knows who he is; he likes it that way.

He is hated as much as loved. Those who hate him him are often willing to go to great lengths to exact revenge. He is often called a bloodsucker for his job; if they only knew 🙂

The story is told from Clark’s (not his real name) point of view and better because of it. I enjoyed his snarky (gonad jolt!) sense of humor. Seeing through his eyes was just plain fun. He is quite the man-whore but what else is there to do as the centuries pass? He is pretty bad-ass especially when it comes to defending himself. He takes us on a journey through his past; all the blips on his radar over the many years. Clark has hobnobbed with “old Hollywood” such as Astaire, Hayworth, Gable, Grant, Bogart.  He was friends with James Dean. Clark truly mourned when after his tragic death. Clark is not an unfeeling monster. He feels deeply which is obvious in the truths he shared. At one point, he comes in contact with someone from his past. It is a part of his past he never thought he would see again.

Taylor Logan dubbed TayLo is an actress who lives fast and hard. She is young, reckless. She has got it bad for Clark although he doesn’t appear to have the same feelings initially. She wants to jump into bed but Clark realizes someone is out to get her. But who? and why? Clark is determined to figure it out. He thinks it might be someone close to her. Clark slowly but surely uncovers the truth. In the process, he falls for Taylor.

Montague Clark is disgusting  but damn funny. Roma Kane is an uber-bitch bent on destroying Clark. She is perfect to hate on. She is truly ruthless but Clark one-ups her consistently. She is livid each time. I loved how Clark chose to punish them, very clever.

The plot is fast-paced. We go from one thing to the next quickly. It flows well. Out For Blood is an action filled book. There is a little bit of sex thrown into the mix; nothing too racy.

In the end Clark played the better game; he is a master. There is an epic fight near the end.

Out for Blood would make a really cool movie. I think it most appeals to adult men and women. I am not sure about young adults though; parents might want to read it first. The book is, bottom line, an enjoyable read.