The spooky aura of New Orleans offers a fitting atmosphere for Friday’s opening of the occult-themed Vampire Film Festival.

“There’s no better city on earth for this festival,” said Asif Ahmed, Los Angeles-based independent filmmaker and director of the four-day event just ahead of Halloween, showcasing international films, a vampire-themed ballet and discussions of vampire literature.

For decades, New Orleans was home to author Anne Rice, whose novels are credited with reviving interest in vampires.

“The genre has been around forever,” said Ahmed, “but Anne Rice made vampires beautiful and alluring and New Orleans was a big part of her inspiration.”

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New Orleans is a great place to have a vampire-themed film fest. The city has so much spooky history and such an eclectic vibe that will surely add to  the allure.

Do you think New Orleans is a good place to hold such an event? What other city do think would be fitting for a vampire-themed event? Will you be attending this festival?