Open and Shut
By J.R. Lindermuth

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Dawn


Domestic disturbance calls to the residence of Booth and Stacey Keiser aren’t uncommon. Keiser, a State Police trooper, is known for his volatile temper, and his wife has often been the target for his rage. So officers of the Swatara Creek Police Department aren’t surprised when the couple are found dead on the lawn of their home.

Officer Fred Drumheiser is ready to write it off as a tragic murder-suicide. But Corporal Harry Minnich isn’t prone to snap judgments. Something about the situation rubs Harry wrong, and his suspicions lead to a forensics test with a surprising conclusion.


Harry and Fred show up at the scene of a shooting. Booth and Stacey Keiser are dead. Initially it looks like a murder suicide. Fred is willing to wrap it up at first glance.

On the other hand, Harry isn’t accepting it as cut and dried. He feels something isn’t right.

The troopers question neighbors but they get conflicting stories on how many shots were fired. One man, familiar with guns, insists four shots were fired while others say it was only three.

Harry comes up with an idea to flush out the truth. Harry is a cool guy. His instincts are spot on.

The story is solid; the plot twist is unexpected. I enjoyed reading it BUT it was too short lol.