One Step Behind

By Lauren North

ISBN: 9781984803863

Author Website: lauren-north(.)com

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Jenna is a wife, a mother, a doctor. She’s also the victim of a stalker.

Every time she leaves her house, she sees him. Disturbing gifts are left at her door. Cruel emails are sent to her colleagues. She has no idea who this man is but she feels powerless against him.

Until the day he is brought into her hospital after a serious accident, and Jenna is given the chance to find out once and for all why this man is tormenting her. Now, the power is all hers.

But how many lines is she willing to cross to take back control of her life?  (Goodreads)


The premise of this book is very intriguing.  What would you do if you were faced with the person that has been stalking you and he can no longer hurt you because he is near death?  You took an oath as a doctor to do no harm and to help everyone that you can.  But that does not include the man that has totally stolen your happiness and security, does it? These are just a few of the questions that are facing Jenna.  

Jenna has been receiving gifts at her house that are very disturbing and scary.  Her coworkers are being harassed.  She keeps seeing the same person showing up all the time.  She knows that she is being stalked but the police can not find out who her stalker is.  She is afraid for her life and even more disturbing, she is afraid for her kids’ lives.  So when her stalker gets hit by a bus, Jenna will have to decide if she can help him get better or let him die.

The tension just keeps growing chapter after chapter and at times it was almost palpable.   The author makes many characters appear very suspicious and she throws in some red herrings to keep the tension growing.  I was sure I knew who the real stalker was but I was so wrong.  And that is just how I like it.   

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well crafted psychological thriller.  It made me wonder what I would do in that situation.