4 star

One Night with a Billionaire

Billionaire Boys Club, Book #6

By Jessica Clare

ISBN13: 9780425275795

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Kylie may be a makeup artist to the stars, but she knows what it feels like to be overshadowed. Especially by her famous boss, the pop star Daphne. That’s why she’s stunned—and delighted—when one night at a party, she attracts the attention of a gorgeous stranger. But when Daphne decides she wants the handsome billionaire for herself, Cade Archer is suddenly off-limits for Kylie…

Cade has known Daphne for years, and always wondered if she might be the right woman for him—even though she never gave him the time of day. But one sizzling night with Kylie has changed everything. So why is she suddenly avoiding him? Fortunately Cade is determined to get what he wants, and he’ll do anything to show Kylie she can get everything she wants too.


Of all the books in the Billionaire Boys Club series, One Night with a Billionaire is, in my opinion, the best…or at least tied with the first book in the series Stranded with a Billionaire. However, don’t get me wrong…I have REALLY enjoyed the whole series.

Cade has been in love with Daphne forever, since they were in grade school. As Daphne became a superstar, her behavior became more erratic and well…drug fueled. As so often happens, big recording companies just want the star to produce and promote their music. So needless to say, there is not very many people looking out for what is good and right for Daphne so she is just totally off the rails. When Cade comes to visit Daphne on opening night of her North America tour, he finally realizes that he must let go, she will never be the same sweet, lovable Daphne that she was until she is clean, sober and off drugs for good. While Cade waits to meet up with Daphne after her concert, he stumbles across Kylie. After determining that Daphne is still using….Cade decides he has had enough. He leaves the green room and Kylie follows him and then offers to drive him to his hotel as he has had a great number of drinks. And then (you will have to read the book 🙂 ).

I applaud Kylie’s persistence in looking after her grandmother (albeit through a facility that looks after patients with dementia)…especially with memories of conversations past as the following:

“You’re a burden, Kylie Daniels. I have to work two jobs just to put enough food on the table to feed your fat ass. The least you can do is be grateful. If only your mother were here.”

What was a slight bother throughout the book was Kylie’s low self-esteem. She seemed to frequently make self-deprecating statements with respect to her size and weight. Luckily for her, Cade often told her he loved her size. Hopefully he gets through to her!!!!

When Cade finally had his epiphany I was so very relieved. Sometimes it takes a guy to finally figure out what he wants and if he is lucky…what he wants is also good for him. In this case – Kylie is definitely good for him.

The road to happiness is of course never smooth, though so very entertaining to read about (in the interest of leaving the story in its original place – within the confines of the book cover – I will not expound further, but trust me….it is an entertaining story with a few curve balls thrown in)! I quite enjoyed that Cade liked a woman of substance, an everyday woman with extra pounds.

And lest we forget…the love scenes. Very well written…and at times quite funny.

Occasionally, I wanted to shake Kylie as she was so darned independent and STUBBORN. Luckily for her Cade was not one to give up! And the way he rode to her rescue was so…engaging. Hopefully she finally learns that she does not have to do everything herself.

Thank you Jessica Clare for writing such a delightful series. The ending could not have been more perfect.

*OBS would like to thank the publisher for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review*