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One More Kiss

A White Pine Novel, Book #2.5  

By Kim Amos

ISBN13: 9781455538195

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Betty Lindholm doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry. The banner advertising the new shipment of satin at her fabric store finally arrived and now the entire town of White Pine is up in arms. How was she supposed to know there’d be a typo? Now the entire town thinks she’s proclaiming “Satan is here!” Even the gorgeous pastor with his steel-grey eyes and sexy smile.


Pastor Randall Sondheim is always on the lookout for excuses to drop by Betty’s shop and gaze into her lovely blue eyes. The latest is her crazy sign—could that be a sign of something more? Sweet Betty brings out the best in him but it’s the worst in him, his dark secret tragedy, that worries Randall. Can this man of God conquer his own demons to win a match made in heaven?


We have a burgeoning love story between Betty Lindholm, the proprietor of Knots and Bolts and Pastor Randall Sondheim. As long-time friends, they have a great rapport, which fully engaged their own sense of humor, carrying over into the banter between the two of them. Mighty fine giggles came from this reader 🙂 .

The sign fiasco / typo…. too funny…”Satan” when it should have been “Satin”. This particular faux pas definitely had me chuckling for quite a while. I enjoyed how it finally sparked action in Pastor Randall J In fact, while Randall was assisting Betty in her shop, there was some ‘hanky panky’ going on and this scene will definitely make you laugh. Then as this was happening, who walks in on them but the effervescent and annoying Valerie (a current church board member who picked on Betty when she was in high school). All seemed well until the interruption as this gave just enough time for Randall to get cold feet. Dog gone bugger. That had me so frustrated with him…. his heart telling him one thing and his head telling him another. Luckily, his depth of character and storyline made up for this bit of annoyance.

Without giving too much away, I really enjoyed the depth of the story in relation to Pastor Randall’s reluctance to express what is in his heart to Betty. And I was not the only one to notice, his brother (Gus) had the following to say:

“Remember to give yourself the same grace you’ve now been trained to give others,” Gus had said. “Your happiness counts, too, you know.”

Randall’s thoughts on Betty as he was trying to come to accept how he really felt towards Betty:

“If he was honest, she’d captured his heart months ago. They’d chatted after church, had sipped coffee together, and discussed fabric choices. The whole time he’d admired her wit, her business savvy, her unflinching ability to tell the truth and not shirk from it. He’d never met anyone like her. And he never would again.”

What struck me with this book in particular is the depth of the characters. The back stories for Betty and Randall are interesting and add depth to each character, which is not always evident when one reads a novella. Additionally, I found the fullness of the novella captured my interest immediately and I read this book quickly and with intensity as I wanted to read every word.

As with any love story, it was expected that there would be ups and downs but in the end…. love seems to always triumph.  When I read a White Pines novel, I feel like I have come home. I cannot wait until I get the chance to read the next book in the series – Every Little Kiss (White Pine, #3).

*OBS would like to thank the publisher for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review*