One Moment Please

Wait with Me, Book #3

By Amy Daws

ISBN# 9781944565312

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It was a time for celebrating!  After months of hanging out in the hospital cafeteria, working on her thesis paper for her master’s degree, Lynsey finally finished it. Moments after she completed it, the hot, but surely doctor came over and called her out for using the cafeteria.  He just doesn’t understand that it was the place where her words flowed.

Lynsey decides to put all that unpleasantness behind her.  She and her best guy friend, Dean, go out to celebrate. 

“I attempt to chew the popcorn gag Dean just stuffed into my mouth, but a kernel gets sucked into the back of my throat. I hack over the bar–my hands splayed wide as I brace myself for impending death. Dean absentmindedly pats my back because let’s face it, I’m coughing so I’m breathing, but his swats are not helping. I beat my chest to try to prevent myself from asphyxiating as I grapple for my drink, which is woefully empty.

I grab Dean’s draft beer, but as soon as the golden liquid hits my tongue, I dry heave from the horrid taste. Holy shit! Kate’s right, IPA beer tastes like poison! My face screws up in disgust as I force the liquid down my throat and suck in a big breath of cleansing air. With a pathetic whimper, I wave my hands in front of my face and search for a cocktail napkin. Mr. Mustache bartender is still balls deep in the blonde, so I’m forced to use the back of my hand to wipe the dribble off my chin.

When I finally regain some semblance of composure I turn around to glower at Dean. “Your beer tastes like a skunk’s ass.”

Unfortunately, one of Dean’s business clients shows up at the bar.  Their night of celebrating ends up be a night of Dean schmoozing.  And, the client just happens to have his friend along.  Dr. Dick!  He continues his grumpy behavior from the cafeteria and only seems to be getting worse.  So, Lynsey is surprised when he ends up jumping into her Uber with her.  She’s so angry when their ride stops at his house that she follows him out of the vehicle to continue their argument.  And, the driver leaves without her!  In no time at all, Lynsey and Josh go from arguing to the hottest one-night stands either have ever experienced.

Fast-forward to three months later when Lynsey finds herself in Josh’s ER after a horrible date.  She presents with a messed up ankle and a sliced up finger, but leaves with the shocking knowledge that she’s pregnant with Josh’s baby!

Josh is emotionally unavailable after an incident in his past that he refuses to discuss.  However, the safety of Lynsey and their unborn child is his priority.  She’s getting ready to lose her condo and Josh convinces her to move in with him so he can assure their well-being and his peace of mind.  But can a man who refuses to feel take care of his budding family or is Lynsey destined for heartbreak?

This is the first book that I’ve read from this author and I was a little nervous after reading some of the reviews online.  However, I absolutely loved this book and now think those that wrote those reviews were crazy!  I thought this book was probably going to be a cheesy romance that was more smut for the sake of being smut.  I was shocked when I discovered how wrong I was.  This novel had a great storyline full of emotion that got me right where I like it, in the feels!  I loved the characters and really everything about it!

Once you discover Josh’s past, and why he acts the way he does, you can’t help, but hurt for him.  What a heartbreaking situation for a young doctor.  Although I can’t imagine, any real person thinking as long as he doesn’t feel anything it’ll never happen again.  But I do think the story is right on the money with needing to face your past instead of running away from it.  I would have liked to have seen him make more obvious strides in that regard at the end.  Like going to therapy or something to show he was serious.

I liked Lynsey too.  She was a bundle of energy and a lot of fun.  And, as unlikely as it seems to move in with a stranger like she did, it kind of made sense.

The secondary characters where great in this book.  I loved Lynsey’s friends and now I need to go back and read Kate and Miles’s story!  I love the idea of Kate being a smut writer and trying to put her friends in romance novel situations! I actually have a friend that’s an author that gave out swag condoms, so I thought of her during this book!   Dean was great too and I loved the jealously just his existence brought out in Josh.  Lynsey wasn’t the only one with great friends though.  I loved Max and Mark too, both of them were willing to go above and beyond to get Josh out of his head and to just live again.

This was a great emotional read that I couldn’t put it down!  And, I can’t wait to read more from this author!

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