On a Tuesday

One Week, Book #1

By Whitney G.

Author’s Website:  http://www.whitneygbooks.com/

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Beware of possible spoilers!

They met in college.  Charlotte was double majoring in art and law and tried to avoid the party scene as much as possible (to much dismay of her best friend).  Grayson was ‘the man’ on campus the star quarterback on the football team that is destined for the NFL.  Grayson has the reputation of being a playboy and admits to not doing the ‘girlfriend’ thing, despite many girls trying to tie him down.  But when all the other girls were flocking to him, Charlotte avoided him like the plague.  Until their senior year that is.  Charlotte was missing credits she needed to complete her law degree thanks to an oversight by her advisor.  Grayson needed a tutor to help him pass his literature classes he has put off taking.  Charlotte was offered an opportunity to earn the credits she needs by tutoring a student.  She never would have agreed if she’d known that student was the cocky and sexy Grayson.

They met on a Tuesday.  Every week.  And, it took him some time, but eventually Grayson convinced her to give him her number, then to be friends, and then to be so much more.  He never understood why she disappeared on him and has spent the last seven years trying to find her to no avail.  She has spent the last seven years trying to mend her broken heart after he so easily disposed of her.

Their seven year reunion is upon them (because their class is so awesome they don’t need to wait until 10 years), and Grayson has no intention of going, despite him being on the schedule to speak.   However, all that changes with one little note from Charlotte’s best friend, Charlotte is attending the reunion.  Nothing will keep Grayson away and finally getting the truth.  Only Charlotte’s truth doesn’t make sense to him, she thinks he dropped her when it was the other way around.  It’s time to find out what happened and where to go from here.

I picked this book up thinking it would be a fun fluff read.  It was so much more than that to me.  It turned out to be an amazing and emotional second chance romance story (my favorite kind of read) and I couldn’t stop reading it!  It reminded me a lot of a book I read several years ago, Perfect Timing by Laura Spinella, except that guy was a rock star.  The stories were definitely different, but has some similarities as well.  Both were great emotional reads though!

I absolutely loved Grayson!  We didn’t get to see his playboy ways in the book, but they were alluded to in the beginning, but being falsely accused of rape will settle you down a little in that regard.  Not to mention finding the one girl on campus that has no interest in bedding you and falling hard for her!  He was just so darn sweet, I loved how he kept trying to woo her.  Then, how great he was with her once they became a couple.

My heart broke for these lovebirds when outside sources ruined what they had.  But luckily for both of them giving up is not in Grayson’s vocabulary.

Not only were Charlotte and Grayson such great characters, but the secondary characters were a lot of fun as well.  They weren’t in the book a lot, but Grayson’s horn dog best friend, Kyle, and Charlotte’s guy friend, Eric, never failed to make me laugh.

SUBJECT: NEXT TIME You Jackasses Throw an ‘Unofficial’ Bonfire …

How about making sure that you won’t burn down the grounds in the process?! How about ASKING your neighbors if they’ll mind having five hundred students in their streets until three in the morning?

I know damn well that this was not a “team” idea and whenever KYLE and GRAYSON want to own up to this shit, I’ll reduce the extra five daily miles you all now owe me, to three miles.

I’m waiting.

–Coach Whitten

SUBJECT: RE: NEXT TIME You Jackasses Throw an ‘Unofficial’ Bonfire …

It was me, Coach.

Grayson had nothing to do with it this time. He didn’t even show up. Speaking of which–

Dude, where were you? I fucked like three girls from the bonfire. You probably could’ve hooked up with at least five. I don’t think I’ll need another blowjob for a month after how amazing these were.

PS–Are you back at our apartment yet? I need to tell you these stories in person when Coach isn’t acting like this shit is a big deal.



SUBJECT: RE RE: NEXT TIME You Jackasses Throw an ‘Unofficial’ Bonfire …


Meet me in my office at the complex NOW.

–Coach Whitten


SUBJECT: RE: RE: RE: NEXT TIME You Jackasses Throw an ‘Unofficial’ Bonfire …

I meant to send that last part to just Grayson. Not to you, Coach. Can I come in a few hours? I mean, now that you’ve read what I said, surely you understand how exhausted I am. Three girls, Coach, THREE.



SUBJECT: RE: RE: RE: RE: NEXT TIME You Jackasses Throw an ‘Unofficial’ Bonfire …

Right. Fucking. NOW.

–Coach Whitten”

My one and only complaint with this book is that I wished it had been longer!  I wanted to read more about this couple and the epilogue ended too soon for my liking!  This was a great book that I read in a single day!  I’m actually writing this at 3 a.m. because I had to finish the book and then was wide awake so decided to get my thoughts to paper … or thoughts to computer in my case!  I’m excited to see this is the start of a new series and I can’t wait to see what happens in the next book, On a Wednesday.  I will definitely be checking out more books from this author in the future!

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