Of  Covens and Packs
The Watchtower, Book #3
By Darke Conteur
Author’s Website: http://darkeconteur.wordpress.com/

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

Of Covens and Packs is the third installment of The Watchtower series by up and coming author, Darke Conteur.  It is about a half-demon, Jezryall, and a group of humans with special gifts that live at the watchtower, where they help ghosts pass through to the other side.   They function under the cover of a business, Terin Global, a cover that is about to be blown if they can’t figure out a way to prevent the truth from coming out.

Jezryall’s demon side helps her hear the things that go bump in the night and the group is noticing an increase in evil on earth.  And now to make matters worse police detective Raleigh Darch is snooping around.  He thinks Terin Global has something to do with the murder investigations he is working on, but he will never believe what really caused them.

The staff of Terin Global take a trip to the Spire and meet with the vampyres to gain access to some of their ancient scrolls looking for clues to what is causing the increase in demonic activity as they suspect it has happened before.

Daniel and Martin also visit the nearby werewolf community, where Daniel gets a cryptic message from a ghost that has crossed back over to warn them: Find the lost ones; it’s the only way to protect the others.

First off I have to forewarn you all that I have NOT had the pleasure of reading the first two installments of this series, The Watchtower and Under the Cover of Wicca.  It took me a little bit of trying to figure out exactly what was going on and what everybody’s role in the story truly was.  I’m sure I missed out on all their background stories and definitely missed out on some things that had already happened that I would love to know more about, such as the paintball gun incident and the Embassy attack.  But overall I think I was able to figure out what was going on.

I really loved the writing style the author used and I felt the book flowed smoothly and the storyline was interesting.  The staff at Terin Global has a family like relationship and they have arguments and struggles like any other family.  I don’t connect to all the characters the way that I would like to, but again I think that is from not having read the previous books.  For some reason I am really drawn to Aslin and can’t wait to see more of him in future installments.

I think the idea of this series is original and interesting and want to personally think Darke Conteur for creating this unique and entertaining world for us to devour.