Obsession in Death

In Death, Book #40

By J.D. Robb

ISBN# 9780399170874

Author’s Website:  https://www.jdrobb.com/

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

Those in the NYPSD are wrapping up another year of murder and crime.  Christmas just passed and they are days away from the New Year.  In Eve’s case, she and Roarke are days away from a tropical vacation together.  However, their trip may be put on hold when Eve catches a new case.  One she can’t pass along to another member of her team because this killer is leaving notes behind addressed to Eve.  Notes that imply the killings are being done on Eve’s behalf!

The first victim was a defense lawyer Eve went up against a few years ago.   The second was a drug dealer that accidentally hit Eve after she broke his favorite pool cue on someone else’s head.  Eve hasn’t had any encounters with either victim in a few years, making it impossible to pinpoint who the killer will go after next.

The killer is smart.  She or he goes in disguised as a delivery person covered from head to toe and keeping their face covered from all security cameras they encounter.  They leave no traces of themselves behind.  Eve can’t even determine gender from the footage she’s found, let alone their race or any other distinguishing features.

When the killer gets upset that Eve doesn’t appreciate her gifts, everyone Eve is friends with is in danger.  They must find and stop this obsessed killer before someone Eve loves pays the ultimate price.

I thought this was a pretty good installment of the series and one of the better ones of late.  It doesn’t have all the emotion that I crave, but the mystery kept me interested.  It’s hard to imagine someone being able to leave no traces behind at a murder scene.

There was also the typical humor sprinkled in that we’ve come to expect.  The banter between Eve and Summerset never disappoints.

“Mix up your routine,” she told him as she started up the stairs. “Your out-of-the-house routine. The shopping, the visiting gravesites, haunting houses with the other ghouls–whatever it is you do. Mix it up for the next few days.

“I have a scheduled haunting tonight, but it can be postponed.”

I also love seeing the camaraderie between Eve and her cops as she realizes they are truly a family.  All of which are ready and willing to drop what they’re doing to help solve a case that threatens their LT!