2009 CollageOpen Book Society is proud to announce the creation of a permanent Young Adult Book Club team.  The key to success is a strong and consistent presence.  So, what does that mean for you?  It means, if you are a lover of young adult paranormal fantasy we need you.  Starting in November, the Young Adult Book Club will post chapter summaries and discussion questions each weekday for the book of the month.  Below you will find a tentative list of books we plan to use for the discussions.  As you can see, SHIVER by Maggie Stiefvater will be the book we discuss in November.

Here is a tentative list of the books we’ll be discussing over the next six months.

November 2009 – SHIVER by Maggie Stiefvater (If you want to be a part of the YA Book Club be sure to let us know soon.  We are organizing this Book Discussion as we speak.)

December 2009 – INTERTWINED by Gena Showalter

January 2010 – BEAUTIFUL CREATURES by Margie Stohl and Kami Garcia

February 2010 – THE FOREST OF HANDS AND TEETH by Carrie Ryan

March 2010 – EVERNIGHT by Claudia Gray

April 2010 – GENERATION DEAD by Daniel Waters

If you are interested in being on staff as part of the Open Book Society YA Book Club, be sure to email Dawn at dawn@openbooksociety.com or Karin at karinlibrarian@openbooksociety.com.

Check out the website for news about the Young Adult Book Club.

Check out the forum to participate in the discussion.