written by OBS Staffer Chris

Wicked Lovely (by Melissa Marr) Book Club


Pool Hall
Comic book store


The summer king repeats the words he must have repeated a hundred times before. He makes sure that this girl is fully aware of her choice and the possible consequences. He gives her instructions on what will happen if she took upon the winters chill and what her task will be until another mortal girl chooses him. The girl agrees to all of this because she loves him and hoped that she was his one. She took the staff in her hand and hoped, prayed for her to be the one…but the chill took over and she was left out in the cold as Keenan went to find his Summer Queen…

Chapter 1

In a dingy local pool Aislinn is playing pool with some of her friends. Trying to be in control and to focus, she knew this is what the game was all about. Aislinn was playing with a good friend when ‘they’ walked in, she could feel deep down and tried to be completely unfazed by the presence of faeries…

She finished playing the game with Denny and decided it was best to leave, knowing that it’s so hard to keep focused on the game and in control around them. These fey were hideous things, they were ugly and beautiful at the same time, but with unnatural features. The fey enjoyed hanging out at a place like this because there was so much opportunity to cause mischief.

Her grandmother had taught her the only was to survive was by keeping the secret of her ‘sight’. The fey could never know that she actually saw them, so Aislinn has spent her entire life falling the rules and keeping her head down and mouth closed. Grams would like to keep her home-schooled and away from everything and everyone but Aislinn wanted her freedom. Heading home she once again noticed the same two faeires following her, the ones that have been hanging around her for weeks. The girl was pale white with white hair and blue lips, the boy was gorgeous in a way that Aislinn didn’t really care for. She went inside the comic book store trying to get away from the strange couple. But then he walked right in wearing glamour for all the humans to see…

He went inside and spoke to Aislinn, and this was VERY against her rules, she was so terrified but yet she wanted his attention. She wanted to go with him when he asked but she stood her ground and didn’t let him win. She took off…Donia teases Keenan and makes it clear that she isn’t interested in him. But it’s too late, he has dreamed about her and now he wants her…she is his now.

Questions for consideration:

1. At the beginning what do you think is going on with this risk of winter’s chill?
2. What is your first impression of Aislinn?
3. What is your first impression of Keenan?
4. What do you think Donia meant about she was his now and that he chose her?

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