Chapters 17-19

The Eolas

The Carnival
The Loft
The River


Aislinn meets Keenan at the carnival. Keenan’s overly enthused behavior makes her uneasy. When he touches Aislinn, her sight sharpens, allowing her to see that there are faeries all around them. She had never seen such a large group of them before. They watch her. Keenan tells her about his family, how he lives with his uncles, and that his father died. Aislinn reels at the faeries around her. Keenan takes her to the Eolas, three fortune-teller sisters. The Old woman says that Aislinn is special. Aislinn continues to pull away from them, nevertheless, they continue. They tell them that Keenan will never meet someone as rare as Aislinn. Aislinn becomes overwhelmed in panic, wishing she could run away. She pulls at Keenan’s arm, suggesting that they get a drink. The faeries murmur around her that she is the one, and that Beira will be furious to receive the news. Keenan asks Aislinn to dance with him as they take in the glory of ‘their faeries.’ He tries to persuade her, but she becomes fearful and asks him to let her go. Keenan tells her that he’s spent his whole life waiting for her, and he promises to give her whatever she wants within his power to do so. Aislinn asks him to make this vow in front of everyone, and Keenan vows to do so. Aislinn agrees to dance with him. A group of girls give them a drink of summer wine to celebrate. Aislinn becomes intoxicated. Her head begins to spin, and she wonders how long they’ve danced as dawn creeps over the horizon. All of the faeries leave, and Keenan tells her that after she has rested they’ll talk. Aislinn asks Keenan why the other faeries don’t glow like he does, and he is taken aback. Aislinn believes that he attributes the faeries to her as well, but everything blurs. Keenan kisses her, and Aislinn wants him to stop but everything goes dark.


1. How do you think Keenan intends to ‘make’ Aislinn accept the position of Summer Queen? Will he be able to go through with it?

2. Does Keenan’s love for Donia go beyond familial?

3. Even with the Eola’s foretelling, does it leave any room that Aislinn is not the one?

4. Does Aislinn serve a different purpose to the Fey than being the Summer Queen?

5. How do you think Aislinn intends to make Keenan live up to his offer to do whatever she wishes?

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