Chapters 11-13- Britta



Aislinn is surprised to find faeries crowding the doorway of the principals office; She’s all the more unprepared to find that Keenan has enrolled into Bishop O.C., and Father Myer’s wants her to help him. Throughout the day, Keenan sticks closely by Aislinn, and she ignores him. She tries to focus on not losing control around him, even though she desperately wants to touch him. In class, Sister Mary Louise instructs them to read a story about a tragic knight who is entranced by a faery. Keenan draws attention to himself as he offers to read it aloud. Sister Mary Louise asks what the story means, and Aislinn replies that the knight trusted a faery and this leads to his death. Keenan replies that the faery wasn’t at fault, and that there may have been other factors. Aislinn comments that even if the faery felt bad, the knight still died. The discussion ventures into several different topics, and Keenan volunteers to read another story, staring directly at Aislinn. Leslie leans toward Aislinn and comments that Seth has competition, and Aislinn says that Keenan has nothing to offer her. Though her voice was low, Keenan hears and stops reading. Aislinn prays that Keenan leaves her alone and rushes from the class.

Memorable Quotes
“Right. What’s one mortal’s life? He dies. It doesn’t matter if the faery, vamp, whatever it was felt bad or didn’t mean to. The knight is still dead…The monster’s not suffering, is she?” (Chapter 11, 65).

“When the Winter Queen bound his powers–making him unable o access much of summer’s strength, freesing the earth steadily–she’d also begun crushing the hope of many of his fey. He might be stronger than most faeries, but he was far from the king they needed, far from the king his father had been. Please let Aislinn be the one” (Chapter 12, 70).

“I know. I don’t want you to ignore them, but just don’t ignore this, either…They’ve been stealing mortals away for centuries, but they can’t have you” (Chapter 13, 74).

1. What do you believe is really at stake is Aislinn is not ‘the one’ Keenan has been looking for?
2. What do you believe is at stake for Seth if he continues to pursue Aislinn?
3. At this point, which do you prefer for Aislinn, Keenan or Aislinn?
4. What makes Aislinn ‘the One’ whom Keenan has been hoping for?

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