Chapters 29 – epilogue by Karolina

Chapter 29



Aislinn is quietly perplexed at the idea of Keenan meeting Seth, but agrees at his insistence. They talk of Keenan’s influence over people. They also discuss the nature of their people- the Summer girls and the Summer court- Keenan talks of his faeries love for music and dance – which separates them from the winter court. Aislinn asks whether it is the summer faeries who ever hurt people – and Keenan admits that it has been known to happen, but that they as Summer King and Queen, can change that. Keenan reassures her of her ability to rule, and they reach Seth’s place.

Keenan is quite impressed with Seth and the way he acts towards his Queen and himself. It is obvious that Seth is aware of the potential rivalry between him and Keenan, and yet he holds himself together, and Keenan is forced to admit to himself that he agrees that Aislinn is acting in the only way that she can. They inform Seth of the arrangement. They speak of who would be able to hurt Aislinn once she is queen – and Keenan swears to Seth that he would never do so. They organise to meet with Donia, to commence the ceremony, and Keenan tells Aislinn that Seth is unable to attend. however, before they go – Aislinn checks on Grams, to find her collapsed on the ground. Both Keenan and Aislinn suspect Beira, and make their way to Donia’s.

Chapter 30


Donia awaits the Summer king and Queen’s arrival. She thinks of Aislinn, and her suitability to the role. She also muses over her past with Keenan. Keenan and Aislinn arrive, and Donia hopes that Aislinn is the one that Keenan has been waiting for, even though it will break her heart. The ceremony begins, and it becomes obvious that Aislinn is the one, as she glows.

Unfortunately, Beira has also realised what this means, and when Donia is alone, she confronts her – telling her that Donia betrayed her, and revealing she has Seth captured. She begins to torture them. Aislinn and Keenan find out, and rush to their aid. During the battle, Seth, Donia and Keenan are all injured, but Aislinn finally breaks away and saves Keenan. Together, they defeat the Winter Queen. While Aislinn is tending to Seth, Keenan runs to Donia, who is badly hurt. She tells him that he now has his queen – but Keenan informs her of Aislinn’s deal with him – that ‘Summer Queen’ is more of a job, and that Aislinn is Seth’s not his. He is interrupted by the hags, informing Donia is now Winter Queen. Keenan protests – angry that Donia knew it would happen and helpless to stop it. Donia takes her place as Winter Queen, but not before confessing to Keenan that she never stopped loving him.


The Winter Queen and the Summer Queen meet. Aislinn tells Donia that Keenan is worried about her, and that he loves her. Donia ponders why he said nothing to her confession to him – and then decides that it is a worry for another day, as she needs to establish herself in court as Queen.

Aislinn, now with Seth and her king, uses her warmth as Summer Queen to ease some of the winter chill in Keenan. Seth, who left for a little while, returns with some winter wine – and both Aislinn and Seth then leave again, effectively trapping a very confused Keenan. He is shortly joined by Donia, and it becomes clear that it was an intervention from Seth and Aislinn to allow Keenan and Donia to finally be together, The book ends with Seth and Aislinn, and Donia and Keenan together, and happy. For now.


1. Was Donia becoming Winter Queen a surprise?
2. What do you think of the whole Donia/Keenan/Aislinn/Seth dynamic?
3. Was the ending to your satisfaction?
4. what was your favourite part of the book?