To celebrate Harry Potter, the OBS staff picked which classes they would love to take if they went to Hogwarts! Did someone pick your favorite class?

Dawn – I would want to take the Defense Against the Dark Arts class so that “when” I get attacked, I can whoop some serious ass……

I might also like to take Transfiguration and History of Magic because I love history in general.

Karolina: Ancient Runes, because I love deciphering other languages and ancient hieroglyphs, and possibly Muggle Studies – because people are endlessly fascinating.

Annabell: Haha! Dawn, I too would want to take Defense Against the Dark Arts because you get to kick butt! Plus, you learn some really awesome attacks (spells)! I would also love to take Ancient Runes. Just sounds like it would be really fascinating and something I could possibly use within my own writing lol.

Caro: I thought and thought and can’t choose. It’s a good schedule and you need them all. For example, Astronomy: once I actually thought about studying that, seeing all of the stars, learning their names, discovering news one, it be nice; Charms: Wingardium Leviosa, who didn’t try to do that? ; DADA: learning how to protect yourself is always good; Herbology and Potions; you need to know the herbs to make a potion and my great grandmothers would be proud of me if I knew this; History of Magic; I love history, especially if they had wizards and witches artists, maybe a Dalí wizard; Transfiguration: I want to turn things into birds or a spoon into a pencil and if professor McGonagall will teach me how to transform into a cat, perfect…I would want to take all the classes, I’d be like Hermione 😉

Chris: I would take History of Magic. I loved history in school, it’s my favorite subject. So I think it would be so cool to learn about where magic came from, who was the best, who created new spells, learning about different wizard families and their conflicts.

Angie – I would take Charms. I think that once you have the basics down you can start to teach yourself the more complex ones with more practice. I think that Care of Magical Creatures would be one of the more interesting ones as well. I’ve always wanted to work at a zoo and this seems the closest to that desire.

Erin– Charms. Charms seem to cover all of the spells they use that aren’t defensive. How awesome would it be to conjure up a complete meal? Or have the broom clean your house without touching it? A History of Magic would be fascinating too, because I love history anyway.