OBS Contributor, Dawn, has a great new club she’s like to tell you all about.  Anyone else interested in placing bets?  My money is on Sookie.
Wanna join? I am forming an elite club for those of us who would like to plan MaryAnn’s (hopefully) horrific, gory death.
MaryAnn from True Blood bugs the ba-geezums out of me, but she has made the show much more interesting.
I must admit she is an excellent villain. I love to hate her. Each week I watch in hope that someone will kick that  scrawny witch’s bum.
Almost everyone is susceptible to her and does her bidding. Eventually she has to be whacked, because it’s getting old.
Let’s come up with some scenarios for how she MIGHT be defeated.
Jason – maybe he possesses powers too? ones that he doesn’t know about? Go commando and fry her butt. You know you’d laugh if it happened this way.
Sookie – it would be the ultimate justice if Sookie could rid Bon Temps of MaryAnn. After all MaryAnn attacked and almost killed Sookie in the woods. I’m just not sure how Sookie could manage it though. It’s possible that the powers she displayed in “New World In My View” are much deeper than we suspect. Woot, go Sookie!
Bill – after trying to drink her blood and barfing it up, I doubt he can find a way to get rid of MaryAnn.
Eric – He could flatten her with his fist in an effort to protect Sookie and get her home back. I would love to see Eric go all protective on Sookie and have Sookie be ever so grateful (if you catch my drift 😉
LaFayette – since he drank Eric’s blood and we saw him wail on Eggs, could he fight MaryAnn and win? I’m not sure but it would be one helluva funny fight with hair pulling. (I love me some LaFayette.) A bald MaryAnn would really satisfy me.
Godric – I know he’s gone, but I feel strongly that he could have defeated MaryAnn if he were still around. BRING GODRIC BACK! lol.
Ok, fine, I just wanted an excuse to bring him back.
Sophie Ann – Bill has gone to her for help. Since she’s psycho, I wonder what she can do…..
What are your theories about how MaryAnn could be defeated? Do you have a love/hate relationship with her? Why?