OBS Staff Member Katie raises the question on whether it really makes a difference if a movie is on 2D or 3D and shares her thoughts on the issue.

After seeing ‘Alice in Wonderland’ in both 2D and 3D it made me start to wonder how much of a difference is there really? Would your opinion of the movie change if you saw one or the other?

For me some times seeing a movie in 3D can be a pain. I already wear glasses, so putting glasses over my every day ones can be bothersome. I also find myself readjusting them through out almost the whole movie, so I’m distracted and end up missing a good portion of the film.

That leads me to the question, are 3D movies necessary? I mean really think about it! Does it change your movie experience all that much?

While watching ‘Alice’ I noticed that only some parts really looked like it was in 3D, the same when I saw ‘Avatar’. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy seeing movies in 3D. It probably sounds like I’m bashing them, when I’m not. I just don’t see all the hype in it.

I do have to say I loved it when Alice was falling down the rabbit hole. It looked very realistic and gave that scene a little extra personality. But it still looked great in 2D. See what I’m getting at? Why pay the extra money when 2D looks fine.

From the looks of it, I don’t see 3D going any where but up. Over the past few years 3D movies have been getting better and better. And more are being made. Who knows – maybe in the future we wont have to wear those annoying glasses anymore. Our entire movie experience could change very soon.

What do you think?  Do you think that the 3D experience is overblown and that 2D is just fine? Is it worth it?  Let us know what you think! Join us in the forum and share your thoughts.