A Scene-by-Scene Look At the Second “Eclipse” Trailer

By: ifellhard, OBS Staff Member

Another theatrical trailer for “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” aired on Oprah on Friday.  According to Summit’s Twitter account, this is the final theatrical trailer to be produced for the film, which opens in theaters on June 30.  Let’s take a closer look at each of the scenes from the trailer and examine what we did or did not see in it.

7 Seconds:

The Summit logo colored like the “Eclipse” poster with dark storm clouds in background appears in the opening splash with very ominous music playing.

8 Seconds:

We see the familiar landscape shot of mountains and forest.  This is consistent with the footage from first two films and brings cohesiveness between all three films.

10 Seconds:

We see Jacob at Forks High School with Bella asking him what he’s doing there as Edward shoots him a glare.  Jacob says that he’s there to tell her to warn Edward. Edward tells him to leave and Jacob tells him that Bella has a right to know.   This seems to be the scene where Jacob arrives before school after Bella and Edward return from Jacksonville, which was a ploy by Edward to keep Bella safe from Victoria after Alice had a vision. Jacob’s warning to Edward was because of an incident near the treaty line as the Cullens and the wolves were pursuing Victoria.

20 Seconds:

There is a nighttime shot of Seattle with a voice-over of Edward telling Bella about how they’ve been tracking the situation in Seattle for a while

23 Seconds:

Edward’s voice-over continues as we see a man (Riley, played by Xavier Samuel) running in the rain, as if being chased by someone.

25 Seconds:

As Edward’s voice-over continues about unexplained disappearances in Seattle, Riley is attacked by someone. He falls to the ground in extreme pain. While we don’t see a face, we see long, curly hair and it’s safe to assume that this is when Victoria bites him to change him.

27 Seconds:

The scene cuts to Edward talking to Bella with the story of the “situation in Seattle” continuing with the killings that have been happening.

28 Seconds:

We see several people in the scene and a car set on fire.  It’s mayhem with other people being attacked.  It’s obvious that this is the newborn army wreaking havoc on the poor people of Seattle as they feed to quench their newborn thirst.

30 Seconds:

Emmett, Carlisle, and Jasper are in the shot and Carlisle states that someone is creating an army. At the 31 seconds mark, the camera cuts to Bella and Edward and Bella asks, almost disbelieving, about someone creating an army of vampires.  The scene is set a little differently from the book in terms of dialogue, but is rather consistent in that there was a family discussion about things after Jasper shared his history with Bella.

34 Seconds:

There is a shot of what appears to be Victoria’s newborn army near a logging camp. They walk, with Riley leading them, to the edge of a lake. This, obviously, isn’t anything from the book because we didn’t get that POV in the book. This side of the story is very intriguing to me.  I wonder if this is what we’ll be seeing in the Bree Tanner novella?

38 Seconds:

Alice proclaims that “they’re coming here.”  This is verbatim what Alice says to Bella after her vision at the graduation party on page 378.  There are what seem to be party lights in the background, so this seems to be true to canon.

41 Seconds:

Carlisle is telling Jacob how it will be an ugly fight and lives will be lost. At the 44 second mark, Jacob tells him that they (the wolves) are in. At the 45 seconds mark, we see the wolves (more than we saw in New Moon) walking through the woods, growling.  These wolves look better than the ones from New Moon as well.  At 47 seconds, Jacob says, “As long as we get to kill some vampires.”  The statement appears to be directed to Edward, who appears to be shooting Jacob a look at the 49 second mark.  This strays from canon in that we see Jacob acting as the alpha.  In the book, when the wolves met the Cullens in the clearning, Edward communicated with the pack by reading Sam’s thoughts while he was in wolf form. Jacob’s comment is a more pointed version of what he says on page 409.

“Well, you still get to fight against some of them (vampires),” Edward said.

Jacob smiled. “That’s the reason we’re here.”

51 Seconds:

There is a shot of a lake surrounded by forest. At the 53 second mark, Riley’s head emerges from the water and the other newborn vampires begin marching out of the water at the 55 second mark.

1:01 Minutes:

Four members of the Volturi Guard are standing (Jane, Alec, Demitri, and Felix).  Felix says, “It’s time,” and at the 1:02 minute mark, Jane agrees.  This is also something that we don’t know about from the books because we don’t know what the Volturi were doing before they showed up in the clearing after the battle.  I think that it will be interesting to see what other scenes involve these members of the Volturi Guard in the movie.

1:04 Minutes:

Vampires begin to run out of the woods and charge toward one another in the clearing.  This is quite obviously the beginning of the battle scene near the end of the book.  At the 1:05 mark we catch a glimpse of Jasper with his longer hairstyle and we see him with his battle face at the 1:08 mark.

1:09 Minutes:

Two vampires are charging at one another and one of them appears to be Alice.  We also see a wolf coming up behind the other vampire, so it’s safe to assume that he’s one of the newborns.  We see additional shots of the wolves fighting vampires for the next few seconds.

1:13 Minutes:

We see Bella and Edward’s hands and a ring in a black velvet box.  This is obviously the engagement scene.  Something to also note in the scene is the fact that Bella is wearing a silver link bracelet, presumably the graduation gift from Jacob.   We then see Edward look lovingly at Bella, who looks rather overwhelmed by things.

1:14 Minutes:

Jacob looks visibly upset in what appears to be his garage.

1:15 Minutes:

We see Victoria being pursued by another vampire.  I had trouble making out a face, but it looks like Jasper.  Could this be the chase that took place the weekend that Bella and Edward went to Jacksonville?

1:18 Minutes:

There is a shot of a shirtless Jacob with a distraught-looking Bella on a mountain with snow all around.  I think that it’s safe to assume that this is when she begs him not to go down to the battle and kisses him.

1:20 Minutes:

The members of the Volturi Guard appear in the clearing with a haze of smoke in the air. There is a flicker of flame in the lower right-hand corner near Demetri.  This would be the end of the newborn battle as the vampire parts are burned to ash.

1:21 Minutes:

Victoria is climbing up a tree with snow all around.  The fact that there’s snow places this scene with the newborn battle.  At 1:22 we see Bella looking up with a frightened and awe-stricken expression.  Edward appears in the scene at 1:23 as he pushes the tree that Victoria has climbed over, toppling her over into what appears to be a ravine near the mountain.

1:28 Minutes:

The battle continues with the wolves getting plenty of action and the trailer concludes with one of the wolves leaping onto a newborn.

What sets this trailer apart from the first one?   Well, the first one focused more on the Bella, Edward, and Jacob storyline and the love triangle.  There was a lot of the angst over Edward’s reluctance to change Bella and Jacob’s mission to keep her from becoming a vampire.  This trailer focuses on the story of Victoria’s newborn army and her quest to take out the Cullens and Bella.  We see the newborns and the improved CGI wolves in this one.

What didn’t we see in this trailer or the first one?  While we have seen many things in both trailers, there is still a whole lot that they have held back from us:

  • Scenes from Jasper’s past
  • Scenes from Rosalie’s past
  • Edward, Bella, and Jacob in the tent
  • The proposal scene (we only saw Bella holding the ring this time)
  • The bonfire/story of Taha Aki and the third wife

I like how Summit created two trailers with distinctly different target audiences in mind.  The first trailer will appeal to the female demographic consumed by the love story and the love triangle aspect of the film.  The second is definitely geared toward letting the public know that the film isn’t just a tween love flick and that it is filled with some darkness and some action that guys will enjoy.  We got a glimpse of why David Slade was selected for this film and I cannot wait to see the full-length feature on June 30!