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True Blood
Season 3 Episode 9
‘Everything is Broken’

Eric rushes in and tells Pam that he has staked Talbot and they need sanctuary. She suggests Sookie’s house but he refuses to put her in danger. When the ask Ginger for her house she lets them know that the V-Feds are at Fangtasia.

Russell comes home to find what is left of Talbot’s body and falls to the floor in desperation. He seems to be trying to piece him back together when he glances up and sees that the crown is missing. He then lets out a heart wrenching scream of the deepest sorrow.

Sookie and Bill take a shower together and he heals her recent wounds and they make love again in the shower. She finds the were that Bill killed in her living room and sends Bill out to get a tarp from the back yard. They remove the body and she says “Normal couples do not do this Bill Compton… Just once I’d like to not find a dead body in my house. Is that too much to ask?” During this conversation  Bill questions whether Sookie trusts him and she admits that she knows about the file. He says he was trying to find out why Eric is so interested him her. Then he tells that he is trying to find out what she is .

LaFayette is beginning to wonder why he isn’t trying to get Jesus to leave. He has to admit that he really likes him. He comments on Jesus’ tattoo of a Jaguar. Jesus tells a story of the Inca’s and then finally admits that his High School mascot was the jaguars.

Felton is in Jason’s house with Crystal. Jason comes in with a rifle and he confronts them. Crystal tells him that Jason kidnapped and raped her. He goes after Jason and Crystal grabs the gun and beats him unconscious.  She sends Jason off for rope and she plants V on him.

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