Title: The Tears of Uther Pendragon Part 2

written by: Julian Jones
Directed by Jeremy Webb
Special guests: Emilia Fox (Morgause) Tom Ellis (Cenred) , Alice Patten (Ygraine)

Brought to you by OBS Staff Member Karolina

This week opens with previously’s; Morgana’s return, her duplicity to Merlin, her alliance with Morgause, and Morgause’s alliance with Cenred – Uther’s madness, Merlin’s capture, Arthur’s dilemma, Merlin being stung by the serket, and Kilgharrah’s rescue. Then the credits role.

Merlin is in a cave with Kilgharrah – Merlin tells him that he wasn’t sure if Kilgharrah would help – the dragon tells him in a resigned way that he would not be able to ignore a dragon lord’s call, even if he wanted to. Merlin thanks him, is told he needs to rest due to the serkets’ poison.

Arthur angrily marches into Gaius’ chambers , yelling for Merlin. He tells Gaius that his chambers are a mess and he has target practice. Gaius tells Arthur that he had hoped Merlin was with him, as Merlin had not returned the night before. Arthur answers that Gaius should inform Merlin that he is the target when he is found.

Morgana distracts Leon and guards by creating smoke and sneaking into Uther’s room, where he lies catatonic. She proceeds to torture him by making a mandrake root scream.

Merlin wakes in a cave and is upset that he slept, even though it was needed. Kilgharrah and Merlin discuss the fate of Camelot and Merlin’s mistake in trusting Morgana – how he thought they were the same. Kilgharrah states that in some ways they are, but Merlin counters that he would never do what she has done. Kilgharrah answers “Your determination to see goodness in people, will be your undoing, but I fear that your futures are now joined forever” he goes on to tell Merlin that Morgana is darkness to his light, and hatred to Merlin’s love. Merlin stresses that he needs to return to Camelot, but Kilgharrah states that he is in no position as it is 3 days walk. Merlin smiles and says he has no intention of walking. He makes Kilgharrah fly him back to Camelot. He thanks Kilgharrah and states that he will not forget this. Kilgharrah parts with a last: ‘Arthur’s destiny and the future of Albion lie in your hands.’

Merlin rushes to his rooms and wakes Gaius ; telling him that it is Morgana who is causing Uther’s illness, and that she is in alliance with Morgause to bring down Camelot. They race to Uther’s chambers to find his room a mess and Uther cowering in the corner. He grips Gaius’ arm in fear -staring beyond him at Creepy wet Ygraine and dead magic children who are standing in the room with him. Merlin grabs the mandrake root from under Uther’s bed and throws it into fire and it screams. Gaius and Merlin convince Uther that it was an enchantment, and lead him to bed to rest.

Merlin implores Gaius to tell Uther of Morgana’s part – Gaius states Uther would look upon it as treason, and that the root is gone. Merlin states that Morgause and Morgana have something else planned.

Morgause looks in her crystal and smiles as she sees Cenred’s army march on Camelot. Leon is on patrol with 2 other guards and sees the same.They ride back to Camelot to tell Arthur of the news.

Arthur is woken up by Merlin opening the curtains to see Arthur’s chambers in shambles. he asks what happened, and Arthur angrily tells him that he was without a servant and that Merlin had not asked permission to leave. Merlin asks what if he had been dying – Arthur answers that he would not care, but since he is not, Arthur demands an explanation for Merlin’s absence. Merlin tells Arthur that he was dying. Arthur angrily berates him and begins to throw things at Merlin. Merlin sarcastically tells Arthur that he can see he has the great makings of a king and mock bows, then runs from the room before Arthur can get anything to hit him.

Morgana looks out into the court yard as Gwen clears after breakfast. Just as Gwen asks whether she can clear up, Morgana sees Arthur accompanied by Merlin walking across the yard. Morgana covers her distraction by saying she was wondering what to wear, and leaves Gwen.


What did you think of this episode? Morgana has quite an advantage over Merlin, or , at least on the surface. I personally think that Merlin is the stronger one, when it comes down to it. What do you think? It’s really nice to truly see that the Arthur and Merlin dynamic has shifted, and that they are more like allies than Master and servant. Arthur will still have his moments of -prattishness – but that’s because it’s him- and he still isn’t quite sure of how Merlin gets under his skin. It was also nice to see a glimpse of the Merlin/Gwen/Arthur connection with both of them willing to be behind him and giving him advice.