Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 8 “Rose”– Original Air Date: November 4, 2010

By OBS staff member Annabell Cadiz

This installment of Vampire Diaries starts off the man who has taken Elena captive. He drives into a remote area and gets out of the car. He approaches a second car which had been waiting for his arrival. The window to the second car rolls down only a few inches and another man is revealed, he‘s all incognito with his face covered in black shades and a dark nay blue baseball cap on his head. He asks Elena’s kidnapper where is the girl. The kidnapper explains she’s in the car. He had done exactly as he was instructed. The second man orders him to put Elena into the back of his car. The kidnapper opens the trunk of his car, lifts the unconscious Elena, and carries her to the second vehicle, depositing her into the back. Once that’s done, the kidnapper returns to the rolled down window and the second man thanks him for his help. The kidnapper asks if there is anything else he can do. The dude in the black shades there is one more thing and tells him to go closer to the window. Once the kidnapper is close enough the second man reveals himself to be a vampire and sinks his fangs into the kidnapper’s neck. After he finishes killing Elena’s kidnapper, he rolls up his window and casually drives off, leaving the kidnapper’s body forgotten in the dry heat.

Jeremy is in the bathroom, finishing up getting ready (insert swooning from all girls watching–myself included *hehe*). He knocks on the door leading to Elena’s bedroom from the bathroom that connects their rooms but get’s no response. He opens the door and finds Elena’s bed empty and still made from the day before.

Caroline is explaining the events from the night before with Tyler to Damon. Sara had attacked Tyler, Tyler had acted instinctively and pushed Sara away. She ended up tripping, falling and hitting her head against the desk. (Queue Damon! Let the nonstop giggling, squealing, and otherwise pure hysteria begin!) Damon asks Caroline if Matt remembered anything from what happened the night before. Caroline tells him no, Matt thinks he blacked out. But Caroline believes that Matt and Sara were both compelled by Katherine and that’s why she covered for Tyler and told the police the night before was an accident. Damon as usual cannot keep his opinion to himself: “Yeah, I don’t understand that, the guy’s a tool.” Caroline agrees but tells Damon if Tyler got blamed for Sara’s death that would just open up questions he wouldn’t be able to answer and does Damon really think it would be a good idea for Tyler to tell his mother he’s a vampire. Damon in his usual sarcastic manner: “Well, no.” (Obvious pointed look on his face). Caroline agrees, telling Damon, “werewolf road leads straight to vampire boulevard” and she was thinking fast on her feet. Damon switches the subject and asks Caroline where he mother is. Caroline explains Liz is leading a search party for Amy Bradly (the girl Katherine had killed the night before) because they haven’t found her body yet. Damon: “Ohh, teens today and their underage drinking. Tragic.” He then returns to talking about Tyler and asks Caroline if she saw his eyes turn yellow. Caroline tells Damon Tyler’s eyes are more like gold with amber highlights. Damon scoffs, slightly disgusted. Caroline asks Damon if that means Tyler can now turn into a wolf. Damon explains to her only when there’s a full moon and now Tyler has increased strength and who knows what else. He wonders out loud how much Mason could have told Tyler about being a werewolf. Damon asks Caroline if Tyler knows about them. Caroline is absently listening since she’s texting on her phone. Damon (in true “I will not be ignored”) fashion commands her attention and demands to know what Caroline told Tyler. Caroline tells him Tyler doesn’t really know much of anything. Tyler seemed more freaked out and she felt bad for him. Damon looks at her like she’s crazy for caring about him. Caroline walks out of her room and heads for the front door. Damon watches her go and tells her Tyler HAS to know something. Caroline agrees to ask Tyler what he knows. Caroline appears in front of her in lightning speed and grabs Caroline by the shoulders rather roughly. He looks at her with the famous Damon crazy eyes and tells her there is no way Tyler can know about them. A bite from a werewolf can kill a vampire so Caroline is NOT to be his friend. Caroline says she understands, voice turning small, looking up at Damon timidly. She tells Damon she needs to go, she’s going to be late for school. Damon let’s her go and pats her on the shoulder. He heads for the door and tells Caroline, a little too nonchalant, if she wants she can give her mother the hint that Aimee’s body is the bottom of the ravine that will help save her mother some time. He opens the front door and smiles at Caroline. Caroline walks out the door, Damon following.

Tyler is walking through the hallway at school. People are all standing around, worried and some crying. He sees the missing poster of Aimee’s and hugs his backpack more tightly to himself. He continues walking the hallways and sees a girl placing flowers at Amiee’s locker. A guy bumps into him and Tyler jumps back, ready to attack. The guy just keeps walking by and Tyler calms down, realizing he’s too on edge. He quickly walks over to his locker and starts putting in the combination when he ends up breaking the lock from his locker. He looks at his locker, growing more on edge, then looks around himself to see if anyone had noticed. The scene moves to Stefan closing his locker and Jeremy approaching him as he heads to class. Jeremy tells Stefan that Elena needs to let him know when he needs to cover for her. Jenna’s cool with the two of them but they’re pushing it. Stefan simply looks at Jeremy confused and asks what he’s talking about. Jeremy tells Stefan he’s happy both he and Elena are back together but if Elena’s gonna sleep over they’re– Stefan cuts him off and explains he and Elena aren’t back together. Now Jeremy is the one who looks confused and asks Stefan if Elena stayed at his house the night before. Stefan explains he only saw Elena at the party but that was it, Elena hadn’t slept over his place. Jeremy explains to Stefan that Elena’s bed hadn’t been slept in. And Mrs. Lockwood had told him Elena’s car was still in the driveway of the Lockwood residence. So where could Elena be. Stefan just gives him a very worried look.

The black SUV that Elena’s unconscious body was transported to drives up to a beautiful mansion. Viewers are given glances into the rooms within the mansion. They are covered in dust and broken pieces of furniture, moldy drapes and chairs, antique tables. The wood paneling on the walls are splinted and rotting. The staircase breaking apart. Elena gets carried in by her new kidnapper who is still wearing black shades and a baseball cap. But viewers get a much better shot of him: he’s tall and young, looks to be around Stefan or Damon’s age (you know if they were ACTUAL humans), he has on a dark black jacket and skinny jeans with black gloves covering his hands. Elena is slightly awake and is begging him in a pleading whisper to let her go. Her new kidnapper drops her onto a couch and takes off his black shades and cap to reveal a rather handsome face. He throws his stuff on the couch along Elena and starts untying Elena’s bond hands. Elena is visibly upset and asking him who he is and what does he want. There is a huge blood stain on her arm. Her new kidnapper tells her to shush as he continues to untie the ropes around her legs. Elena begs him again: “Please, I’m hurt.” Her new kidnapper, now excited, a devilish gleam in his eyes tells her: “Yes, I know, just a small taste.” Elena backs into the couch as her new kidnapper reveals his fangs and leans down to bite her. Just then another voice echoes from behind calling his name sternly, “Trevor!” It’s a woman’s voice, she has a British accent. She commands Tyler to control himself. Tyler gets off the couch and calls the woman a “buzz kill.” Elena asks the woman what she wants with her, clinging to the couch, terrified. The woman walks closer to her, telling Elena she looks “just like her.” Elena starts trying to tell the woman she’s isn’t Katherine but the woman commands her to be quiet. Elena sits up on the couch and tells her she isn’t Katherine. She gets off the couch and walks over to the woman. She tells her her name is Elena Gilbert and she doesn’t have to do this. The woman, rudely, tells Elena she knows who she is and she said to be quiet. Elena asks her again what does she want. The woman slaps her across the face (oh no she didn’t!), sending Elena back onto the couch. She tells Elena she wants her to be quiet. Elena is already unconscious once again, slumped against the couch.

Stefan and Damon are arguing. Stefan thinks Elena’s disappearance has to do with Katherine. Damon tells him he shut Katherine in the tomb. Stefan gives him a skeptical look and ask him if he really did. Damon gives him a look teetering on anger and asks Stefan did he do what. Stefan explains he knows the hold Katherine can pull over Damon. Damon tells him Katherine is in the tomb, that’s the end of the story. Stefan goes back to pacing and Damon says, slightly quietly, that Katherine had said something to him before he locked her in the tomb but he had believed she was lying. Stefan asks him what she had said. Damon looks at him, face full of concern and a bit of guilt, and tells Stefan Elena is in danger. Stefan snaps at him and sarcastically asks Damon he didn’t think he should have had Katherine elaborate. Damon just yells how was he supposed to know Katherine would actually start telling the truth. Stefan thinks they need to go talk to her. Damon, right away, believes that will be a very bad idea: “Let me tell you how this going to go. We’re gonna go ask her for help. She’s gonna negotiate a release. We’re gonna be dumb enough to give to her. She’s gonna get out and kill us. That’s exactly what she wants.” Stefan tells him he doesn’t really care but Damon is adamant that going to see Katherine is a very bad idea. Stefan just turns and looks at him, telling him it’s Elena and walks away.

Caroline is standing in the middle of a hallway at school. She looks around and sees the missing poster created for Aimee’s disappearance and her locker surrounded by flowers. She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. Tyler approaches her from behind. Caroline asks him how he’s doing. Tyler tells her he isn’t doing too good. Caroline changes the subject quickly and asks how his mom is doing, she had heard Tyler’s mom had gotten pretty freaked out over what had happened with Sara. Tyler wants to know how Caroline knew about him. Caroline attempts to play it off, she just asks him does she know what, that he was upset. She thought she had done a good thing by covering for him. Tyler looks at her unbelieving and tells her that isn’t what he’s talking about. Caroline tells him Sara’s death was just an accident. She has go to go but he shouldn’t blame himself. Caroline turns and walks away. Tyler watches her leave, still skeptical about Caroline lame attempt at covering up.

Elena is still unconscious on the couch. The woman who had slapped her asks Trevor (the cutie British vamp) how Elena is doing. Trevor explains she’s still sleeping. Elena is waking up and hears them. They are arguing about a message the woman was supposed to send to someone named Elijah. The woman says he already got the message. Elena is up off the couch. She slowly walks over to where she hears the voices. Trevor is still arguing with the woman. He’s telling her they can just leave Elena there and leave. But the woman tells him no, she’s tired of running. Trevor says running has been what’s kept them from dying. The woman explains that Elijah is old school type; if he accepts their deal, they’ll be free. She spots Elena trying to sneak out of the room. She explains to Elena there is nothing around them for miles and if she thinks she’s escaping that house she’s tragically wrong. Elena asks the woman who Elijah is. The woman looks at her coldly and replies: “He’s your worse nightmare.”

Stefan has gone to see Bonnie. Bonnie is explaining she cannot undue the tomb spell, even if she wanted to. It took both Bonnie and her grandmother to do it the first time. Stefan says fine but he can still open the tomb and speak to Katherine. Bonnie tells him yes but agrees with Damon, Katherine isn’t going to tell him anything, not without something in return. Stefan says he knows but he has to do something, he has no idea who took Elena. Bonnie asks him what if there was another way to find Elena. The scene switches to Bonnie lighting candles, Jeremy laying a map on a desk. Bonnie explains that she will need a drop of his blood for the tracking spell, it will make the connection stronger to find Elena. Stefan walks in and tells them Alaric said they have to be out of the classroom in ten minutes. Bonnie slices Jeremy’s palm and Stefan turns his face away. Jeremy’s makes his blood drop around the Mystic Falls area on the map. Bonnie starts chanting. The three droplets of Jeremy’s blood form on big drop and start sliding across the map, stopping at a town called Reidsville. Jeremy explains that’s three hundred miles away (beautiful and smart, what more can a girl ask for!). Stefan said they need a more precise location. Bonnie explains that’s as close as she can get. Jeremy explains they can map the location and get an aerial view. Stefan tells him to do that and call him with any information he finds then heads to leave. Jeremy chases after him, telling Stefan he’s going with him. Stefan tells him no. Jeremy is determined to go with him, telling Stefan what if Elena’s hurt. Stefan says as soothingly as he can Elena is fine, she’s not hurt. The screen switches back to Bonnie as Jeremy and Stefan argue, her nose is bleeding. She wipes the blood from her face just as Stefan tells Jeremy to go back to his house with Bonnie and wait there. Jeremy tells Stefan he can’t go alone to rescue Elena. The door to the classroom open and Damon announces Stefan won’t be going alone, he’ll be going with him (such white knight he is *wink*).

Tyler’s playing basketball with a few of his friends. He ends up jumping into the air and dunking the ball into the net much to his surprise as much as his friends. He spots Caroline walking out of school, waving bye to friends as she heads toward the parking lot. Tyler tosses the ball to a friend and runs after Caroline. He manages to sneak up on Caroline. She looks at him surprised then concerned, asking him if he’s okay. Tyler accuses her of lying to him earlier and wants to know why. Caroline just tells him she understands how he feels about what happened at the party, it was a traumatic experience. Tyler once again accuses her of lying. Caroline purses her lips, getting annoyed, and once again denies lying and moves around Tyler to leave, telling him she’s late for something. Tyler grabs her arm and out of instinct Caroline twists his arm and holds him down by the small of his back with her other hand. Tyler looks up at her in complete shock. Caroline throws him to the ground and looks around to see if anyone had noticed. Tyler does the same thing. He gets up and rubs his arm, making more of a statement than a question when Tyler tells Caroline: “You’re stronger than me.” Caroline tires to brush it off again, saying it was nothing. Tyler begs her if she knows anything to tell him because he can’t handle what’s happening. Caroline again just tells him she thinks Tyler is in shock over Sara dying and it’s understandable. Tyler walks over to her until he’s a mere inch from her face, sizes her, and walks away. He kicks a garbage can in his rage and the garbage can goes flying across the parking lot into someone’s car.

Damon and Stefan are driving toward the area where Bonnie said Elena would be. Stefan asks Damon who does he think took Elena. Damon thinks it’s someone from Katherine’s past since Katherine had told him she’s running from someone but they got the wrong girl. Stefan turns to look at him for a moment and thanks Damon for helping him. Damon, trying to conceal his really feelings as usual, answers Stefan sarcastically, “Can we no do the whole bro road bonding thing, the cliché of it all makes me itch.” Stefan tells Damon he knows Damon having gone with him had nothing to do with wanting to help his brother. Damon: “And the elephant in the room let’s out a mighty roar.” Stefan says there doesn’t have to be an elephant in the car, they should talk about it. He’s either in the car to help his little brother save the girl that he loves or is it because he loves her too. Damon smirks and threatens Stefan that he can step out of helping him as easily as he stepped into helping him. Stefan says: “Nope, that’s the beauty of it, you can’t.” Damon turns his face and looks at Stefan, hard look to his eyes, sizes his little brother and returns his gaze back to the road.

Jeremy is using his phone to try to get a more precise location to Elena’s whereabouts. Bonnie comes in and tells Jeremy Alaric left with Jenna. Jeremy shows her this map he found of an old house in the location Bonnie’s tracking spell had pointed out. Bonnie asks if he’s sent that information to Stefan yet. Jeremy tells her yes. He grows serious and admits to Bonnie he hates just sitting around, waiting. Bonnie sits closer to him and rubs his arm (Can I please switch places with Bonnie!) and tells Jeremy Elena is going to be fine. Jeremy tells her she doesn’t know that for sure. Bonnie admits she doesn’t. She suddenly jumps off the bed and starts digging through her purse. Jeremy looks at her confused and asks what she’s doing. Bonnie explains there’s something else she wants to try, flopping back onto the bed and opening her spell book. Jeremy says he doesn’t understand. Bonnie tells him to get a candle and grab Elena’s hairbrush. Jeremy gets up to do as she’s instructed. Bonnie begins writing something on a piece of paper. Jeremy returns with everything Bonnie asked for and asks why she needs it. Bonnie explains she might be able to get a message to Elena. She crumples the note into a ball in her hand. She holds her hand over the candle, opening it and closes her eyes, beginning to chant under her breath. Blood starts trickling down Bonnie’s nose. Jeremy looks at her concerned and calls her name softly at first but as the blood continues to run down Bonnie’s nose and she isn’t responding, Jeremy grabs Bonnie’s arm, calling her name out more urgently and trying to get her to stop. The ball of paper with the message sets on fire and disappears. Bonnie opens her eyes. Jeremy sighs in relief thinking she’s okay. But Bonnie falls back, unconscious. Jeremy moves over to her and yells her name as he tries to wake her up but Bonnie won’t respond.

Elena is asking the woman who is helping to hold her hostage why is she being held in the mansion. The woman simply tells her she keeps asking her the same questions like she’s going to answer. Elena sarcastically asks her why won’t she answer them. Elena tells her she has her and it’s not like she can go anywhere, the least she can do is tell her what she wants with her. The woman responds by telling her she personally doesn’t want anything with her, she’s just a delivery service. Elena asks delivery to who, Elijah. The woman tells her yes. Elena asks who Elijah is, is he a vampire. The woman tells Elena Elijah is a vampire, one of the original vampires. Elena asks what she means by the original vampires. The woman asks Elena hasn’t the Salvatore brothers taught any of the vampire history. Elena realizes she must know Stefan and Damon. The woman tells her she knows of them. A hundred years before, one of her friends tried to set her up with Stefan because Stefan was supposed to one of the good ones but she’s more of a sucker for the bad boys. Elena decides to return back to what they were originally talking about and asks her again who the original vampires are. The woman closes the book she was looking through and faces Elena. She explains both she and Trevor have been running for five hundred years. They are tired of running and want everything to be over. They are using Elena to negotiate themselves out an on old mess. Elena wants to know why her. The woman explains because she is a Patrova doppelganger, she’s the key to breaking the curse. Elena looks at her confused and asks if she means the sun and the moon curse. The woman tells her “Oh you do know your history.” Elena doesn’t understand, she believes the moonstone is what breaks the curse. The woman tells her no, the moonstone is what binds the curse, sacrifice is what breaks the curse. Elena wants to know what she means. The woman explains the blood of the doppelganger is what’s needed. She’s the doppelganger which means in order to break the curse Elena is the one who has to die.

Caroline gets home and calls out for her mother, sensing something is up but not sure what. Liz doesn’t respond. Caroline looks into one of the rooms and senses someone behind her, it’s Tyler. She questions him as to why he’s there (Jeez, this boy needs to get a hobby! Stalking vampires is not a good hobby! Someone forgot to send him the memo). Tyler tells Caroline she knows what she is. He thinks she’s also a werewolf, like him. Caroline tells him she isn’t like him but Tyler refuses to believe her. He isn’t leaving her house until she admits to him she is also a werewolf. Caroline just starts laughing. Tyler gets enraged and knocks her back into the wall, demanding that she stop lying. Caroline screams at him that she isn’t lying. Tyler bangs her into the wall and tells her to just admit it. Caroline grabs his arm and knocks him into the wall, revealing her true vampire form. She tosses Tyler onto the ground. Tyler backs away from her. Caroline explains calmly she isn’t a werewolf.

Elena wants to know more. Trevor walks into the room and makes a joke that captivity has made Elena pushy and asks Elena what she wants to know. Elena asks him who are they running from. Trevor explains they are running from the originals, the first vampire family from the old world. Both he and Rose pissed them off. Rose clears her throat and Trevor explains he was the one who pissed the originals off not Rose. Rose had his back and for half a millennia they have wanted Trevor and Rose dead. Rose explains Trevor made the same mistake countless others had made, he tried to get close to Katrina Patrova. She was the first Patrova doppelganger. Trevor explains he tried to help her escape her fate and both he and Rose have been running ever since. Rose tells her that’s why they aren’t going to make the same mistake again.

Jeremy walks back into his bedroom with a glass of water for Bonnie. He asks Bonnie what had happened, she had scared the hell out of him. Bonnie tries to play it off saying it was nothing but Jeremy is buying that. Bonnie explains she’s being doing a lot of magic and it tires her out. Withcraft has it’s limits. If she pushes too hard the power pushes back. Jeremy asks how she knows all of that. Bonnie explains it’s all inside the book her grandmother gave her. She begs Jeremy not to tell anyone. Jeremy wants to know why. Bonnie explains it’s a weakness and she doesn’t want certain people to know about it. Jeremy thinks she’s talking about Damon. Bonnie says she means anyone who can hurt her. Jeremy promises not to tell anyone. Bonnie confesses it’s hard for her because her father doesn’t want to know anything about it and her grandmother is gone. She feels she’s all alone. Jeremy confesses that’s how he feels most of the time, alone (Shooot! I’ll keep him company *wink*) Jeremy asks Bonnie if she thinks the spell to send the message worked, needing to change the subject. Bonnie shrugs and says she has no idea.

Elena walks back over to the couch. She sits down and finds a piece of paper. It’s the message Bonnie had sent magically to her. “Stefan and Damon are coming for you. ~B” Elena looks hopeful now. She crumbles the paper and hides it against her.

Stefan and Damon are still driving. Damon is drinking blood from a blood bag with a straw, slurpy style. He looks at Stefan and tells him if he wants some, he just has to ask. Stefan says he wants some. Damon says “Awww that’s sweet, you want to be big and strong to save your girl. Don’t worry I’ve got your back.” Stefan explains he’s been drinking blood, drinking a little everyday to increase his strength. Damon hands him the bag of blood. Damon asks if Elena knows Stefan is drinking blood. Stefan explains he’s been drinking her blood. Damon wants to change subjects and asks Stefan if he remembers the day when Stefan only lived for blood. He would rip someone apart just for the fun of it. Stefan says he means when he was more like him. Damon tells him yes, exactly! When you put blood into me so I could be a big bad vampire. I wonder if Elena would be so quick to give her blood to that guy. Oh wait, what happened to that guy. He was a hoot. Stefan tells him he just found something else to look for.

Rose has already prepared her bags. Trevor comes down the stairs and announces Elijah has arrived. He’s freaking out. He thinks Elijah is still going to kill him. Elijah will show mercy on her but not on him, he needs to get out. Rose takes his hands and asks him what they are. Trevor recites they are family forever. A knock echoes through the house. Elena realizes Trevor and Rose are scared. Rose instructs Trevor to stay with Elena. She’ll go get Elijah. She heads up the stairs. The scene switches to the front door opening to reveal a very sophisticated, very handsome man.

Rose walks down another set of stairs leading to the front door and Elijah asks her if there is somewhere they can talk. He asks her what gives her the courage to call on him. Rose explains she wants her freedom, she’s tiring of running. She asks him if he’s in the position to grant her her freedom. Elijah says he has complete authority to grant pardon to her and her little pet if he so sees fit. Rose explains Katrina Patrova didn’t burn in the church in 1864. She survived. Elijah asks where she is. Rose makes the comment he doesn’t seem surprised by her news. Elijah explains when she called him to the town of Mystic Falls he assumed it had everything to do with Katrina. He asks Rose if she has Katrina in her possession. Rose says no but she does have the doppelganger. Eljiah says that’s impossible. Her family line ended, he knows that for a fact. Rose tells him he’s wrong. Elijah says for Rose to show her Elena. Rose says she’ll do it but first she wants to hear Elijah say he’ll pardon her. Elijah gives Rose his word. Rose takes him to Elena. Elena is pacing, holding the message from Bonnie in her hand. She stops as Elijah and Rose walk in. Elijah leans in toward Elena as if he’s going to kiss her, instead he sniffs her neck and makes the statement Elena is human but that’s impossible. He looks down at Elena and tells her hello.

Damon and Stefan have parked outside some outskirts of trees. Damon tells Stefan the house should be on the other side of the trees. He tells Stefan to hold on, he has more experience than Stefan does. Stefan doesn’t care. Damon tells him whoever is after Katherine has been after her since 1864 and probably before that. Does he really want to do this? Stefan tells him of course he does. Damon tells him if they go inside that house there may be a chance they don’t come out. Stefan doesn’t care, he’s going in the house to rescue Elena. Damon follows after him.

Elijah announces to Elena they have a long journey ahead of them and they should be going. Elena looks at Rose and begs her not to let Elijah takes him. Rose just looks down. Elijah walks over to Trevor. Trevor apologizes to Elijah. Elijah tells him his apologizes are not necessary. Trevor tells him it is necessary, Elijah had trusted him with Katrina and he failed Elijah. Elijah agrees Trevor is the guilty one, Rose aided him because she was loyal to her brother and Elijah can honor that. He stands in front of Trevor and asks where his loyalty was. Trevor begs for his forgiveness. Elijah says, calmly, he grants Trevor forgiveness then slaps Trevor so hard he knocks Trevor’s head right off his body, killing him. Rose chokes in agony. She moves to attack Elijah but Elijah tells her not to, she’s free now, she shouldn’t mess that up. Elijah then moves back toward Elena, holding out his hand, telling her its time to go. Elena blurts out what about the moonstone. Elijah stops and looks down at her asking her what she knows about the moonstone. Elena tells him she knows that he needs the moonstone and she knows where it is and she can help him get it. Elijah tells Elena to tell him where the moonstone is. Elena tells him that’s not how it works. Elijah scoffs and can’t believe Elena is actually trying to negotiate with him. He looks at Rose and Rose tells him that’s the first time she’s heard of Elena knowing where the moonstone is. Elijah tries to compel Elena but realizes she has vervain in the necklace she is wearing. He rips off her neck and grabs her hair, yanking her head back. He compels Elena to tell him where the moonstone is. Elena tells him it’s hidden in the tomb. Elijah wants to know why it’s there. Elena tells him the moonstone is with Katherine. The sound of shattering glass comes from upstairs. Elijah breaks his old over Elena and asks Rose about the sound. Rose says she doesn’t know. Elijah wants to know who else is inside the house. Rose says she doesn’t know. Elijah grabs Elena by the arm and drags her back toward the front door, making Rose follow them. Someone is running around them at a speed only vampires can move. Elijah asks Rose who it is but she said she doesn’t know. Stefan’s voice echoes from upstairs and Elijah heads that way but finds no one. Damon’s voice echoes from downstairs but they can’t see him. A stake gets driven through Elijah’s hand. He pulls it out, looking more pissed off. He tosses the stake to the ground. The screen stitches to Elena being held against the wall by Stefan, a finger to his lips to tell her to remain quiet. Elijah announces aloud that whoever is there is making a big mistake thinking they can beat him. The screen moves to show Damon holding his hand over Rose’s mouth, hiding her up against a wall in a corner. Elijah grabs a coat rack, ripping off the sides and demands Elena be given back to him on the count of three or heads are going to start rolling. Elena tells him she’ll go with him, just please, don’t hurt her friends, they just wanted to help her. Elijah moves back up the stairs to her and knows she’s playing some kind of trick. Elena throws a vervain firebomb Alaric had given to Stefan at Elijah and ducks. Elijah’s skin starts to burn on his face but heals just as quickly. Stefan all gangster like starts shooting stakes at him from a gun and when that doesn’t work he just bum rushes Elijah head on and they both go toppling down the stairs. Elijah is able to flip Stefan off of him and moves in to kill Stefan when Damon shows up outta no where and drives the coat rack right into Elijah’s stomach and through to his back into a wall. Elijah slumps over and remains still. Rose takes off. Damon is going to go after he but Elena just tells him to let her go. Elena runs down the stairs and wraps her arms around Stefan (Damon looking devastated; I’ll wrap my arms around him and snuggle up to him!) Elena looks over Stefan’s shoulder and mouths thank you to Damon. He smiles and mouths in return you’re welcome.

Elena runs into her house and up the stairs. Bonnie gives her a huge hug. Jeremy asks if she’s okay. A relieved Elena answers happily that she’s okay. Elena let’s Bonnie know she got her message. Jeremy wraps his arms around his sister once Bonnie let’s go of Elena.

Damon pours himself a drink and overhears Stefan as he walks in. He asks where Elena is. Stefan tells him Elena is at home, safe, she wanted to be with Jeremy. Damon hands him the drink. Stefan explains that Elena ended up telling Elijah about the moonstone. Damon pours another drink. He tells Stefan they’ll keep her safe. Stefan reminds him the only way they can protect Elena is to work together, they can’t be fighting with each other. They let Katherine get in the way once, they can’t let that happen with Elena or they won’t be able to protect her. Damon knows, he’s heard it all before. Stefan tells him he’s sorry. Damon asks him why he’s sorry. Stefan says he’s sorry for turning him a hundred and forty-five years ago into a vampire. Damon says it’s enough, it’s late and there’s no need to re-hatch that. Stefan says he just needed to say it and Damon needed to hear it. He apologizes again and admits turning Damon had been selfish, he just didn’t want to be alone. He just needed his brother. He turns and leaves the room.

Caroline walks into her living room with a bottle of alcohol and two glasses, explaining to Tyler alcohol helps with the “inside jittery stuff.” Tyler explains he’s hot, as if his skin is on fire. Caroline tells Tyler at the beginning of her transformation she was very very emotional, everything was heightened. Tyler says he has the same problem. He asks how can she be a vampire. Caroline retorts by asking how can he be a werewolf. Tyler asks who else is like her. Caroline tells her it’s just her. Caroline asks Tyler how many other werewolves are there. Tyler tells her he’s the only one and his uncle Mason but Mason “left town.” Caroline tells Tyler he can’t tell anyone because no one will understand. Caroline agrees to tell him about everything she knows but he has to promise he won’t tell anyone. Tyler tells her he has no one else, he has no one to tell. He apologizes about attacking her earlier. He’s just scared because he’s been alone having to deal with everything and on the next full moon he’s going to turn and he won’t be able to stop himself, he’s scared. Caroline hugs him.

Stefan is pouring himself a drink when a figure roams around him at vampire speed. Stefan grabs a stake and asks who it is. Rose shows herself and tells him she’s not there to hurt him. Stefan asks why she came. Rose explains Lexi (her friend who had tried to set her up with Stefan a hundred years earlier) told her she could trust Stefan. Stefan is surprised she knew Lexi. Rose explains for five hundred years Trevor was her best friend, the only one he had and now he’s gone. She doesn’t want to run because she has no where to run to. Stefan says he’s sorry but he can’t help her. Rose says she doesn’t need his help but maybe she can help him. She explains Elijah may be dead, but it’s not over. Stefan asks her to elaborate. Rose tells him the Originals, they will come for Elena, they have to, they’re doing it for Claus.

Elena is in her bathroom, getting ready for bed. She walks into her room and Damon is sitting there. Damon: “Cute pjs.” Elena tells him she’s tired. Damon stands up and holds out the necklace Elena had been wearing. She goes to take it, thanking him for finding it, but Damon won’t give it to her. Elena tells him to please give it back to her. Damon walks closer to her and tells her he has something he needs to say. Elena backs up, wanting to know why he has to say it holding her necklace. Damon: “Because what I’m about to say is probably the most selfish thing I’ve ever said in my life.” Elena tells not to go where he’s about to go. Damon tells her he just needs to say it once. Damon: “I love you, Elena” (looking deeply into her eyes). “And it’s because I love you . . . I can’t be selfish with you. I don’t deserve you but my brother does.” He kisses Elena on the forehead. “God, I wish you didn’t have to forget this,” (He looks into Elena’s eyes and compels her, “But you do.” Elena closes her eyes for a moment and when she opens them Damon is gone. She looks around, confused and finds the necklace around her neck and her bedroom window open.

The screen switches back to the house where Elena had been taken with Elijah still hanging from the wall. He wakes up, looks around then pulls the stake from his body. He throws it onto the ground and the screen fades.

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