Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 7 “Masquerade”–Original Airdate: October 28, 2010

By OBS staff member Annabell Cadiz

This latest installment of Vampire Diaries opens with Damon handing Caroline a glass full of blood. She’s sitting on his couch, shaken up. Stefan walks in and wants to know what happened. Caroline says she saw Katherine at the Grill. She had stopped by to gawk and stalk Matt. (Scene switches to Caroline and Matt at the restaurant). She starts telling them about her conversation with Matt but Damon tells her to fast forward the teenage drama. Caroline had to pretend to go use the bathroom because that’s the reason she gave Matt for stopping by. Katherine walks into the girls bathroom pretending to be Elena. Caroline pretends to play along and tries to leave but Katherine stops her. Katherine: “What gave it away, was it the hair or my clothes?” Caroline explains she knows Elena is at home. Katherine backs her into one of the stalls and tells Caroline she needs her to deliver a message. Stefan asks what’s the message. Katherine: “Tell Damon and Stefan to bring me the moonstone or I will rip this town apart until it rains blood. Tonight. At the Masquerade ball.” Stefan points out Katherine wants to do it in public because Damon killing Mason threw her off guard. Damon says Katherine is running scared, what she had done to Jena was a desperate move. She’s out of tricks. Stefan says they can’t afford to underestimate her, they have to play it smarter than her. Caroline asks why they can’t just give her the moonstone. In true Damon fashion he responds: “Katherine isn’t getting dick.” (Damon is so course and rude but he makes even THAT sexy as hell!) Damon decides he’s going to go to the Masquerade ball and he’s gonna kill Katherine, he’s had it. Stefan says he’s not going to kill Katherine. Damon tells him not to give him all that goody goody crap. Stefan says Damon isn’t going to kill Katherine because he’s going to. Damon smiles proudly.

Jeremy walks into the house with Matt, both of them with their arms around Jena who has been released from the hospital. Elena follows behind. They had told Jena she had walked into a knife as an explanation for her injuries. Elena goes into the kitchen with Jeremy. Jeremy wants to know what they’re gonna do. Elena says she’s going to make lunch. Jeremy wants to know what they’re going to do about Katherine. Elena says they aren’t going to do anything. Jeremy says Katherine tried to kill Jena and they can’t let her get away with that. Elena says yes, they can. If it keeps them safe, then they can. Jeremy folds his arms (hello muscles!!) and looks at Elena all serious, he wants to know what happens if Katherine tries something else. Elena says Katherine won’t. Katherine only hurt Jena because she hadn’t done what she said. Well, now she’s doing it, her and Stefan are over, Katherine wins. The end. Jeremy tells her she’s being naive and she knows she is. Jeremy grabs his jacket to leave. Elena asks where he’s going. He just says he’s going out, waves goodbye to Matt and heads out the door.

Katherine walks into the room she’s staying in at the bed and breakfast. An elderly woman named Mrs. Flowers, (which I assume is the owner of the bed and breakfast), following behind with two handfuls of bags. Katherine instructs her where to place them and thanks her for her help. The woman leaves the room. Katherine pulls out a black dress from one of the bags and gazes at it. Another woman comes into the room. Katherine pins her to the wall. The woman tells “Kat to chill.” Katherine releases her and explains it‘s not good to sneak up on a vampire. The woman tells her it’s not a good idea to attack a witch. They embrace. The woman is an old friend of Katherine’s, she came because Katherine called for her, she knows she always has Katherine’s back. Katherine says she came because she had no choice. The woman picks up the masquerade mask from the bag and asks Katherine where she plans on wearing it. Katherine explains to the masquerade ball being thrown that night and asks her if she wants to be her date for the evening.

Bonnie shows up at Stefan and Damon’s house with her book of spells. Stefan thanks her for coming and breaking her book. Bonnie asks what’s going on. Jeremy walks by her and says: “We’re gonna kill Katherine.” Stefan says he can explain. Bonnie looks at him and says please. Stefan: “We’re gonna kill Katherine.” Stefan walks over to a table where Alaric, Jeremy, Damon and Caroline are. There are different weapons on the table. Alaric is explaining how to use one that you attach to your arm that’s full of stakes. You can wear underneath your jacket sleeve. When you want to release one of the stakes, just have to press the small lever toward the back. He pretends to lunge at Stefan. Everyone looks at him. Alaric shrugs and tells them he wanted him to show them how to kill a vampire.

Katherine is straightening her hair. Her friend asks her why. Katherine explains she has to impersonate Elena at the Masquerade Ball. Her friend asks her isn’t it a risk pretending to be her in front of the entire town (she holds up a dress in front of her in front of the mirror). Katherine explains she’s gotten quite good at impersonating Elena and either way everyone is going to be in masks. She tells her friend the dress she’s holding up won’t work for her. Katherine explains the Masquerade Ball is for some feed the something charity, it’s for a good cause. Katherine finally reveals her friend’s name to be Lucy. Lucy laughs. She asks Katherine is she’s actually seen the moonstone, she always though it was some made up legend. Katherine tells her she has seen it and she needs Lucy’s help to get it back. Lucy asks Katherine what she wants Lucy to do with the moonstone. Katherine turns around and faces her. Lucy realizes Katherine wants her to break the curse. Katherine says they just need to get it first. What she really needs is backup. She knows Damon and Stefan aren’t just going to hand it over without putting up a fight.

Bonnie is walking with Stefan through the house. She tells Stefan she knows he loves Elena and he wants to be with her but plotting to kill Katherine at the Masquerade Ball is risky, too many people can get hurt. Stefan says yes, he wants Elena back but it’s more than that. What Katherine did to Jena, crossed the line and she has to be stopped before it happens again. Bonnie still isn’t convinced. Stefan tells Bonnie Katherine knows Stefan isn’t going to try anything in a public setting full of innocent people which gives him the upper hand, an element of surprise because she won’t be expecting it. Bonnie tells him she can do a spell to trap Katherine, the tomb spell. Stefan says right, they can isolate Katherine away from the others. Bonnie still looks really worried. Stefan pleads with her. Bonnie finally agrees.

Elena invites Matt to hang out with her and Jena that night. Alaric is coming over and they’re going to watch movies and eat pizza. Matt tells Elena he would but he’s planning on heading to the Masquerade Ball that night. Matt asks if Elena is going. Elena tells him no, not with what’s going on between her and Stefan. Matt says he’s gotta go, there’s something he has to do. Elena ask him what he has to do. Matt pauses like he doesn’t remember but tells her he can’t talk about it but he has to go. Elena just nods and tells him to have fun. Matt smirks and talks about having to wear a suit. Elena smiles and tells him he looks good in a suit. Matt smiles then grows serious. He tells Elena her and Stefan will work out their problems. Elena says she doesn’t think so, there’s just so much about her and Stefan that will never work. Matt hugs Elena and tells her he’ll always be there for her.

Alaric asks Damon and Stefan if they’re sure they don’t want him to go along with them to the Masquerade Ball. Stefan says no, he needs Alaric to stay with Elena, he doesn’t want her to know about what they’re planning. Alaric promises Elena won’t leave his sight. Stefan looks around the room and tells them if anyone has cold feet to back out now. Damon: “Yeah, cold feet is a big no. I don’t want this going wrong because someone chickens out–Caroline.” Caroline promises she won’t. Katherine killed her, fair is fair, as long as there are no werewolves running around. Damon says he already took care of Mason Lockwood. Jeremy reminds them as long as Tyler doesn’t kill anyone, he won’t turn into a werewolf. Damon and Stefan asks Bonnie if she’s with them. Bonnie looks at Jeremy for a second then agrees, as long as no one gets hurt. Damon pitches in: “Except Katherine. Tonight Katherine gets a stake through her heart.” Everyone looks at each other in agreement. (Oooooo! Can you just feel the heart beating tension!!)

The Lockwood home is packed with people dressed in black tie, their faces covered in masks and enjoying the party. Tyler;s in his father studio messing with his tie. His mother reminds him to keep the door to the studio locked up so no one can go into the room. She tells Tyler he looks very handsome. Tyler compliments his mother on how beautiful she looks. He apologizes to his mother for having been a jerk lately. He asks his mom if she’s heard from Mason. Tyler’s mom tells him she hasn’t and doesn’t think she’s going. Mason is always coming and going. That’s just how he is. Tyler tells her they should have cancelled the party. Tyler’s mom points out the Masquerade Ball was his idea. She tells Tyler she knows his dad could act like a jerk and it’s natural for him to feel abandoned, she doesn’t want him to feel alone. Tyler smiles sweetly at her and tells her to put her mask on and he walks out with his mother to the party.

Katherine walks in with Lucy. Both decked out in black dresses. Lucy is wearing a gold mask and Katherine is wearing a black and silver one. Lucy heads in one direction as Katherine heads in a different one. She runs into Matt. Matt thinks she’s Elena. Katherine tells Matt he looks dashing. Matt looks down at himself then back at her. He makes the comment he thought she wasn’t coming. Katherine sizes him and tells him he really does look hot in a suit, she would just love to–she shakes her head and compels Matt, asking him if he remembers what he has to do. Matt recites he’s going to get Tyler really drunk, he’s going to start a fight with him then beat him until he snaps. And he won’t stop until Tyler kills him. Katerine eyes him for a second, commenting how hot he is then she tells Matt to go away. He thanks her (seriously?!) and walks away.

Damon and Stefan are decked out in black tuxedoes and masks (looking oh so delicious I might add *wink*). They’re scanning the crowd for Katherine. Stefan asks Damon if he’s sure he can go out with the plan. Damon scoffs: “Who are you talking to?” He says sarcastically. Stefan explains he had the chance to kill her and he hesitated. Damon: “Well, that is the fork in the road between you and me. I don’t hesitate.” Stefan points out he spent a hundred and forty-five years in love with her, it could happen. Damon is adamant he won’t hesitate.

Matt, Tyler, Sara and Aimee are all in Tyler’s father’s old studio. Tyler points out they aren’t really supposed to be in there. The girls are dancing. Matt says he knows but pours him a drink and tells Tyler they need to liven up the party. Matt passes around shots. Tyler smirks, he’s usually the one corrupting Matt but he likes Matt coming over to the dark side. They drink their shots and the girls tell them it’s time to party.

Jeremy is dressed in a black tuxedo as well, a black mask on his face (time to start hyperventilating ladies and fanning yourselves!). Bonnie follows behind him as they head up the stairs, making sure no one notices. They walk into one of the rooms in the house. Jeremy starts setting up weapons. He asks Bonnie if the spell book she has is the same one he had read about in the journal of his ancestors. Bonnie explains the book belonged to her aunt Emily. It’s the same book with the spell to trap vampires into the tomb. Jeremy asks her if she can do everything that’s inside of the book. Bonnie tells him it takes practice, she’s worked on some small spells, spells that only do good. She doesn’t want to know too much. She doesn’t particularly enjoy any of her powers. Jeremy thinks its so cool that she’s a hundred percent witch. Bonnie says it’s anything but cool. She asks Jeremy is his family journals told him anything about what happened to Emily or about her grandmother. It never ends well for people like her. Jeremy asks her why is she helping if that’s how she feels. Bonnie says because she doesn’t want anyone else getting hurt and she doesn’t know how to stay out of it.

Elena is with Jena watching movies, helping to take care of her. Elena asks where Jeremy is. Jena explains Jeremy already left for the Lockwood party. Elena looks confused and can’t believe he went to the party. Jean says she’s glad, Jeremy needs to have more fun and get rid of some of the emo thing. Elena gives Jena the excuse she’s going to get napkins so she can go into the kitchen to talk to Alaric. Elena asks him what’s going on? Alaric pretends to not know what she means. Elena explains she hasn’t heard from anyone all day, it’s like everyone has been avoiding her and Jeremy went to the party when he hates stuff like that. Alaric tells her he doesn’t know what to say to her about that. Alaric’s phone goes off. Elena goes to grab it but Alaric is much faster. She tells Alaric she’ll just head to the party then. Alaric stops her and asks him what he’s hiding. Alaric explains Stefan asked for him to keep an eye out on her just in case Katherine shows up at the party. Elena doesn’t understand why Stefan is at the party too, he would never go without her. Alaric asks her to just let it go.

Bonnie and Jeremy are heading back downstairs. They need to let Damon and Stefan know the room is ready. Bonnie senses something and asks Jeremy if he can feel it (Uh, Bonnie Jeremy isn’t a witch why ask him that question, duh!). Jeremy asks her if she’s cold. Bonnie says no and starts looking around the room. She moves through the crowd and spots Lucy. She taps Lucy on the shoulder and asks if they know each other. Lucy explains she’s a plus one, she doesn’t know anyone at the party. Lucy walks away with a plate of food. Bonnie and Jeremy look after her. Jeremy asks Bonnie if she’s okay. Bonnie explains she got a weird vibe and they need to go find Damon.

Stefan is walking through the crowd. He spots Katherine walking down a set of stairs. She disappears into the crowd then appears right behind him. She tells Stefan to dance with her. Stefan says no. Katherine says, fine but then tell me who I should kill. She starts pointing out people. Stefan turns and holds his arm out to her. She takes it and they walk to the dance floor. Katherine mockingly asks about Jena and wants to know how a person can actually stab oneself. Stefan tells her he doesn’t want anyone to get hurt. Katherine tells him to give her the moonstone and no one will get hurt. Stefan explains he doesn’t have the moonstone on him but he and Katherine can go get it together. Katherine says she has a better plan, Stefan can go fetch the moonstone and in the mean time she’ll try not to kill anyone. Stefan fake laughs. He tells her it’s either his way or she doesn’t get it. Aimee walks over and asks Stefan where Matt is, she can’t find him. She looks at Katherine thinking she’s Elena and tells her she looks amazing. Katherine tells Aimee she loves her necklace. Aimee says thank you and Katherine tells her the necklace is twisted, she’ll untwist it for her. Katherine walks behind Aimee and breaks her spine: “Paralyzed from the waist down,” then Katherine breaks another part, “Dead.” She throws Aimee’s lifeless body on Stefan and tells him to give her the moonstone, tick-tock.

Elena tells Jena and Alaric she’s going to go to bed. They say good night and go back to watching movies. Elena grabs the keys from the table by the door and heads out.

Stefan and Damon are in the room Bonnie and Jeremy prepared. Stefan tells them he put Aimee’s body in the trunk for the time being. Damon says they’ll dump her when they get back. Stefan is pissed. This is exactly what he didn’t want to have happen. Damon says it’s collateral damage. Stefan tells him they need to call off the plan. Damon doesn’t looked pleased. He tells Stefan not to do this to him. Katherine ruined their lives, she destroyed them and tonight it ends, they’ll do it together, Damon has his back. Stefan agrees they’ll stick to the plan.

Jeremy and Bonnie are overlooking the party. Jeremy is asking Bonnie about spells. He asks her if she wants to dance while they’re waiting (You can tell he’s bored just standing and waiting. He’s such a guy! A HOT guy lol!) Bonnie says no thank you. Damon texts Jeremy: “Now.” Jeremy heads off to do his part of the plan.

Katherine is walking through the party. Lucy approaches her and tells her Katherine didn’t inform her there was another witch at the party. Katherine pretends to be ignorant of that fact. Lucy reminds her no one was supposed to know she’s involved, she tells Katherine it changes things. Katherine tells her it changes nothing. Lucy is there because she owes her dear friend a favor and Lucy wouldn’t want to lose her friendship, now would she. Jeremy comes running up pretending to think Katherine is Elena. He pretends to need to talk to her and asks if Lucy can be excused. Lucy leaves. Jeremy tells Katherine he has a message. Stefan and Damon want her to meet them out by the edge of the woods, they brought the moonstone. Katherine wants to know why he’s their little messenger. Jeremy explains it’s because they know Jeremy isn’t afraid of her. Katherine taunts him: “You Gilbert men, so courageous. How’s John by the way? (She starts playing with Jeremy’s tie). Where they able to sow his fingers back on?” She gives Jeremy a meaningful look then turns and walks away. Jeremy takes out his phone, texting, as he walks toward the house. He walks past a bush and Elena grabs him, she wants to know what’s going on.

Caroline is at the party. She sees Matt laughing with Sara and enjoying himself. Tyler motions with his head for them to head back to the studio. Matt looks up and sees Caroline. He smiles at her but keeps walking. Caroline looks down at her phone, Jeremy texted her, it’s now her turn. Caroline walks through another room and goes to open the door to a different room when Katherine knocks her into the wall. She wants to know what Stefan and Damon are up to. Caroline asks her what does she mean. Katerine explains Jeremy Gilbert is trying to lure her out to the lake, what’s going on. Caroline pretends to not know what’s going on. Katherine spins Caroline around and bangs her into the wall, wrapping her hand around Caroline’s neck. Katherine knows Caroline is lying and Stefan and Damon are up to something, she wants to know what it is. Caroline still pretends not to know what’s going on. Katherine tightens her hand around Caroline’s throat. Caroline tells Katherine Stefan and Damon are trying to kill her. Katherine already figured that, she wants to know where the moonstone is. Caroline tells her Bonnie has the moonstone. Katherine asks her where Bonnie is. Caroline tells her she doesn’t know. Katherine wraps her hand back around Caroline’s neck and lifts her off the ground. Caroline tells her Bonnie is upstairs.

Elena is arguing with Bonnie and Jeremy. She can’t believe they’re really setting out to kill Katherine. She thinks they’re crazy, they’re going to get themselves killed. Bonnie tells her they know what they’re doing. Elena asks them how is she supposed to feel if one of them gets her hurt because of her. Jeremy tells Elena Katherine has messed with all of them, she has to be stopped.

Katherine is dragging Caroline upstairs with her. Caroline is crying and doesn’t want to be apart of it anymore. Katherine tells her to shut up and demands to know which room Bonnie is in. Caroline tells her which one and Katherine storms into the room. She asks Caroline where is Bonnie since she doesn’t see her. Caroline starts laughing behind her. She’s proud of herself. She actually fooled Katherine. Katherine moves to attack her but is held back by Bonnie’s spell around the room. Stefan walks out from behind Katherine and says hello. Caroline, smugly, says goodbye Katherine, waves, and walks away. Stefan is hold a long wooden stake in his hands. Katherine asks him if he really believes he can kill her with it. Stefan: “No (Damon opens another door from behind Katherine, holding some kind of gun full of stakes), but he can.” Damon shoots one of the stakes into Katherine’s back. The scene switches to Elena who screams out. Then back to Katherine who falls to the ground on her knees in pain. Then back to Elena, blood covering her back now, she falls to the ground in pain as well. Bonnie and Jeremy run over to her, wanting to know what’s wrong. The scene switches back to Stefan and Damon and Katherine. Stefan drives another stake into Katherine’s arm. Then switches back to Elena, blood forming on her arm, she starts screaming in more pain. Bonnie realizes Elena is linked to Katherine, she yells for Jeremy to get Damon and Stefan to stop. Jeremy takes off into the house. The scene switches back to Katherine, Stefan is trying to drive the stake through her again but Katherine pushes him away. Damon walks up behind her and pulls the stake embedded in her back out and moves to drive it into her again. But Katherine fights him off and throws him back. Stefan launches a stake at Katherine but she ducks and it goes through the wall. He throws another but Katherine catches it in her hand and throws it back at him. Stefan ducks. Damon tires to attack her head on but Katherine throws him off her again. He grabs a stake from the ground and tries to send it through her but she grabs his arm and starts twisting it so the stake will go through him instead. Stefan jumps on top of Katherine and starts choking her. They fall to the ground. Damon moves to drive the stake through Katherine’s chest but Jeremy runs up to the room and yells for them to stop. He tells them everything they’re doing to Katherine is hurting Elena. Damon moves back. Stefan let’s her go. Katherine looks at them all cocky (Ugh! She seriously NEEDS to die already!) and tells them they aren’t the only ones with a witch. And her witch is better. Katherine grabs the stake from Damon’s hand and starts twirling it. Stefan tells Jeremy to go check on Elena and make sure she’s okay.

Katherine mocks them: “Let’s all make sure poor Elena’s okay.” She takes the stake and drives it across her palm creating a huge gash. The scene switches back to Elena, the same gash being formed on her hand. The scene switches back to Katherine, Stefan smacks the stake from her hand. Then back to Elena. Bonnie takes her hand and tells Elena she can’t break the spell but she can help take some of the pain away. She starts to chant. Once again the scene switches back to Katherine. She moves to drive the stake through her stomach when Stefan tells her to wait. Katherine smiles, triumphantly at Damon and Stefan. She sits down on the couch and asks them for the moonstone. The scene switches back to Elena. Bonnie is still chanting, trying to help her with the pain. Jeremy runs back over to them and asks if Elena is okay. Elena asks if Damon and Stefan are. Jeremy explains they’re fine but stuck in the room with Katherine. Katherine had a witch link Elena to her. Bonnie knows it’s the girl she saw. She orders Jeremy to stay with Elena, she’s going to go find the other witch. Jeremy takes off the ring that always protects him from being killed by vampires and tells Elena to take it. Elena doesn’t want to take it, it’s the only way for Jeremy to be safe.

The scene switches back to Katherine. “The three of us together, just like old times. The brother who loved me too much (she looks pointedly at Damon but he has his back to her) and the brother who didn’t love me enough (She looks at Stefan but he is just pissed at her). Damon: “And the evil slut vampire who only loved herself.” (Ahaha! I LOVE Damon!) Damon and Katherine bicker until Stefan gets them to stop. Katherine wants to know where the moonstone is. Damon wants to know why she wants it. Katherine switches the subject and asks if Elena enjoys having them both worship at her altar. Stefan and Damon laugh. Stefan says that was a really desperate move. Katherine wants to know if bothers Stefan that Damon is in love with his girlfriend. Stefan tells her to stop it. Katherine mocks Stefan, knowing he can’t hurt her because Elena will feel it. Katherine has a better idea why doesn’t Damon kiss her so Elena can feel it. Stefan changes the subject and asks Katherine about Mason, why does she need a werewolf. The moonstone can break the curse for the vampires so isn’t that enough for her. Of course Damon has to chime in his two cents: “Sorry about your pet wolf, probably should have kept him on a tighter leash.” Katherine says she’ll remember that next time, Mason wasn’t the only wolf in town.

Tyler is still in the studio drinking and partying with Matt and Sara. Sara asks what happened to Aimee but Matt just says he doesn’t know. Tyler comments Aimee is probably drunk somewhere. Matt says just like him and he starts pouring alcohol on the floor. Tyler tells him not to do that. Matt, maturely, says: “What, it’s a party.” He grabs a picture of Tyler’s dad, “Right dad.” And starts pouring alcohol onto the picture saying Tyler’s dad looks like he wants a drink. Tyler tells him to stop and asks what’s wrong with him. Matt says his dad was a dick. Sara says Matt is being mean, Tyler’s is dead (No duh Sherlock!) Tyler tells Matt to give him the bottle of alcohol and tries to take it from him but Matt won’t give it to him. Matt tells Tyler remember when your dad use to slap you around and slaps Tyler in the face. Tyler tells Matt to put the picture down. Matt breaks it against the desk. Tyler grabs him by the shoulders and tells Matt he needs to calm himself down. Matt pushes him off and tells him to do something about it. Tyler tells him he isn’t going to fight him. Matt rams into Tyler, knocking them both to the ground. Matt starts punching Tyler.

Caroline is making her way through the party to head to the front door. She hears Matt and Tyler fighting and runs into the studio. Caroline throws Matt off of Tyler. Matt jumps back to his feet to ram into Tyler again. Caroline holds him back, telling him to stop. Matt says he can’t, he has to finish. Tyler yells at him what the hell is wrong with him. Matt yells for Caroline to let him go. Caroline just elbows him, hard, in the face and knocks Matt unconscious. Caroline runs over to him and checks to see if he’s alright. Sara picks up a knife from the desk. Tyler is asking Caroline how did she manage to knock out Matt. Sara says out loud, more to herself than anyone in the room: “Matt failed. I can’t.” Caroline yells for Tyler to look out. Sara stabs Tyler in the shoulder with the knife. Tyler pushes her away from him. Sara falls back, hitting her head on the edge of the desk, and falling to the ground, looking to be unconscious. Tyler drops to her knees beside Sara, calling her name, telling her to wake up. Tyler is freaking out. Caroline checks Sara’s pulse and knows she’s dead. Tyler starts screaming like he’s in pain. He falls to the ground on his knees. Caroline wants to know what’s happening to him. Tyler tells her to leave. Caroline yells for him to tell her what’s happening to him. Tyler looks up, his eyes have changed color, they’re a yellowish gold now.

Back to Katherine, Damon, and Stefan. Damon wants to know where the hell Bonnie is. Stefan mumbles something about Katherine bargaining the moonstone. Damon asks him what he’s mumbling about. Stefan speaking to Katherine: “When you struck the deal with George Lockwood to help you fake your death, you told me that you gave George something that he needed. Is was the moonstone wasn’t it?” Katherine confirms he’s right. She tells him it would have worked except the people found out she wasn’t in the tomb thanks to Damon. They return to bickering again. Stefan wants to know why Katherine needs the moonstone back. Katherine ignores his questions and comments she loves Stefan in a suit, he looks so dashing. (Isn’t that the same thing she said to Matt?? She needs a thesaurus). Stefan ignores her comment and wants to know what Katherine was doing with the moonstone in the first place. Damon rolls his eyes and tells Stefan he’s wasting his breath. Stefan ignores Damon and continues: “Unless it wasn’t yours to begin with.” That gets Katherine’s attention, she looks up at him. Stefan continues: “In 1864 you faked your death, who were you running from Katherine?” Katherine diverts the questions by telling a story of when Stefan went to a concert in 1996 with Lexi. Stefan looks surprised. Katherine tells him he shouldn’t look so surprised, she checked in on him over the years. Stefan asks her again who was she running from. Katherine just mouths she loves him.

Bonnie is quickly moving through the crowd of people at the party, trying to find Lucy. She sees Lucy. Lucy turns and walks away. Bonnie follows her but losses her. Lucy shows up behind her. She takes off her mask and ask if Bonnie is looking for her (Well, duh!). Bonnie asks who is she. Lucy calmly responds she’s Lucy. Bonnie wants to know why she’s there. Lucy comments she should have known she would run into a Bennett. Bonnie asks her how she knows her. Lucy tells her to figure it out. She tells Bonnie she has no interest in hurting her. Bonnie tells her then to take off the spell from Elena. Lucy tells her if she gives Katherine the moonstone then she will. Bonnie wants to know why she’s helping Katherine. Lucy tells Bonnie to her friends that all they need to do is hand Katherine the moonstone and everything will be fine. She moves to walk around Bonnie but Bonnie cuts her off. Bonnie gets in Lucy’s face and tells her she isn’t leaving the room until she stops the spell on Elena. Lucy says she doesn’t want to hurt Bonnie. Bonnie tells her she doesn’t want to hurt her. Lucy tells Bonnie she doesn’t have a choice. Katherine saved her life and Lucy owes her. She moves to talk away again but Bonnie grabs her arm. Lucy points out Bonnie is the one with the moonstone, she can sense it on her. She grabs both of Bonnie’s arms. The lights in the room start flickering. Lucy asks Bonnie is she can feel their power. Lucy tells Bonnie she can trust her. She tells Bonnie to give her the moonstone.

Damon is pouring himself a drink. Katherine says she’ll have one. In a girly mocking voice Damon says: “Right away Miss Katherine.” Katherine walks by him and he hands her the drink. Katherine takes a sip and Damon knocks her into the wall. The glass falls to the ground, shattering. Damon holds Katherine against the wall with one arm pressed against her neck and a stake in his other hand. Stefan grabs Damon’s arm that’s holding the stake. Damon tells Katherine the second the spell is lifted he’s gonna drive the stake right through his heart. Damon lets her go.

Lucy walks into the room and says the spell in the room has been broken. She’s holding the moonstone in her hand. She tells Katherine once she hands over the moonstone to her debt is paid, she owes Katherine nothing. Katherine agrees. Lucy hands her the moonstone. Katherine starts to shutter in agony, like she’s choking. Lucy tells her she should have told her another witch was involved. She’s a Bennett witch but she’s sure Katherine already knew that. Stefan freaks out for a second thinking Elena can feel the same thing Katherine is but Luc explains Elena is fine, she broke the spell and Elena will heal quickly, Bonnie is with her. Lucy apologizes to Damon and Stefan for her involvement and walks out of the room. Damon and Stefan looked both stunned and pleased (well more Damon, Stefan looks more shocked).

Caroline is making up a story for Tyler’s mom about what happened. She tells Tyler’s mom that she was fighting with Matt, they had broken up and Sara was drunk and dancing and she just tripped then she wasn’t breathing. Tyler’s mom tells her Liz is on the way and they called Sara’s parents. It was a terrible, tragic accident. Tyler walks in and tells his mother the Sheriff has arrived. Tyler’s mom goes to deal with the police and tells Tyler and Caroline to not leave the room, Liz is going to want to hear the story from them. Caroline tells Tyler Matt is in the car sleeping off his drunken stupor. She’ll deal with him. She doesn’t want Matt involved. Tyler asks her what is she doing. Caroline explains she’s fixing a very bad situation. Tyler wants to know why, he blames himself for Sara’s death. Caroline tells him he didn’t mean to. Tyler tells her Sara is dead and Caroline doesn’t understand what that means for him. Caroline says she actually does but Tyler doesn’t believe her. Caroline asks him if his wound has healed yet. Tyler looks down at himself and the wound is completely healed. Tyler looks up at Caroline and asks how she knows.

Lucy is leaving the party. Bonnie is running after her asking her to wait. Lucy apologizes for the spell she cast to connect Elena and Katherine. Bonnie wants to know how she knows Lucy. How did she know when she gave Lucy the stone she could trust her. Lucy explains the feeling she got is because they are second cousins, it’s the feeling you get around family. Bonnie is completely surprised they’re related. Lucy says seeing Bonnie tonight was a wake up call for her. She has to stop letting vampires control her. She thanks Bonnie and turns to leave. Bonnie doesn’t want her to leave. She has so many questions. She asks Lucy how does she stay out of being in the middle of everything? Lucy says unlike her Bonnie is a good person and being in the middle is exactly where she needs to be. She tells Bonnie not to worry they will see each other again. Jeremy comes out and offers her a ride home. Jeremy asks if she’s okay. Bonnie just giggles and ask when did he get his license. Jeremy points out he’s not a kid anymore (giving Bonnie that smoldering kind of look–make a girl go weak at the knees why don’t you!). Bonnie says she’d love a ride home.

Stefan finds Elena who’s overlooking the lake on the Lockwood property. Elena tells him she’s okay. Bonnie took away the pain and she’s healing. Stefan thinks she should still go see a doctor. Elena agrees she will go. She wants to know if its true about Katherine being gone. Stefan confirms she’s gone. He moves to kiss Elena but she stops him. She tells Stefan she wants to be with him but first she needs to wake up and know the people she loves are safe. She needs to feel safe. Stefan says he understands. Elena moves around him and walks away.

Katherine wakes up. She’s in the tomb. She staggers against the wall, trying to walk to the entrance. Damon walks out. Katherine tells Damon he should have killed her. Damon says death would have been too kind. Damon moves to cover the entrance. Katherine pleads for him not to. She tells him he needs her. Elena is in danger. Damon stops and asks her from who. Katherine doesn’t respond. He thinks she’s lying and moves to close the entrance again. Katherine tells him why does he think she hasn’t killed Elena yet. Elena is the doppelganger. She needs to be protected. Damon: “Then I’ll protect her while you rot in hell.” Katherine pleads for him not to close the entrance but Damon doesn’t listen.

Elena is walking to her car on the phone with Jeremy. She tells him to let Bonnie know she’s feeling better thanks to whatever she did earlier. She tells Jeremy to drive Bonnie home. She’s just going to head straight to bed. She hangs up the phone and some dude in a crazy clown mask walks up behind her. Elena turns around sensing something and the masked freak covers her mouth with his hand and takes her.

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