Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 5 “Plan B” –Original Air Date: October 21, 2010

By OBS staff member Annabell Cadiz

This episode kicks off with Elena gazing dreamily at Stefan while he sleeps next to her. He wakes up telling her it’s creepy and Elena banters back it’s romantic. Stefan laughs and they start making out. The scene switches to Katherine and Mason in bed making out as well. Then back to Elena and Stefan, Elena telling him she has to go because she has to go help with the Lockwood Charity. Stefan says great, he’ll go with her but Elena isn’t so sure that’s a good idea considering Mason tried to kill him and Damon. Then the scene switches back to Katherine and Mason. Katherine asks Mason where the moonstone is and Mason simply tells her somewhere safe. Katherine asks doesn’t he trust her, Mason responds by telling her he doesn’t trust anyone. Then the scene returns to Elena and Stefan. Stefan explains to Elena he doesn’t trust Mason and wants to be at the Lockwood Charity to keep an eye on him. Elena says okay but sets some ground rules: no lingering stares, no touching or talking to each other. Stefan agrees. Elena then grows serious and asks Stefan what does he think will happen if Katherine finds out they have been fake fighting. Then the scene switches to Katherine and Mason. Katherine asks Mason if he’s scared she’s going to kill him but Mason just laughs and says she won’t kill him. They return to their heated make out session and Katherine bites Mason. Mason yells out ouch and calls her by the name Kathy. Katherine laughs and teases him, asking if she hurt him. Then the scene switches back to Elena and Stefan. Elena stabs her finger with a sowing needle so Stefan can drink her blood. Then the scene returns back to Mason and Katherine. Mason asks Katherine what happens once he gives her the moonstone. Katherine tells him they’ll live happily ever after, promise. Mason promises her he will bring the moonstone to her later that night. Then back to Elena and Stefan. Stefan promises Elena they will get through everything. Elena tells Stefan she loves him.  Back to Katherine and Mason. Katherine tells Mason she loves him, Mason tells her she loves her too.

Jeremy shows up at Damon and Stefan’s house. He tells Damon he needs to talk to him but Damon doesn’t really care to talk to him. Jeremy stops him from closing the door by explaining Tyler Lockwood isn’t a werewolf yet, the only way to trigger the curse is to kill someone. He also tells Damon Mason Lockwood discovered the moonstone, a special rock connected to the werewolf legend. Damon becomes intrigued and asks Jeremy why he’s brining the information to him. Jeremy explains he just wants to help. Damon asks him what his sister thinks about him being there and bringing him the information. Jeremy shrugs and Damon knows Elena doesn’t know. Jeremy explains Elena doesn’t want him to get involved in everything. Damon finally let’s Jeremy after making fun of him.

Jena is helping at the Lockwood house, for the Masquerade charity ball. She’s talking to Tyler’s mom who thanks her for helping. Jena explains she’s always been a sucker for masquerade balls. Tyler’s mom smiles and says her husband was the same way. Tyler walks in along with Matt, carrying a very old table from the 18th century and almost knock it into the wall. Tyler’s mom scolds them and goes off to deal with them. Jenna goes off and finds Stefan. She invites him to dinner at her house. Stefan, still trying to play up the rouse of fighting with Elena, tells Jenna that he and Elena are taking a pause in their relationship. Jenna does it buy it, she tells him that’s not what it sounded like earlier in the morning. Stefan is speechless, he doesn’t really know what to say. Jenna just smiles and tells him to forget it, she heard nothing and walks away.

Elena is outside helping along with Bonnie. She let’s Bonnie know Caroline won’t be showing up to help set the Masquerade ball up. Bonnie is relieved. Elena tells Bonnie eventually she’s going to have to talk to Caroline. Bonnie tells Elena to stop making it so obvious who’s side she’s on. Elena tells her there are no sides. Bonnie says ever since Caroline turned into a vampire she barely sees her, losing Caroline was bad enough, she didn’t think she’d end up losing Elena too. Elena grabs Bonnie’s hand and tells her to go with her, some place quiet so they can talk.

Liz is laying down in bed in the cellar Damon had locked her in. Caroline shows up to check on her. She tells her mother the vervain is almost out of her system so probably by the end of the night she’ll be compelled and back in her own bed. Liz doesn’t speak to her. Caroline asks her if she’s really going to pretend she doesn’t exist. Liz tells her yes and asks her to go. Caroline takes the tray of uneaten food she had brought earlier for her mother and snaps at Liz, telling her it’s not like anything has changed, her mother didn’t care before and she still doesn’t care. Liz looks up and asks her if she’s really dead? Caroline tells her yes and no. Liz asks her how it’s possible. Caroline closes the door and turns back to her mother.

Rick shows up at Damon’s house. He asks Jeremy what he’s doing there. Jeremy explains he’s helping Damon and telling him about the moonstone. Rick asks if Elena knows he’s there. Jeremy says not exactly. Damon walks over and looks through his box. Rick tells him Vanessa, researcher from Duke, sent him information about an Aztec curse where werewolves could run freely until a shaman put a curse on them and since then werewolves could only change on a fool moon and vampires could only go out at night. According to the legend, the werewolf part of the curse is sealed within the moonstone. Jeremy asks what he means sealed within the moonstone. Damon explains it’s a witch thing, whatever seals the curse is usually the thing to unsealing the curse. Rick thinks Mason went after the moonstone because he can use it to bring the curse. Damon isn’t buying it though, he thinks they’re idiots if they start believing in “withcy woo stories.” He asks Jeremy where the stone is now. Jeremy tells him Tyler has it. Damon asks him if he can get it. Jeremy looks at him confused and tells him he can. Damon teases him by telling him “See, now you’re life has a purpose.” Jeremy asks him so he does believe it. Damon tells him it’s the same book that told them that a werewolf bite kills a vampire, ignoring it would make him an even bigger idiot. He tells Jeremy to go with him to Tyler’s house.

Elena and Bonnie are walking around the Lockwood property. Elena is explaining to Bonnie everything Katherine had done and how both she and Stefan are pretending to stay away from each other because Katherine is trying to do anything she can to drive them apart. Caroline had just gotten trapped in the middle. Bonnie tells her she isn’t upset at the fact that Elena and Stefan are pretending to fight, it’s that she didn’t even know they were fighting at all. Elena apologies to Bonnie and tells her it’s not that she doesn’t want to tell Bonnie what’s going on, it’s just that Bonnie already made it clear where she stands. Bonnie feels like the odd man out. Elena tells her no, of course not. Bonnie tells her I know where I stand and she knows where Elena stands but where do the two of them stand? Elena tells Bonnie she’s her best friend and she didn’t mean to let everything with Caroline and Katherine get in the way. But Caroline needs her and Bonnie too. Bonnie tells her Caroline is a vampire and she isn’t ready to accept that yet.

Mason is carrying stuff out from the house and to his surprise he sees Stefan is helping set things up for the Masquerade. He tells Stefan he didn’t expect to see him there. Stefan just smiles. Mason tells him he didn’t expect to see Stefan at the Lockwood property let alone anywhere for that matter. Stefan just smiles again and explains he had an accident but he’s all better now. Mason asks him what he did to Liz. Stefan explains she’s fine but for now on she won’t be doing any dirty work for him. Mason tells him that’s not a problem. On his way back into the house, Bonnie runs into Mason. He says excuse me and walks off. Bonnie tells Stefan when she touched him, she saw something. Stefan asks what she saw. Bonnie says she saw Elena kissing Mason. Stefan starts to tell Bonnie Elena would never kiss Mason when he suddenly realizes it’s Katherine Bonnie must be talking about.

Damon sneaks up on Elena. Elena asks him what he’s doing at the Lockwood property. He explains he’s looking for his baby bro and tells Elena to get her baby brother to stop following him around. Damon walks out to go talk to Stefan. Jeremy goes to follow but Elena stops him and asks him what is Damon making him do. Jeremy says Damon isn’t making him do anything, that he and Damon, but Elena cuts him off before he can finish speaking. She explains to Jeremy that there is no Damon and him, there is only Damon and the people he uses and those people usually wind up dead. Whatever is going on she wants him to stay out of it. Jeremy tells her he doesn’t really care what she wants, its her fault he’s involved in everything in the first place so she doesn’t get to tell him what he can do and walks out.

Damon and Stefan are talking. Damon can’t believe Katherine is with Mason Lockwood, he thinks Katherine is using him. Stefan asks Damon why would Katherine want to use Mason for? Damon tells him Mason has this moonstone that could possibly break the werewolf curse and maybe Katherine wants it. Stefan doesn’t look convinced and asks Damon why would Katherine want the moonstone? Damon says he has no idea but that’s the beauty of Katherine you never know what she’s up to. Stefan asks how he plans to get the moonstone. Damon nonchalantly tells him, Jeremy is going to get it from Tyler. Stefan looks at him like he’s crazy and demands to know why he would involve Jeremy and smacks him the arm as he walks away to go find Jeremy. Damon yells out Jeremy was playing “Indiana Jones” and “he involved himself.”

Matt is hanging lanterns and telling Tyler Caroline is a really sweet girl one minute then a jealous mess the next. Tyler tells him he already knows how he feels about Caroline, she’s an insecure and narcotic but you gotta take the bad with the good. Matt agrees with him and leaves to go find an extension cord. Jeremy had waited for Matt to leave so he could approach Tyler. Jeremy tells Tyler he did a little research on the rock Tyler had shown him. Tyler asks him why he had done that. Jeremy just plays it off and tells him because he was curious and bored. Tyler is curious himself and asks Jeremy what info he found. Jeremy tells him its about an Aztec legend but he wants to make sure it’s the same kind of stone before he tells him the information he found. Jeremy asks Tyler if he could see the stone again. Tyler tells him he can’t, he already gave it to Mason. Jeremy asks him why he would do that. Tyler tells him its because he doesn’t want anything to do with legends and curses. Jeremy pretends to shrug it off and tells him he totally gets it.

Damon and Stefan were listening in and hear Tyler doesn’t have the stone any longer. The scene switches to Elena texting Stefan to asks him if everything is okay. Stefan text her telling her he’s with Damon and Bonnie and will fill her in later. Bonnie asks Damon and Stefan what they want. Damon tells her they need a favor. Bonnie looks at him in sarcastic shock and tells him like that would ever happen. Damon just answers sarcastically she’s predictable and tells her that’s why he brought Stefan. The scene jumps back to Elena texting Stefan telling him to fill her now. Stefan explains to Bonnie he understands how she feels but since she doesn’t like Mason or Katherine, he figured she’d like the opportunity to stop them and asks for her to hear them out. Damon sarcastically says pretty please. The scene returns to Elena. Since no text came in from Stefan, she decides to call him. The scene jumps back to Stefan, Damon, and Bonnie. Bonnie is telling Stefan she’ll hear them out. Stefan asks her to hold on a second so she can answer Elena’s call and tells Damon to play nice. Stefan answers the phone and tells Elena she shouldn’t be calling him. Elena says she knows but she needs to know what’s happening since Damon has gotten Jeremy involved. Damon tells Bonnie all she has to do is touch Mason Lockwood again and get him to say where Katherine is. Bonnie explains her vision don’t work like that, she doesn’t get to ask questions. Damon asks Bonnie about her powers, what it is exactly that she does when she had caused his brain to feel like it was on fire. Bonnie tells him that’s basically her giving him an aneurysm, the blood vessels in his brain go pop, since he’s a vampire it won’t kill, she just does it over and over again. Damon asks if it’s only vampire specific. Bonnie explains it would on anyone with supernatural healing abilities. Bonnie tells Damon she still isn’t going to help him. Damon tells her Mason Lockwood is a werewolf and they are the bad guys, is she really going to play morality police with him. He explains Katherine and Mason a threat to Elena and she’s going to get over herself and help them. Stefan returns and tells Bonnie he means that as a question with a please at the end.

Mason is walking out of the house to leave and finds Bonnie trying to lift a table from the back up of a moving truck. He runs over to help her, asking how she got stuck doing that on her own. Bonnie explains all the guys had bailed on her. Mason moves in to help her and Bonnie uses her powers to incapacitate him by causing him to have a brain aneurysm. Damon walks up and knees him in the face, knocking him unconscious. Damon walks over to Mason’s car and holds the door open for Bonnie to get in. Stefan tosses him the set of keys from Mason’s pocket. Damon and Stefan lift Mason and put him in the back of the can. Damon jumps into the passenger seat and drives off with Bonnie. Stefan returns to the Lockwood house.

Caroline is explaining to her mom the type of blood she drinks, human blood but the blood Damon gets from the hospital blood bank. Liz asks her as long as she has blood, she doesn’t need to kill. Caroline explains she wants to kill, it’s an instinct but as long as she’s on a healthy diet she can control. She’s getting better at it, better than Stefan, “he’s a blood-aholic.” She laughs to try to cut the tension. Liz tells her she doesn’t want this kind of life for her. Caroline tells her she knows but says when “life gives you lemons,” and shrugs. She announces Damon’s home because she can hear him come in even from the cellar.

Bonnie and Damon have carried Mason inside the house. Damon is tying him to a chair using the chains from Mason’s car that he used to tie himself up when he turned into a wolf. He drapes sheets over the floor. Bonnie asks him why. He says he doesn’t want “blood stains on the floor.” Bonnie says “how did I know you were gonna say something like that.” Damon says she’s being all judgmental again. Bonnie tells Damon Mason isn’t going to be out much longer. Bonnie puts her hands against Mason’s head, on either side of him, she begins chanting under her breath. Bonnie tells him she sees the moonstone is somewhere small, dark, there’s water. Damon asks if it’s a sewer. Bonnie says no, it looks like it’s in a well. Damon asks why it would be in a well. Bonnie’s vision ends and Mason is starting to wake up and grabs her hand. She yanks her hand back, grabs her stuff and tells Damon that’s all she got. Damon thanks her as she heads out. Damon slaps Mason across the face, demanding he wakes up. Bonnie runs into Caroline on her way out. She awkwardly says hello and asks about her mom. Caroline says her mom is fine and she should be going home that night. Bonnie is about to say something else but instead asks Caroline if she remembers the old well her and Caroline use to play at when they were children. Caroline tells her she remembers. Bonnie tells her its in the wood and asks her if she remembers where. Caroline tells her its at the edge of the old Lockwood property and why is she asking. Bonnie tells her she thinks that’s where Mason is keeping the moonstone hidden. She takes out her phone and texts Stefan then tells Caroline she has to go. Caroline tells her she’ll go with her. Bonnie tells no but sees the sad look on Caroline’s face and tells Caroline to go with her.

Matt and Elena are sorting through boxes at the Lockwood house, still setting up for the Masquerade. Matt asks Elena where Caroline is since Masquerade balls are usually her thing. Elena tells him she’s busy. Matt asks if Caroline is seeing someone else. Elena tells him no, of course not. Stefan shows up placing another box onto the table when Tyler comes into the room and asks if anyone has seen Mason. Stefan said he took off and Mason said he didn’t know when he’d be back. Tyler walks over mumbling that’s weird. Stefan looks at his phone and reads the text from Bonnie saying the moonstone is on the Lockwood property in a well. Stefan looks at Elena for a moment and Elena moves to speak with him but Stefan just walks out of the house. Matt looks at her and says he isn’t even going to ask what’s going on. Elena tells him she’ll be right back and follows Stefan out the door.

Damon is holding a fire poker over open flames in the fireplace. Mason is trying to fight his way out of the restraints. Damon teases him telling him “Ooooo, someone’s feisty.” Mason ends falling back onto the floor. Damon walks over to him and Mason yells out “What!” to him. Damon just sticks the fire poker just under his right shoulder. Mason starts to scream in agony. Damon stops and checks the wound. Mason can heal quickly. He tells Mason he guesses he’ll “just have to keep applying pain,” then lifts up the chair so Mason is in a upright sitting position again. Damon returns to the fireplace heating the fire poker again. Damon asks Mason how he knows Katherine. Mason doesn’t answer. Damon walks over to him again with the fire poker, letting Mason know he has all day and drives the poker through Mason’s stomach.

Stefan is walking through the forest searching for the well. He finds it and Elena shows up behind him asking what’s happening. Stefan tells her she shouldn’t be there. Elena says she knows but she is and now he needs to explain what’s going on. Stefan tells her Bonnie thinks the moonstone is in the well, he brings off the lock holding the top covering to the well. He grabs a flashlight and looks down. Since he can’t see anything from so high up, he gets on top of the well, Elena hands him the flashlight and tells him to be careful, then Stefan jumps into the well. Stefan starts to scream out Elena’s name in complete agony since the water is filled with vervain. He tries to climb out but he’s already getting to weak from the vervain.

Elena yells out his name but Stefan won’t answer. She tries to unlatch the chains so she can use them to take her down to him but she isn’t strong enough. Caroline shows up because she heard Elena yelling. Elena explains Stefan is down in the well and Caroline moves to jump in after him but Elena grabs her arm and tells Caroline she can’t because the water is filled with vervain. Caroline grabs the chains.

Damon is heating up the fire poker once more. He’s asking Mason how he and Katherine met, did she seduce him? Did she tell him he loved her? Since he’s supernatural, she couldn’t compel him so she must have used her other charms. “Katherine is good that way.” (sarcastic snicker) Jeremy shows up with a box in his hands. Damon tells him he thought he told him to leave already. Jeremy explains he found more information in Rick’s box. Damon wants to know what it is. Jeremy said he did a search on his phone and shows Damon a plant he had found in the box. The plant exists in volcanic atmosphere in the northern hemisphere and it’s commonly known as blue rocket and wolf bane. Damon asks him what else did he read. Jeremy tells him all the sources are different but one says its toxic. Damon agrees it’s probably toxic. Damon grabs a handful of the plant and walks over to Mason. He asks Mason what is Katherine doing in Mystic Falls. Mason doesn’t answer. Damon caresses Mason’s cheek with the plant and Mason’s cheek starts burning. Mason withers in more agony. Jeremy looks away. Damon pulls the plant away and asks again why is Katherine in Mystic Falls. Mason yells out smugly that Katherine is with him and what, is Damon jealous. Damon gets really annoyed and shoves the plant into Mason’s mouth. Mason starts choking and coughing out blood.

Elena ties the chain around herself. Caroline is hold the other end and promises Elena she has a good hold on her. Bonnie shows up asking what happened, she was walking with Caroline and Caroline took off in a blur. Elena explains Stefan is in trouble and Caroline tells Bonnie to help Elena. Bonnie helps Elena down from the top of the well and into it. Caroline starts helping her down. Elena finds Stefan unconscious and dying. She ties the chain around Stefan and tells Caroline to pull him up. Caroline pull him up and Bonnie unlatches Stefan and lays him on the ground. Caroline sends the chain back down. Elena tells her to hold, she needs to find the moonstone. She finds a box which contains the moonstone. She is trying to open the box to make sure and sees this huge black snake approaching her. She screams and throws the black snake away from herself. She grabs the box again, grabs the chain, and yells for Caroline to pull her back up. Caroline pulls her up and out of the well. Elena runs to Stefan and cuts her hand with a rock so Stefan can drink her blood.

Damon asks Mason what does he want with the moonstone. Mason is still choking and coughing on his own blood. He spits and tells Damon to screw himself. Damon makes a mocking buzzer sound like Mason gave the wrong answer and moves to shove my of the plant in Mason’s mouth. Jeremy steps in and tells him if Mason had anything to say he would have said it already. Damon ignores Jeremy and moves the plant closer to Mason’s face, telling him he‘s going to take Mason‘s eyes now. Mason yells out the moonstone is in the well. Damon says he already knows where it is. He wants to know what it does and why you want it. Mason tells him he’s getting it for Katherine. Damon asks him why. Mason explains Katherine is going to lift the curse. Damon doesn’t believe him, he wants to know why a vampire would help break a curse where a werewolf can turn whenever he wants. Mason tells him so he wouldn’t have to turn anymore. Damon asks why. Mason tells him because Katherine loves him. Damon looks on him with pity then starts laughing. He says now he understands, Katherine doesn’t love him, she’s just using him. Damon agrees, Mason is done talking. He hands the plant back to Jeremy and tells him to leave. Jeremy says he’s staying. Damon tells him (very serious tone), no, you should go. Jeremy tells Damon he is staying, Mason’s had enough. Mason turns his face to Jeremy and begs him to help Tyler, to not let Tyler turn into a werewolf. Jeremy begs Damon. Damon drives Jeremy into a wall, hand wrapped around his neck. He tells Jeremy since he wanted to be involved this it how it goes, be or be killed, Mason is a werewolf, he would kill Damon the first chance he got so Jeremy either sucks it up or leaves. He let’s Jeremy go.  Damon walks back over to Mason, announcing to Jeremy that Mason wants him to kill him anyway. Mason just hangs his head. Damon looks at him and says “It really is a curse isn’t it.” Jeremy gets up and leaves. Damon tells Mason when he looks at him he sees himself, “a less dashing, less intelligent version.” Mason explains he loves Katherine. Damon looks at him and says exasperated, he knows Mason loves her because he’s been where Mason has been but Katherine will only rip his heart out. He moves in closer to Mason so there faces are only inches apart. He tells Mason “Let me do it for her” and rips Mason’s heart from his chest. For a split second Mason looks at him in utter shock then hang his head, remaining perfectly still.

Jenna and Rick are cooking together. Rick kisses her than asks where the sea salt is. Jenna tells him its on the table. As Rick is getting the sea salt he catches Elena walking into the house. He mouths to her if everything is okay. Elena shakes her head up and down to indicate she’s fine and puts a finger to her lips then points upstairs letting Rick know not to say anything and she’s heading upstairs. Rick nods his head.

Caroline is explaining what had happened to Stefan to her mother Liz. She’s excited because she was able to finally talk to Bonnie and spend some time with her and thinks she’s making progress. Liz is looking at her funny and Caroline asks what is it, she’s freaking her out, right. Liz says it’s just that Caroline has become this strong and confidant person. Caroline is surprised and finally manages to say thank you. Liz tells her Caroline doesn’t have to take her memories away, she won’t tell. Caroline can just tell the others she did compel her but she will never say anything about their secrets. Liz says she would never do anything to hurt her. Caroline looks at her and thanks her for the fact that they were able to talk so openly with each other and tells her mother she knows she can trust her mother but she also knows her mother will never trust Damon and the others. She compels her mother, tears streaming down her face, telling her mother she’s going to take her home and Liz is going to forget that Caroline is a vampire. That she had gotten sick with the flu. She had a fever and chills and ickyness. But Caroline had made her soup but it was “really salty and they bickered” then Liz got better and her “selfish little daughter“, who loves her no matter what, went right back to ignoring her and all is right in the world.

Damon is wrapping Mason in a blanket Stefan walks in holding up the moonstone. Damon takes Mason’s phone and texts Carol, Tyler’s mom, acting as Mason telling her he got a big opportunity in Florida and won’t be back for a long time, he will send for his things once he gets settled, love Mason. Damon tells Stefan they need to get rid of the body and Stefan moves to start lifting Mason when Damon exclaims, “Oooo, last numbered dialed, I wondered who that could possibly be” (gleam in his eyes).  Stefan tries to stop him but too late Damon’s already hit the send button. The scene switches to Katherine answering the phone and asking Mason where he is, he should have been with her over an hour ago. Damon tells her “wrong boy toy.” Katherine for a moment looks truly surprised and tells Damon that then she tells him she assumes Mason is with him. Damon says “he’s right beside me, although his heart is across the room.” Katherine grows eerily serious and tells Damon he shouldn’t have killed Mason. Damon explains he’s had a very busy day: he had to kill a werewolf, get the moonstone. Did she know the moonstone was hidden in a well full of vervain. Mason did love her, poor guy. He asks Katherine where is she so she can drop Mason off. Katherine asks him does he honestly believe she doesn’t have a plan B and a plan C and a plan D and well, he knows the rest of the alphabet. She tells Damon to send he love to Stefan and hangs up the phone.

Elena goes downstairs and asks Rick where Jeremy is. Rick tells Jeremy is upstairs, sleeping, he didn’t want to eat, just went straight to bed. Elena asks who Jenna is talking to. Rick says he doesn’t know and asks how everything went. Elena said everything is fine, there were just a few hiccups. Jenna walks over and holds the phone out to Elena, telling her it’s for her. Elena asks who it is. Jenna doesn’t say anything, just gives the phone to Elena and walks away. Elena says hello into the phone and Katherine tells her hello in return. Elena is completely shocked. Katherine asked her if she enjoyed her “little rendezvous with Stefan” that morning but she doesn’t give Elena a chance to talk, she just keeps speaking. She tells Elena she will always know, she will always be one step ahead of Elena, when will she understand that. She tells her does Elena know how easy it was to get into her house, to convince Jenna not wear her vervain perfume, to convince her to stop taking her special tea. Elena looks back at Jenna. Rick eyes her, wanting to know what’s wrong. Elena holds up a finger and says no into the phone. Katherine explains Jenna has been her little spies for days and unlike Elena, Jenna actually listens to her so she convinced Jenna the world would be a better place if she was no longer in it. Elena turns to look at her aunt and Jenna drives a knife into her stomach. Elena yells out, “Jenna, no!” and drops the phone, running to her aunt along with Rick. Katherine hangs up.

Jeremy is in the waiting room, sitting in a chair, waiting on news about Jenna. Elena hurries over to him and tells him the doctors said Jenna is okay, she missed any major organs, she’s gonna make it. Jeremy asks if Jenna remembers anything that happened. Elena says no, it’s part of Katherine’s mind compulsion. Jeremy asks why would Katherine compel Jenna. Elena says she’s trying to send a message, that she can get to anyone and starts to cry. Jeremy hugs her and tells her everything is gonna be okay. Elena says no, it’s not. Jeremy, with an edge to his voice, tells her Katherine is going to pay, he doesn’t know how but she’s going to pay.

Tyler walks over to his mom and tells her everything is looking good for the Masquerade ball. His mom says thanks and she was happy to see Matt, she hadn’t seen him for a while. Tyler explains they’ve both been busy and asks his mom if she’s seen Mason. Tyler’s mom looks at him sadly and tells him Mason left, he had headed back to Florida.

Elena is at Stefan’s house. She walks into the living room and Stefan turns to look at her, tears in his eyes. He apologizes. Elena tells him they were stupid for thinking they could sneak around and not get caught. Stefan says he knows. Elena says it’s they’re doing, they are the reason Jenna is in the hospital and Elena fears Jeremy could be next. Everything is happening because they’re together. She whispers Stefan’s name. Stefan tells her he already knows what she’s going to say to him. Elena asks him to let her say it: “I’ve been so selfish because I love you so much and I know how much you love me” (Stefan nods, more tears cascading down his face), “But it’s over” (Stefan starts shaking his head no). Elena puts her hands to his face and whispers “It has to be.” She kisses him passionately and leaves. Stefan watches her go, heartbroken.

Damon calls her as she reaches the door. He walks over to her. He blames himself for what happened. He had been the reason why Katherine got so angry. He didn’t think things out! Elena tells him it doesn’t matter, she won. Katherine won. She walks out the door.

Katherine is in her room at the bed and breakfast. She’s apologizing out loud for seeming “rattled.” She sits down in front of someone and says “mind controlling is such a a necessary evil.” She needs a werewolf and she’s lost the only one she had. She looks at the person sitting across from her and asks him now what is he going to do. The camera shows the audience it’s Matt she’s speaking to. She’s compelling him. Matt recites what she’s already told him to do: he’s going to go after Tyler Lockwood and he isn’t going to stop until Tyler kills him.

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