By OBS Staff Member ifellhard

The werewolves are cleaning up the carnage of their fight with Stefan and Damon and one of the wolves, Stevie, tells them about the significance of the moonstone and how he suspected that something was up when Mason was hanging out with “Kathy” in Florida.  He realizes that it was because of the sun and the moon curse.  Brady declares that they can’t let the vampires break the curse and that they need to kill every vampire in town. 

Elena, Bonnie, and Caroline are sleeping in bed when the phone rings.  Elena falls out of bed trying to answer it.  It’s Stefan calling to check on them and see how the slumber party went.  They exchange some flirty banter and Elena says that they should have a romantic slumber party of their own. 

Damon walks Andi out after their night together.  She’s on her way to the Lockwood’s to interview a writer who is the guest of honor at a historical society event.  When asked who he is, she tells him that his name is Elijah Smith.  Damon compels Andi to tell friends that he “might be the one” and that she’s falling hard for him.  He wraps a scarf around her neck to hide the bandage covering her bite mark as she leaves.  As she leaves, Alaric is there waiting to see Damon.  Damon shows him what John gave him to kill Elijah.  Alaric tells him that he and Jenna are going to the historical society event for Elijah and tells Damon not to kill Elijah there.  Damon says that he just wants to officially meet him. 

Bonnie and Caroline are at the grill talking about Elijah and what he’s up to.  Bonnie tells Caroline that she’s going to ask Luka what he knows.  Caroline spots Matt and waves to him.  He returns the wave with a scowl.  Bonnie asks what that was about and Caroline tells her that she doesn’t know.

Jules and Tyler are at the RV in the woods and she tells Tyler that he needs to help find the moonstone.  He demands an explanation for why it is so important.  Stevie explains that they need it to help break the curse of the sun and the moon.  After explaining that it is what binds them to the moon and keeps vampires from walking in sunlight, he tells Tyler the repercussions of what will happen if the vampires break the curse instead of them.  Jules tells Tyler that if the werewolves can break the curse, they can turn at will…or never at all.  Stevie explains that they need the doppelganger to break the curse and shows him a photo of “Kathy” on his phone.  Tyler tells them that it’s Elena Gilbert and he’s known her his whole life.

Caroline approaches Matt and he dismisses her, telling her that he’s working.  He asks her to tell him the truth about where she was the previous night because he saw Bonnie at the grill.  Caroline says, “Oh,” and Matt walks off.    Tyler comes up to Caroline and she tells him to stay away from her.  He bumps into her and her purse dumps out all over the floor.  He stops to help her clean it up and pockets an item from her purse, telling her how sorry he is.  She tells him to leave her alone.  Matt goes up to Tyler and accuses Tyler of lying to him.  Tyler tells him that nothing is going on with Caroline and Matt tells him to stop lying.

Stefan and Elena are getting ready to head out to the lakehouse and Elena gets a text from Caroline asking where she is.  Elena texts back that she’s heading to the lakehouse.  It turns out that Tyler has Caroline’s phone and he relays Elena’s whereabouts to the werewolves. 

Elena and Stefan arrive at the lakehouse and Elena becomes emotional because she hasn’t been there since her parents died.  She goes on into the house and Stefan remains on the porch, telling Elena he’s stuck.  She tells him that she can’t invite him in because the house was left to John.  It turns out to have been a joke.  Stefan enters and they begin kissing.

Mrs. Lockwood is talking to Elijah about his book and Damon arrives.  He kisses Andi, who talks briefly to Jenna about him, and then heads over to Mrs. Lockwood and is finally formally introduced to Elijah.

Luka is playing pool at the grill and Bonnie comes up to him bearing “coffee gifts”.  She is apologetic because how his dad saved her friends from the werewolves.  Jeremy walks up to Caroline and asks how things are going.  Caroline tells him that Bonnie “is selling it and he’s buying it”.  Luka and Bonnie begin playing pool when Luka gets weak and faint.  Jeremy helps to get him out of the grill, asking Bonnie “what kind of witch roofie was that?”  Bonnie replies, “A strong one.”

Stefan finds Elena standing out on the dock and she recounts several memories of her childhood and of her parents on the lake.  Elena asks him if he ever thinks about their future and what kind of memories they’ll have.  Stefan tells her that there’s definitely conversations to be had about that and Elena wonders if that’s a box that shouldn’t be opened.  Stefan gives her a memory to have by whispering that he loves her in her ear.

At the Lockwood house, Damon and Elijah go into a room to speak in private.  At the same time, John and Alaric talk.  John threatens to tell Jenna about all of Alaric’s extracurricular activities.  Alaric tells John that he’s a dick.  John tells him that it’s inappropriate for him to be sleeping over in the Gilbert house because there are children there and that the ring that he’s wearning belongs to him.  He tells Alaric that he wants it back.   Elijah asks Damon if Elena is safe.  Damon tells him that she’s safe with Stefan.  Elijah tells him to focus on keeping Elena safe and to leave everything else, including the werewolves, to him.  Damon tells him that’s not good enough.  Elijah slams Damon against the wall and sticks him in the neck with a wooden pencil.  He tells Damon to show respect because he’s an Original.  Then he tells Damon that he will be dead when he ceases to be of use to him.  He reminds Damon to do what he says – keep Elena safe.

Elena is drinking some wine on the couch with a fire in the fireplace while Stefan does some cooking in the kitchen.  Elena shares her memories of her father cooking when they were there and notes that they need some more wood for the fire.  Stefan offers to go get it and she tells him that she’ll get it.  She goes to her parents’ room to get a jacket and ends up sniffing around her mom’s perfume.  Stefan comes up and she tells him that Jenna was supposed to pack all of her parents’ stuff up and never got around to it.  She grabs a flannel jacket from the closet door and tells Stefan to put it on, telling him that it belonged to her great-grandfather.  She tells him that he looks hot in it and they end up making out in the closet.  Stefan notes that the wall is hollow and finds a hidden door.  After breaking off the lock, they go through the door and find it filled with old weapons.

At Caroline’s house, they have an unconscious Luka laid out on the floor.  Caroline brings in several candles and she and Jeremy place them around according to Bonnie’s instructions.  Bonnie tells Jeremy that she’ll draw strength from the flames of the candles and she’ll be okay.  Jeremy goes to get a bowl of water for Bonnie and Caroline takes the moment to talk to Bonnie about Jeremy’s crush on her.  Jeremy returns with the water and Luka starts to come around.  Bonnie starts the ritual.

Alaric and Damon kick back at the Salvatore house with a couple of drinks and talk about Elijah.  Damon comments that Elijah is going to be hard to kill and Alaric agrees with him, noting that he thinks that they’ll need more than the dagger and the ashes.  He says that they need more info and Damon says that he’s out of sources for information.  Alaric asks him what’s going on with Andi and then asks him not to kill her.  He says that Andi is friends with Jenna and he already feels bad enough about all of the lies.  Alaric leaves to go meet with Jenna and Damon relaxes in his chair, closing his eyes.  There’s a loud noise and Damon gets up to go investigate.  Alaric has a weapon sticking out of his stomach and Stevie jumps Damon.   The other werewolves come in with Jules.  Stevie tells them to take Alaric because he’s dead.

Elena and Stefan look around in the hidden room and she finds more of Jonathon Gilbert’s journals.  Stefan goes to get the firewood, leaving Elena to continue checking things out in there. 

Brady gets a text and he announces to Tyler that they’re “good to go”.  Tyler has an apprehensive look and Brady explains that the people he thought were his friends have been lying to him and they killed Mason.  He tells Tyler that they are the enemy and that they are all as good as dead if the vampires break the curse.  Brady asks him again if he’s up for this and Tyler tells him that he is.

At the Gilbert house, John is pouring himself a drink and Jenna comes into the kitchen.  John asks where Elena is.  She tells him that she’s at the lakehouse with Stefan.  John asks who gave permission for that and accuses Jenna of negligence.  Jenna tells him that Elena wanted to get away from him and so does she, so she’s going to stay with Alaric.  John asks if she’s sure that Alaric is really such a great guy and tells her that Alaric is a liar.  He plants a seed of doubt by asking if they ever found Isobel’s body.

Damon is bound in a chair with Stevie there when he comes to.  Stevie makes a comment about getting the idea for his torture device from some “torture porn flick” that he saw.  Jules tells Damon that she’s heard that he has the moonstone.  Damon laughs at her and says, “If you only knew the irony of this moment right now.”  Damon tells her how things will go…they’ll torture him…he’ll refuse to talk…someone loses a heart.  He says that it was Mason last time.  Jules tell him that it will be him this time and the torture begins. 

Bonnie continues the ritual and Luka begs her to stop.  Bonnie finally gets through to him and starts asking questions.  She asks him why he’s working with Elijah.  Luka says that he and Elijah both want Klaus dead because Klaus has his sister.  Klaus has been holding witches hostage for generations to find a way to break the curse without the doppelganger.  Bonnie asks how to kill an Original.  Luka doesn’t want to answer because Elijah will kill him.  Bonnie asks how he’ll kill Klaus.  Luka says that it will be after the sacrifice because Klaus will be vulnerable at that point.  It’s the only chance.  Bonnie asks if Elena will be dead.  Luka tells them that Elena has to die.

Stefan goes to get the firewood and Brady shoots him.  Tyler walks in and Brady puts him in charge of keeping an eye on Stefan.  Brady goes to find Elena.  Writing on the floor of a shed in pain, Stefan asks Tyler to help remove the bullet.  Tyler refuses, telling him that he can’t let him break the curse.  Stefan tells him that he doesn’t want to break it.  Tyler shoots him in the leg and says, “I can’t be like this forever.” Stefan tells him that they need to save Elena and Tyler says that she’ll be fine.  Stefan tells him that the werewolves lied to him because Elena has to die to break the curse.

Elena is the house waiting for Stefan to return with the firewood.  She calls out, joking about him growing the firewood.  When he doesn’t reply, she gets nervous and starts to look for him.  She goes to the door and calls out for him.  She grabs a knife and goes out on the porch and Brady comes up behind her.  She stabs him and runs inside, heading up the stairs.   Brady removes the knife, busts through the door, and goes into the house.  He yells out to her and tells her that he can smell her.  He heads up the stairs with the knife.  Elena manages to sneak downstairs and slams the door to try to throw him off her trail.  Brady ends up in the hidden room and Elena gets him from behind with one of the weapons.  She runs outside with Brady following her.  Stefan catches Brady and kills him.  Tyler comes up and apologizes to Elena, telling her that he didn’t know what they were planning to do to her.  He tells her that he doesn’t want to be like this anymore.  They hug and she accepts his apology.

Jules continues her torture of Damon, threatening him with buckshot, when Elijah shows up with the moonstone.  He challenges the werewolves to come and get it when he places it on a table.  They take the bait and he kills them all, but Jules escapes.   Elijah frees Damon from the torture collar and points out that it is the third time he’s saved Damon’s life.

Damon is on the phone with Bonnie as he cleans up the werewolves’ corpses.  She tells him of Elijah’s plan to kill Elena.  Alaric finally wakes from his death (thanks to his ring) and calls Jenna.  He first lies and tells her that he grading papers and then tells her the truth – he fell asleep.  They make plans to meet the next day. 

Stefan is talking to Damon on the phone and Elena comes up.  He tells her of Elijah’s plan to kill her in the sacrifice ritual.  She’s unfazed by it because he promised to protect her friends.  He never said a word about her in their deal.  Stefan gets upset and goes off about her being a martyr and how it’s different for her to die instead of him because he’s lived for 162 years and her life is just beginning.  He tells her that it’s not heroic, but tragic.

Bonnie and Jeremy are leaving Caroline’s and talk about the ritual and how Luka won’t remember it.  Caroline has taken him back to the grill.  Bonnie stops Jeremy and talks about how she’s known him their whole lives and now he’s a “hot guy”.  They start kissing.  Bonnie looks up at him all starry-eyed and says, “wow”, before continuing to kiss him.

Mrs. Lockwood his heading upstairs for the night and hears a door close.  She calls out to whomever it was and then heads back down the stairs to find a vase of flowers with a card addressed to “Mom” leaning up next to the vase.

Tyler shows up at the grill with his duffle bag slung over his shoulder and he goes up to Matt.  He tells Matt that he’s been having a rough time and can’t talk about it, but Caroline has been helping him.  He confesses that he kind of fell for her, saying that she’s pretty incredible.  He tells Matt that Caroline loves him, needs him, and tells Matt to be good to her before heading out.

Caroline is sitting in her room reading a book and gets up to investigate a noise.  She looks out the door, but doesn’t see anyone there.  She locks the door and heads back to her room.  Tyler walks from her porch to an SUV and gets in.  Jules is in the driver’s seat and Tyler tells her that he’s sorry about her friends.  He tells her that there can’t be anymore lies and that he can’t stay.  They drive off together.

Yay!  I’m so glad that Bonnie finally got over her hang-ups with Jeremy.  He’s such a cutie and I think that they’re cute together. 

Now we know what Elijah’s intentions are with Elena.  He still plans to use her for the doppelganger sacrifice so he can kill Klaus. 

Stefan now knows that Elena is willing to sacrifice herself for her friends and family and is all torn up over it, especially after their conversation of the future and making plans.  They had broached the topic of a future and what that might entail.  Do you think that Stefan might bring up the topic of changing Elena anytime in the near future?  If she’s turned, there’s no human doppelganger to sacrifice.  Hmmmmm….

What are your thoughts on Tyler leaving town?  I can’t help but feel sorry for his mother.  She’s lost her husband and now her only child has run away and it’s pretty obvious that she has no clue of the werewolf curse.

What do you think will happen between Alaric and Jenna?  I really want to punch John in the junk because of what he said to Jenna.  With the history of Isobel, it just makes it even worse.  I’m still trying to figure out what his agenda is this time around.  I suspect that he has plans to be declared Elena’s legal guardian, but for what purpose?

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