OBS Recap and Review: Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 13 “Daddy Issues” – Original Air Date 02/03/2011

By OBS Staff Member ifellhard

Caroline finds Tyler waiting for her in her front yard as she heads out.  He tells her that they need to talk and she brings up the kiss and tells him that Matt is still in the picture and they can’t go any further.  He then asks her what happened to Mason and she tries to deny knowing anything.  He tells her that Damon and Stefan killed Mason because they are vampires – just like her.  She begs for an opportunity to explain and he grabs her, slamming her against the car and going a bit wolfy.  He tells her that he trusted her and she tells him that she’s sorry.

Damon listens to the local news while in the shower and hears about the memorial planned for all of the people who have died in recent attacks and the news report about a missing woman. 

Elena and John talk in the kitchen and she asks him why he’s there.   He tells her that he’s there to protect her.  Jenna and Alaric walk in and Jenna goes crazy mad over John’s presence.   Jenna and John argue.  When Jenna pulls the guardian card, John forces Elena’s hand to tell Jenna that John is her biological father.

Damon and Stefan talk about John and argue about whether he can be trusted.  Stefan tells Damon that Elijah has a witch working with him and he doesn’t trust Elijah’s deal with Elena.  Stefan tells him that John knows about the sacrifice and knows a way to keep Elena safe.  Stefan extends his condolences about Rose to Damon and Damon plays like it’s not a big deal.  After Damon leaves, Stefan gets a 911 text message from Caroline.

Tyler answers the door at the Lockwood home to find Jules standing there.

Stefan and Caroline talk about what happened earlier with Tyler and they agree not to tell Damon about it.  Caroline tells Stefan that they have to get to Tyler to explain and stresses her friendship with Tyler.

Jules tells Tyler that his vampire friend was lying to him and that they can never be friends with vampires because it’s not in their nature.  She urges Tyler to leave with him so that they can help him, telling him that he has so much to learn.  She talks about loyalty, honor, and duty to him.  He tells her that he doesn’t want to leave because he doesn’t know her and his mother needs him. 

Damon shows up at Elena’s asking where John is.  She tells him that she doesn’t know.  They talk about how he dropped the biological dad bomb on Jenna and left, but never said why he was in town.  Damon tells Elena that he wants to kill John and then tells her that he’s joking…a little.  He makes a crack about being the good guy now.  As he starts to leave, Elena tells him that she’s coming with him. 

Tyler is looking around his dad’s office and finds Stefan waiting for him.  Stefan silences him as Mrs. Lockwood calls out for him to let him know that she’s leaving for the memorial. 

Jules walks up to an RV parked in the woods and finds her friend Brady there.  They kiss and she thanks him for coming.  They talk about the vampires and she says that she wants the boy more than she wants vengeance.  Brady tells her that they should get both.

Tyler asks Stefan about Mason and Stefan tells him that they have a lot to talk about.  Stefan tells him to stop trying to attack him because he’s no match without the full moon.

At the memorial service, John talks to Mrs. Lockwood and asks what the council is doing.  She tells him to talk to Damon because he is leading the council.  John talks to Jeremy and tells him that he has no intention of spouting any of his anti-vampire stuff.  Jeremy tries to return the ring to John, but John refuses to take it.  John extends an offer for lunch and Jeremy refuses. 

Bonnie arrives at the memorial and Dr. Martin approaches her.  She tells him that she has nothing to say to him or Luka and she knows that they are working for Elijah.  Dr. Martin tells her that Elijah is a man of his word and he will keep his deal with Elena to protect her friends and family.   Jeremy intterupts them, asking if there’s a problem.  Bonnie denies any problem and walks off with Jeremy (and his arm around her shoulder). 

Jenna and Alaric are at the Grill and she’s talking about the convoluted relationships in the Gilbert family and wonders how they were able to keep it all a secret.  John walks up and asks if he can join them.  Damon and Elena arrive and Elena urges him to keep calm.  Damon greets John with extremely false enthusiasm.

Stefan and Tyler continue talking and Stefan tells him that Caroline is is friend.  He tells him to stop being a dick to her.  Tyler says that he thought that vampires hate werewolves and Stefan explains that it’s an old prejudice.  Stefan expresses his desire for them to all get along.  Tyler gets a text from Jules and Stefan takes the phone from him.  Jules tells Brady that they have a problem.

Damon and John talk about the moonstone.  John brings up how the originals can compel other vampires.  Damon says that Katherine was compelled because the vervain was out of her system and tells John that he and Stefan have been ingesting it.  Damon notes the lack of a ring on John’s hand and threatens to kill him in his sleep if he doesn’t tell him about Klaus.  John calls him out for a lack of trust, telling him that he won’t talk until then.

Caroline heads to her car and Matt stops her.  She tells him that she’s not avoiding him, admitting that she may be avoiding him a little.   Matt is on his way to work, but wants to talk later.  They agree to meet up when he gets off of work.  Caroline continues down the street and Jules comes up to her, looking for Tyler.  Caroline tells her that she hasn’t seen Tyler and Jules accuses her of lying.  Caroline ends up going vamp on Jules and Jules sprays her in the face with vervain.  When Caroline turns back around, Brady shoots her in the head.   She comes to in a cell in the RV, writhing in pain.  She removes the bullet from her head and finds Brady sitting there.  He tells her that he has lots of wooden bullets and that it’s going to be a long night right before he shoots her in the chest.

Tyler and Stefan continue talking about how the vampires and werewolves can coexist as friends.  Stefan’s phone rings from Caroline.  Jules is on the line telling Stefan that he has a chance to fix his mistake.  She holds the phone up while Brady shoots Caroline again so that Stefan can hear.  Tyler asks what’s happening.  Stefan tells Jules that if she hurts Caroline again, he’ll kill her.  Jules tells him that if she hurts Caroline again, Caroline will be dead.  She tells him to bring Tyler to her in 20 minutes or Caroline dies.

Jenna introduces a friend to Damon.  It’s the female news anchor, Andi.  She offers to buy Damon a drink and he declines the offer.  Elena tells him that he didn’t need to be rude and he tells her that he’s staying clear of women everywhere.  Elena gets a call from Stefan.  Damon and Elena talk about the call in the bathroom and Damon gets upset.  She tells him to leave Tyler out of it and not to hurt him.  Putting her hands on both of Damon’s arms, she begs him not to do what he’s planning because too many people are dead.  He asks her to stop assuming that he’ll be the good guy because she’s the one doing the aksing.  She tells him to “be the better man, Damon.”  John intterupts them and Elena tells Damon that they need to get Caroline back.  Damon tells her that he’ll take care of it.  When Elena tries to go with him, Damon stops her and John agrees with Damon.

In the woods at the RV, Brady asks Caroline how many vampires are in town and then sprays her again with vervain.  He loads a wooden dart in a shooter and hits her in the neck.  Caroline grabs the bars of the cell, begging to be let out.  Brady goes outside to talk to Jules and tells her that he’s “just getting started.”   Jules tells him that she just wants Tyler and Brady says, “They cross one of us, they cross all of us.”

John stops Elena from leaving and they talk about her deal with Elijah.  He tells her that her faith in Elijah was a dumb move on her part.  She asks if she’s supposed to have faith in John and he tries to play the family card.  She tells him that’s off limits and that she’ll never be his daughter.

Jules is pacing and scanning the woods.  She senses Stefan and calls out to him.  He asks how Caroline is and Jules tells him she’s locked up tight.  He tells Jules to release Caroline and then she can have Tyler, also noting that he’s not her enemy.  Jules says that she refuses to leave town without Tyler.  Stefan tells her that Tyler is free to decide that on his own once Caroline is released.  Damon walks up and says that they’ll try it Stefan’s way first.  Jules whistles and they are surrounded by other werewolves bearing anti-vampire weapons.  Jules tells them to hand Tyler over.   One of the wolves asks which one killed Mason and Damon owns up to it in typical Damon fashion.  The werewolves and the Salvatores fight with the vampires seeming to have the upper hand until a wolf gets Stefan from behind and Damon gets shot.  Tyler lets Caroline out of the cell, but Jules gets her outside of the RV and puts a gun to the back of her head.  Tyler stands there, doing nothing.  All of the werewolves, aside from Tyler, grab their heads and fall to the ground as Dr. Martin approaches, casting.  He tells Damon, Caroline, and Stefan to leave.  He tells Tyler to give his werewolf friends a message when they awaken.  He says, “They need to get the hell out of this town.”

Stefan walks Caroline home, asking if she’s OK.  Caroline insists that she’s fine and says that she’s not the girly little Caroline anymore and can handle herself.  She just wants to get a shower.

Damon answers the door to find John there.  John tells him that he knows that he and Stefan will do anything to protect Elena and then tells him that he knows how to kill an original.  He gives Damon a gift and explains that the vial contains ash from a white oak tree that dates from the genesis of the originals.  The dagger should be dipped in the vial and plunged into the heart of the original.  When asked, John tells him that he knows this from Isobel’s research.  John tells him that if Isobel is successful at what she’s attempting, Klaus will never set foot in Mystic Falls.  He tells Damon that they are on the same side where Elena is concerned.

Caroline looks in a mirror and sets about removing the wooden splinters in her neck.   The phone rings and it’s Matt, wondering where she is.  She lies about why she missed their meeting, saying that she had to meet with Bonnie because Bonnie needed her.  As Caroline tells the lie, Matt looks over to Bonnie sitting in the Grill with Jeremy.  There’s a knock at the door and she finds Tyler there asking if she’s OK.  She tells him that she’s fine.  He apologizes and says that he had no idea that Jules would go after her.  He says he doesn’t know who to trust, citing that Caroline lied to him.  She tells him that she lied to protect her friends, including him.  She goes off on him for standing there and not helping her with Jules.  She says that the apology is too late and they aren’t friends anymore.  She slams the door and leaves him outside on the porch. 

Elena finds John in the kitchen and he apologizes.  She tells him that she doesn’t want him there.  He gives her a necklace that belonged to her mother, Miranda.  He found it in a box of her father’s things.   He tells her that Grayson and Miranda were her parents.  He knows that she has no reason to believe him or trust him and tells her that he will do his all to protect her and his family.  As he leaves, Stefan comes forward and they hug.  She tells him that she doesn’t believe John.  She asks how Caroline is doing and Stefan tells her that he could use some help.

Tyler returns to the RV and talks to Jules and Brady, saying that he’s sorry for what happened to their friends.  Tyler asks if things are always like what happened earlier.  Brady tells him that he’s living in vampire country and that things are way better.   Tyler tells them that Mason didn’t tell him about anything and then was gone before he could help him.  Brady asks why Mason was even here after his brother’s death.  Tyler tells him that he was looking for the moonstone.  Brady asks if he found it and where it is now.  Tyler tells him that he has no idea.

Stefan arrives at Caroline’s and tells her that he was worried and brought reinforcements.  Elena and Bonnie walk up and tell her that they’re having a slumber party.  While the girls are in a group hug, Elena mouths “I love you” to Stefan.  He returns the sentiment and leaves. 

Damon and the news anchor are making out in a bathtub.  He tells her that he needs a distraction.  She tells him that he can call her for a booty call anytime he wants.  He tells her that he has a problem – he’s in love with a woman he can never have.  He’s not in control and doesn’t trust himself around anyone because he kills people.  He compels Andi to have no fear and they talk about it.  He talks about how he likes it and it’s his nature to.  He laments that he can’t be who he is because Elena wants him to be a better man.  Andi notes that love changes us.  He tells her to stop talking and to distract him.  They begin kissing and then Damon bites her. 

Katherine is in the tomb and hears someone outside.  John shows up and tells her that he knows she was expecting someone else.  Katherine says that she sent Stefan to find Isobel.  John tells her that she got the message, but he’s there because Isobel is busy.   He tells her that no one knows that he’s there and that he’s working on getting her out of the tomb.

So…what do you think of Tyler’s inaction to help Caroline and then showing up on her doorstep?  Do you think that this is really the end of their friendship?

Poor, poor Matt!  He just keeps getting the short end of the stick from everyone…his crazy mother, his druggie-turned-vampire sister, Elena, Caroline.  Does anyone else think that he’s ripe for the picking to become a pawn in this crazy supernatural world? 

Will things start to pick up between Bonnie and Jeremy into more than friendship?  Do you think that she can really get over the fact that he’s her best friend’s little brother?

Will the other werewolves leave Mystic Falls or will the revelation of the moonstone make them stick around?

What theories do you have on what John, Isobel, and Katherine have cooked up?

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