Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 10 “The Sacrifice”–Original Airdate: December 2, 2010

Elena wakes up thinking that she heard something and lies back down.  Dr. Martin appears in the doorway and disappears again as Elena is startled once again.  She gets up out of bed to go investigate and is startled by a mostly naked Alaric coming back from the kitchen with a bowl of ice cream.  While Elena, Alaric, and Aunt Jenna share an awkward moment in the hallway, Dr. Martin rifles through Elena’s things and takes several of her personal belongings.  Alaric and Jenna head back to her room and Elena returns to her room.

Damon and Stefan pay a visit to the tomb and then arrive at Elena’s to share what they learned during their visit with Katherine.  They asked Katherine for the moonstone and she made a deal with them that they could have it if they had Bonnie get her out of the tomb.   She told them that she would disappear from Mystic Falls forever.  They tell her that they want the stone because there is a way to destroy the spell by releasing it from the stone, according to Rose’s friends.  They tell Elena that Bonnie has already agreed to do it and Elena tells them that she doesn’t want them to do it because Klaus will kill everyone.  Stefan tells her that if they get the stone, they can save her life.  Elena walks away and Damon and Stefan share a confused look.

At school, Luka and Bonnie talk about their witch histories and Bonnie’s reactions to the spells – nosebleeds and fainting.  Luka offers to help her and teaches her to channel another witch for strength.  They end up creating a bunch of wind that blows leaves and schoolwork all over the campus of the school.  Jeremy approaches them and makes a crack about the weather and Luka heads into school.  Jeremy says something to Bonnie about Luka being weird and Bonnie tells him that he’s not.   Bonnie realizes that she’s still holding Luka’s dogtags from their exchange of personal items during the channeling as she receives a text from Damon.

Elena has another awkward moment when Rose walks into the living room of the Salvatore house dressing herself in a robe, making a comment about it being rude to leave her in bed naked, thinking that she was talking to Damon.  Rose gets dressed and the scene cuts to her telling Elena that her idea to talk to Slater about Klaus is a bad idea.  Elena tells Rose that she owes her for keeping Damon and Stefan from killing her during the kidnapping.  She tells Rose that she’s not willing to put everyone’s life at risk and tells her that she knows a witch who can make it possible for her to walk in daylight.  Rose agrees to Elena’s plan.

Tyler is shooting hoops outside the school when Matt approaches.  Matt is riddled with guilt over what happened and apologizes to Tyler and walks away.  Caroline walks up to Matt and they barely hold a conversation before Matt heads to class.  Caroline goes over to Tyler to talk to him about his “wolf thing” and offers her help.

Bonnie, Damon, Stefan, and Jeremy meet at the Salvatore’s to discuss plans to lower the tomb spell long enough to get the stone and get back out, while keeping Katherine in the tomb.  Jeremy asks her how she’s going to do it and she tells them that she’s “learned a few things” since the last time.  Jeremy offers to go in and out because of his ring protecting him.  Bonnie asks Damon and Stefan if either of them have anything belonging to Katherine.

Rose and Elena arrive at Slater’s and no one answers the door.  Rose is ready to bolt, but Elena refuses to leave and tells Rose to break in.  Once inside, Rose sees Slater’s body on the floor.  She drags him out of view and Elena assumes that he was killed by whoever blew up the coffee shop.  Elena tries to get onto Slater’s computer, but it’s password protected.  They hear a sound in the hall and Rose finds Slater’s girlfriend, Alice cowering in the hallway. 

Stefan gives Bonnie an old tin type of Katherine and she casts a spell, burning the picture.  She tells them that she can turn it to ash and then she’ll blow the ashes onto Katherine to incapacitate her long enough for them to get in and out of the tomb to retrieve the stone.  As she works the spell, she gets a nosebleed.

Caroline and Tyler are walking through the woods and talk about how she’s not able to be honest with Matt. They go into the old cellar on the old Lockwood property and investigate the chains and bolts in the cellar walls.  They find a package that turns out to be Mason’s journal.  Tyler finds an SD card in it.

Stefan, Damon, Bonnie, & Jeremy prep for their mission in the tomb.  Jeremy asks Bonnie what she’s doing and tells her that she’s not strong enough.  Bonnie insists that she’s fine.  As she goes to get something to put the ash into, Jeremy swipes some of it.

Rose comforts Alice for a moment and goes in to talk to Elena, who is preparing some tea.  Rose tells her that Alice found Slater a few minutes before they did and tells Elena that Alice’s tears are for herself and that she didn’t care about Slater.   Elena takes the tea to Alice and Alice says, “You look really familiar.  Did you know Slater?”  Elena tells her no and asks for Slater’s password.  Alice is appalled by Elena’s request, but concedes to help when Elena tells her that she can find someone to turn her if she helps.  Alice accesses the computer to find that it was wiped clean, but accesses the backup copy of Slater’s data.  Elena gives Alice the phone and tells her to call the contact that Rose suggested, Cody Weber, to send a message to Klaus.  She tells Alice to relay, “The doppelganger is alive and she’s ready to surrender.”  Rose and Alice are shocked and Elena insists on sending the message.  Rose asks Elena what she’s doing and Elena tells her that she’s “getting Klaus’ attention.”  Rose tells Elena that Klaus will kill her and Elena replies, “It’s either me or my family.”  Rose calls her out on her suicide mission and Alice tells them that Cody is on his way.

Jeremy enters the tomb alone and tells Katherine that he’s there for the moonstone.  He stakes her and hits her with the ash.  Jeremy finds the moonstone, but isn’t quick enough to get out before Katherine comes to and  she attacks him.

Bonnie and Damon arrive at the tomb and begin their preparations as Damon gets a call from Rose telling him to come to Richmond ASAP.  Stefan and Bonnie head into the tomb, finding the moonstone outside the tomb door.  They find Katherine holding Jeremy hostage inside with her.

Dr. Martin performs a locating spell with Elijah to find Elena.  As Elena is looking out the windows at Slater’s apartment, she sees Elijah’s face appear in the window.

Stefan asks Bonnie where Damon is and they note that Katherine has her strength because she fed on Jeremy.  Bonnie tells Stefan that she has the rest of the ash and needs some time to do the spell.   Luka arrives home as Bonnie starts the spell.  He feels her channel him.  Luka’s dad notices something and Luka tells him nothing’s wrong. 

Caroline and Tyler are at Caroline’s house with a laptop to look at what’s on the SD card.  They find a video of Mason’s first transformation after he triggered the curse.  It goes on for hours with Mason writhing and screaming in pain.  Caroline continues reading through the journal as Mason described what it was like after the first transformation.   Tyler freaks and tells her that he can’t do that. 

Elena is surprised by Damon at Slater’s apartment.  He insists on her leaving and she refuses and tells him, “I don’t want to be saved.”  Damon uses force when she resists and tries to fight him.

Bonnie continues to work the spell and Luka’s nose begins to bleed as does hers.  Luka’s dad takes note and Luka tells his father that he bonded with Bonnie like he was told to do.  Stefan tries to stop Bonnie and she eventually faints, and Luka falls to the floor in a fit.  The spell didn’t work and Katherine moves to kill Jeremy again.  Stefan rushes into the tomb to save Jeremy and traps himself inside.  

Caroline suggest to Tyler that he not read any more of the journal and tells him, “There’s a reason it’s called a curse.”  She points out that Mason said that the transformations sped up over time.  He asks Caroline why she’s helping him.  She tells him that he seemed like he needed someone and confesses to being alone when she woke up as a vampire and to killing someone.  She tells him that she doesn’t want that for him.  The doorbell rings and Caroline finds Matt at the door.  He tells her that he misses her and she breaks out into a big smile.  Their happy little moment is ruined when Tyler opens the door and stares Matt down.

Damon tells Rose and Elena that it’s time to go and that Alice is sleeping.  He compelled her and she won’t remember them being there.  As they start to leave, three guys bust through the door and announce, “We’re here to meet the doppelganger.”  As Elena approaches them and thanks them for coming, Damon holds her back and threatens to break her arm if she resists.  As Damon tries to dismiss them, Elijah appears and kills one of the men, entering the apartment.  Rose flees quickly.  Damon is astonished that Elijah is still alive.  Elijah asks the men who they are and they tell him that they work for Klaus.  Elijah then kills them and leaves.

Elijah and Dr. Martin discuss what happened at Slater’s apartment and Elijah tells him that he spared Damon.  He comments that both of the brothers would die before they let anything happen to Elena and that, “she’ll be kept safe.”  He then tells Dr. Martin that they need her safe.

Jeremy arrives home with Bonnie fussing over him, making sure that he got home safely.  They argue about what happened in the tomb and Bonnie asks him why he got involved.  Jeremy tells her that he didn’t want her to get hurt.  Bonnie tells him that he can’t feel that way about her and Jeremy tells her not to act like things are one-sided between them.  Jeremy closes the distance between them and moves in for a kiss.  She tells him, “I can’t.  I’m sorry,” and leaves. 

Damon takes Elena home and walks her to the door.  They talk about Rose being on the run again as she has for the last 500 years and Elijah being alive.  Damon stops Elena before she walks into the house and tells her what she did was incredibly stupid.  She tells him that the stupid part was getting caught and he shouldn’t question why she would try to save everyone when she doesn’t question him and Stefan when they save her.   Jeremy opens the door, looks at them and says, “Stefan”. 

Elena rushes into the tomb, calling out for Stefan.  Damon stops her before she can run into the tomb.  They argue as Stefan and Katherine listen.  Damon stops her from going in and she leaves.  Damon tells Stefan that he’ll find a way to get him out.  Stefan tells him that he’ll handle himself and that Bonnie has the stone.  He tells Damon to work with Bonnie to remove the spell from the stone and asks him to keep Elena away and to protect her.  Damon promises and Katherine tells Stefan that was the biggest mistake he’s ever made.

What did you think of this episode? 

What do you think is going on with Elijah and Luka’s dad?  Do you think that they are working against Klaus?  Why would they want Elena safe?

Why do you think that Stefan was so willing to stay in the tomb with Katherine?  Do you think that he has a plan or is he just winging it at the moment?

Poor, poor Matt!  I feel so bad for that poor boy.  Everyone leaves him!!

Ha!  I cracked up at Slater’s password…Kristen Stewart.  Gotta love the Twilight references scattered throughout the episodes!

Do you think that anything will ever happen between Jeremy and Bonnie or will Bonnie and Luka heat things up? 

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