“Don’t pout about it…we’ve got a body to bury.”

Caroline jolts awake in her hospital bed and leaves the room.  She asks the nurse where everyone is and learns that it’s the middle of the night.  The nurse tells her that her friend Elena came to visit, too.  Caroline remembers that Elena said that her name was Katherine and then starts talking about being hungry.  The nurse tells her to go back to bed and Caroline asks about the smell.  In another room she notices a bag of blood hanging on an IV stand and fixates on it.  The nurse asks her what she’s doing in the room and sends her back to bed.  Back in her room, she produces a bag of blood that she swiped from the other room and begins to drink from it.  Disgusted, she tosses it to the floor and freaks out for a moment before getting the bag from the floor and chugging it down.

Bonnie and Elena are working to set things up for the school carnival and talk about Katherine’s resemblance to Elena.  They ponder whether Katherine is still out there pretending to be Elena.  Elena tells Bonnie that she doesn’t want to talk about Katherine, Damon, or anything related to vampires and that she needs human things.  They joke about Caroline not being human because of her ability to take on so many projects, such as the carnival.

Stefan gives Jeremy a vial of vervain and explains it to him and tells him to forget about Damon.  Elena walks up and Jeremy heads off to help set things up for one of the games.  Stefan and Elena talk about Jeremy.  Elena talks about how she needs and wants normal teenage and high school things for herself and Jeremy.  Once again, Elena refuses to talk about Damon.  Stefan reminds her that Damon is dangerous because of what Katherine did.

At the Lockwoods, Damon is meeting with Carol.  She tells him that she will serve as interim mayor until a new mayor is selected and asks Damon to head the Council.  He accepts.  Tyler and Mason come home from working out and Damon eavesdrops as they talk about Tyler’s anger and aggression issues.  Mason asks if he ever blacks out and if there’s a pattern to his bouts of rage.

In Caroline’s hospital room, the sun is streaming through the window and she learns that it hurts if sunlight hits her skin.  Matt arrives and asks if she’s been eating.  She talks about how gross the food is and then insists that she has to get out of the hospital that night instead of the following morning.  Matt starts to open the curtains and Caroline freaks, going to the opposite side of the room to avoid the sunlight.

Damon and Stefan are talking at their house as Damon pours a glass of blood from a bag.  Stefan declines a glass for himself and they exchange a bit of their usual banter before talking about more serious matters.  Damon tells him that he thinks that the Lockwoods have a family secret – that they are something besides human because of Mayor Lockwood reacting to the vampire device.  Stefan reminds Damon that they haven’t seen the last of Katherine and Damon says that he’s going to let Stefan deal with her.

At the hospital, Caroline gets dressed to leave.  When she puts on her necklace, it burns when the silver pendant hits her skin.  As she looks in the mirror, she sees her face begin to change and then she sees her fangs.  She begins to break down and the nurse comes back in.  Caroline attacks her and compels her before she drinks from her neck.

At the carnival, Bonnie and Elena talk about things that they need to do and look for a tech person to help with the karaoke speakers.  They find him and he and Bonnie make googly eyes at each other.  Bonnie and the carnival worker go together to get the speakers issue resolved.

Back at the Lockwoods, Tyler finds Mason rummaging through the Mayor’s office.  Mason tells him that he’s looking for a family heirloom – a moonstone the size of a hockey puck.  Tyler suggests that he ask Carol about it.

Damon and Jeremy run into one another at the carnival and exchange a few barbs.  Jeremy threatens to expose Damon and Damon returns the threat while holding Jeremy in a headlock.

Caroline is leaving a voice message on her phone, saying that she’s being released that night while the nurse sits on the bed.  They work on her story and Caroline has compelled her to tell anyone who asks about the bite mark that her husband “likes to get kinky.”  Caroline leaves, talking about how she needs to check on the carnival.

Tyler is in an arm wrestling contest at the carnival and Damon and Stefan watch.  Mason beats Tyler rather easily and Damon suggests that Stefan take him on.  Mason beats Stefan, making Damon even more suspicious about the Lockwoods.  Stefan jokes that maybe Mason is a teenage mutant ninja turtle, a zombie, or a werewolf.  Damon dismisses him and notes that there is no such thing as werewolves.   Damon then compels someone to pick a fight with Tyler to draw out Mason to see what he is capable of doing.

Caroline finds Damon in a hallway of the school and tells him, “I remember”.  She tells him that she remembers how he manipulated, abused, and fed on her.  Incredulous, Damon tells her it’s impossible unless she’s like him.  Caroline gives him the message from Katherine, tosses him down the hall and tells him, “You suck.”

Damon finds Elena and tells her that she has to come with him now.  Stefan watches the guy pick the fight with Tyler and sees Mason intervene.  He sees Mason bust some serious supernatural-looking moves and his eyes glowing a yellow color. 

Caroline finds Matt at the ring toss and tries to play, breaking several of the glass bottles.  She starts to kiss Matt and leaves quickly when his pulse and heartbeat get to her.

Stefan, Elena, and Damon talk in a classroom about Caroline and deduce that Katherine must have killed her.  They discuss the meaning of Katherine’s message…”Game On.”  Damon tells them that Caroline knows what’s going on and says that they have to kill her.  Damon tells them that she’s a liability and reminds them of what happened with Vickie.  Stefan and Elena both vehemently refuse to kill Caroline.

Caroline is outside and freaking out about what happened when she was with Matt.  The guy from the fight is sitting on the back of a truck with a bloody nose.  Caroline tells him, “I’m so sorry,” before attacking and killing him.

Matt and Bonnie talk about Caroline freaking out on him and Matt is afraid that she’s mad at him.  Bonnie tries to reassure him.

Damon searches for Caroline and takes a wooden tent stake with him.  Stefan and Elena head outside as Stefan starts to wig out about what could happen.  He tells Elena that Damon is right about what will happen. 

Mason and Tyler head home and Tyler asks Mason about his moves and confronts him about his eyes glowing.  Mason lies about Brazilian martial arts and Tyler refuses to believe him.

Stefan and Elena continue to look for Caroline when Stefan smells blood. 

Damon finds an upset Caroline next to her victim.  He tries to reassure her and tells her that he can help her.  He tells her that he’s going to kill her.  She begs for her life and begs Damon to help her.  He hugs her and Stefan stops him from staking her in the back.  Caroline sees Elena and freaks out because she thinks that Elena is the one who killed her.  Elena explains that it was Katherine who did it.  Stefan tries to take Caroline away from the scene and Damon moves to stake her.  Elena stops him by being a human shield for Caroline.  Damon tells her that whatever happens is on her.  Bonnie shows up and realizes that Caroline is a vampire and then sees the victim.

Stefan takes Caroline to the bathroom to clean off the blood and tries to calm her down.  She freaks out and talks about being a monster when her face begins changing.  Stefan shows her his face and how it changes too.  He tells her how to help suppress it.  She asks him why Katherine did this to her and he tells her he doesn’t know.  He promises to help her. 

Damon comes back to the scene with a shovel and Bonnie hits him with her telepathic pain trick.  She then turns on a gas pump and sends a stream of gasoline toward Damon.  The gasoline ignites and starts to burn Damon. Elena freaks and finally gets Bonnie to stop.

Stefan and Elena are in the school and Stefan tells her that Caroline is OK and that the victim has been taken care of.  Stefan tells her that he’s going to make sure that Damon is wrong.

Mason asks Carol about the stone and then he and Tyler talk.  Tyler apologizes and they confirm that they’re cool again.  Tyler then heads to his dad’s office, pulls back the rug and opens a safe in the floor.  He pulls out a box containing the stone Mason is looking for and puts the stone in his pocket.

Back at the Salvatores’, Damon pours a drink and Jeremy is in the house.  Jeremy tells him not to drink it because it’s laced with vervain.  He planned to stake Damon.  He said that he changed his mind because his father and uncle hated vampires and can’t figure out what killing Damon would do.  Damon tells Jeremy that his father hated vampires, too…in 1864.  Jeremy is surprised by this bit of information.

Caroline is in bed when her window opens.  Matt sneaks in and Caroline urges him to go.  Matt tells her how he’s been insecure and freaked out since the visit to the hospital.  He tells her that he can’t lose someone else and professes that he thinks that he’s in love with her.  She kisses him and they hug.  As they hug, her face changes.  She takes a deep breath, doing as Stefan told her, and she’s OK.

Stefan wakes Elena with a kiss and takes her back to the carnival to take that ride on the ferris wheel.  He tells her that they need to take those moments while they can and they can’t forget to live their life.  Using his vampire powers, he and Elena jump to the top car on the ferris wheel and kiss.  She asks if things are going to get any easier and he tells her that they aren’t.

Were you surprised that they had Caroline kill someone right away? 

Do you think that Caroline will be more like Stefan in his dining habits or will she follow a more “traditional” diet like Damon?

Are there any other pieces of jewelry that will allow vampires to be in sunlight floating around?  If not, do you think that Bonnie will make something for Caroline so that she isn’t confined during the day?

How much longer do you think that we’ll have to wait for the revelation of the Lockwood family secret?  Do you think that Damon will figure it out on his own?  Any theories on how this revelation will take place?

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