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True Blood Season 3
Episode 10
I Smell a Rat

“I’m a faerie?! How fucking lame.” Sookie finally knows what she is. She and Bill discuss the alternate names that faeries are known as (including aliens) and Sookie doesn’t seem to be too thrilled. Bill tells Sookie that one of her relatives may have been raped by a one of the Fae. He also tells her that as far as everyone knows, the Faeries were wiped out by vampires. He tells her that he traveled to the Ben Temps cemetery through the pond and spoke with Claudine and that’s where he got his information. Sookie tells him she was there as well and that Claudine warned her that Bill would steal her light.

Jason is realizing what he did by shooting Franklin. He has flashbacks to shooting Eggs and staking the vampire in the basement many months ago. Tara is in shock but comes out of it long enough to direct Jason to begin hiding the evidence of Franklin’s death.

LaFaytte brings Crystals father to his house against the advice of Jesus and Crystal. He tells Jesus to put him on the porch. Lafayette brings

Sam is in his trailer nursing his wounds from the fight with … he begins flashbacks to a time when he was younger. He is with a woman and they are celebrating that he has used his ability to shapeshift to break into stores and steal jewelry and money.

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