In honor of New Moon November, we (OBS staff) have chosen our favorite chapters from New Moon. In September the OBS book club/online discussion group was New Moon. We will be linking to those chapters for you to review and participate if you’d like.

Our favorite New Moon chapters:

Chapter 3 The End

This is the chapter where Edward breaks up with Bella and for me it was the most emotional scene in the entire series and created the most visceral reaction in me. I actually slammed the book shut and yelled something like “Edward Cullen you fucking asshole!” which is something I never do. Thankfully no one was home at the time. It was just so raw and because I hadn’t heard any spoilers, despite the whole series having been completed by the time I read it, I was completely taken by surprise. -Jennifer

Chapter 3 is so heart-wrenching and sad; but its the single most important event in the entire series, in my opinion. Bella and Edward could have never achieved all that they did without the breakup. Plus, I really felt for Bella; I have had my heart broken a few times and I really emotionally connected with Bella during her heartache. I started to really love her character then. – Nikki

While it’s not my my favorite chapter, I do feel that it is the most pivotal chapter with regard to Edward and Bella’s relationship – even more so than the meadow scene. They had to break up and experience that pain to know that they were truly meant to be with one another and that they could not survive without the other. -Amanda

and October, November, December, January…

Again, because of the emotional impact. When I first read it I thought there was something wrong with my copy of the book so I flipped back and forth a couple of times and then I realized what Stephenie was doing and I was floored because it so perfectly captured what that kind of loss feels like.

To me if an author can create a primal response in their readers whether it be despair, fear, joy, etc they have done their job impeccably and in these chapters I believe Ms. Meyer achieved that perfectly. -Jennifer

I agree about the months chapters….just seeing those months and blank pages made me cry even harder. -Chris

The empty months impacted me harder than the break up. – Dawn

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Chapter 15 Pressure

Chapter 15 is just beautiful and dramatic; you can see that Bella will just never, ever recover from the loss of Edward. I shivered when I read this: “You wanted me to be human, I reminded him. Well, watch me.” I was like…Go Girl! I felt like I was right there with her.

So then Bella jumps and truly thinks she is dying in the water. While reading NM for the first time I remember just yearning for her to hear and see Edward’s voice and face again. I was just overjoyed that she could see and hear him here. I thought it would have been a beautiful way to go; and she would have finally been at peace. I am of course, so glad she survived!

Also from Chapter 15 is one of the most emotionally charged and powerful quotes in the entire saga, imo: “I saw him, and I had no will to fight. It was so clear, so much more defined than any memory. My subconscious had stored Edward away in flawless detail, saving him for this final moment.”
“Goodbye. I love you.” – Nikki

I loved it when she threw down the gauntlet in Chapter 15! We really see Bella taking charge of her life (ironically, right before she nearly ends it). The way that she saves that memory for her last moments…I got so choked up. – Amanda

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Chapter 17 Visitor

Alice is back! It gave us hope that the Cullens would come back. I also liked how Alice quoted Edward. we get to know where and what the Cullens did after leaving Forks. -Caro

I was thrilled when Alice showed up. I thought OME – Edward cannot be far behind lol. -Dawn

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Chapter 19 Race

I like it because we get to know more about the Volturi, it’s an interesting conversation between Alice and Bella. -Caro

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Chapter 20 Volterra

The vivid image of Volterra is amazing, not to mention the drama unfolding. -Dawn

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Chapter 21 Verdict

This a thrilling chapter, the anxiety invades you waiting to see what the Volturi decide to do to them. And then there’s the scene that really gives me goosebumps, Heidi’s fishing trip, I’m still wondering if will get to hear the scream in the movie. -Caro

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Chapter 22 Flight

I love this chapter. It’s the first time since their reunion that Edward and Bella can take a breath. They cannot stop touching or looking at one another. It’s very touching because Bella isn’t sure Edward will stick around. As she says, it was heaven and hell for her. She wants to enjoy the moment as much as possible. -Dawn

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Chapter 23 The Truth

The Truth because we go from Bella thinking that she was dreaming to thinking she’s dead. Then we have Edward telling her the truth behind why he left and Bella sticking up for herself by telling him that she is putting her mortality up for a vote. In this chapter we see the most honest conversation between them since they declared themselves in the meadow. It’s also full of some of Edward’s most swoon-worthy quotes from the entire Twilight Saga. -Amanda

Chapter 23 is amazing for obvious reasons. I was just as in love with Edward as Bella was and I just melted at the lovely and romantic things he said to her in this chapter. I just knew they belonged together! -Nikki

My favorite chapter is 23. Mostly because it has my favorite quote in it! -Katie

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Chapter 24 The Vote

“Vote”-because you hear how much the Cullens love Bella. -Erin

We finally get to know what happened to Bella’s presents and that the Cullens see Bella as a member of their family, by voting and staying at her side. -Caro

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Do you agree with our faves? What are your favorite New Moon chapters and why?