Finally the third installment of the Twilight Saga: Eclipse is here and what better way to celebrate it then by bringing you fanart dedicated to the movie, its scenes and actors. This week Katie and I bring you hot and cold kisses and even some Charlie. We hope you’ve seen the movie already and if not don’t worry, it’s nothing that you haven’t seen or read before 😉 Enjoy!

Twilight Eclipse – Kiss? by ~co-boldt

Okay while I am not a big fan of Jacob. I do like this scene in the book because finally Bella gets some brains and realizes that she does really love Jacob. This is a scene right from one of the trailers and though we don’t know if Bella and Jacob are actually about to kiss, what other scene could it be? (Katie).

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What do you think of these fanart? Have you seen the movie? Which was your favorite scene?