Hello once again to another Fan Art Madness edition! This week Katie and I searched all around for this special fan art feature. Quoting one of our fan art authors of today, it’s unbelievable that there isn’t any Fallen art out there, when it is such a wonderful book. Tsk,tsk,tsk. A couple of week ago we featured angels, being the main theme of Fallen, but know we wanted to give Fallen inspired art. Enjoy!

Remember to check out Fallen by Lauren Kate and join us in the discussion.

fallen book cover by ~theyrthekagerangers

Out of all the hand drawn cover pictures I have seen, I think I like this one best. The artist added as much detail as I think she could. And I love how well the dress was done.

View the rest of the art HERE!

What did you think of today’s Fan Art Madness?

Which piece was your favorite?